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ASEAN clearinghouses on women in development.  [Jakarta] : Published for
ASEAN Women's Programme by Center for Scientific Documentation and
Information, Indonesian Institute of Sciences in cooperation with UNICEF, 1994.
	UCB   MAIN      HQ1240.5.A785 A85 1994

Bibliography of Asian studies.
Ann Arbor, Mich. : Association for Asian Studies, 1957
	UCB   MAIN   DS503.1.F3
	UCB   SSEA    DS511.A12.B6 REF
		Library has:  1956-1991
Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Bibliography of  Asian Studies  (UCB Only) 

Compendium of social statistics and indicators, 
1988 = Recueil destatistiques et d'indicateurs sociaux, [1988] / Department of International 
Economic and Social Affairs = Departement des affairs economiques...  New York : United Nations, 1991.
	 UCB   GOVT REFE   HN25 .C6 1988 

The Penguin atlas of women in the world  / Joni Seager.  3rd ed., completely rev. and updated.  
New York : Penguin Books, , [c2003].
	UCB   DOE REFE   G1046.E1.S4 2003 

Statistical record of women worldwide / Linda Schmittroth, editor.  2nd ed.
New York : Gale Research, c1995.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1150.S73    Gov/Stat
		 Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1150.S73   
		Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)

Women in developing countries : a selected, annotated bibliography for development organisations
 / by Janet Townsend.  Sussex : Institute of Development Studies, [1988].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 T693 1988

Women in development : a resource guide for organization and action / ISIS Women's International 
Information & ... Philadelphia : New Society Publishers, c1984.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.W655 1984

Women in development : a selected, annotated bibliography and resource guide / prepared by 
Linda Gire Vavrus with Ron Cadieux and the staffof the Non-Formal Education Information Center.  
East Lansing, Mich. : Non-Formal Education Information Center, Institute for International 
Studies in Education, Michigan State University, 1980.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 .V38

Women in development : bibliography on the advancement of women and essay on women's studies, 
with focus on South and ... / edited by Basundhara Dhungel.  Bangkok, Thailand : Division of 
Human Settlements Development, Asian Institute of Technology, 1988.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1735.3.B37 1988  REF

Women in Southeast Asia : a bibliography / Fan Kok-Sim.  Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, c1982.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1745.8.A12.F35  
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1745.8.A12.F35 REF

Women in the economy : a select annotated bibliography of Asia and Pacific / compiled by 
Vanita Nayak-Mukherjee.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Asian and Pacific Development Centre ; Pinelands, 
St. Michael, Barbados : DAWN, 1991.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1726.A12.W66 1991  REF

Women in the Third World : a directory of resources / compiled and edited by Thomas P. 
Fenton and Mary J. Heffronn.  Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c1987.    	
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1870.9.A12.F461 1987  REF
Women in the Third World : a historical bibliography / Pamela R. Byrne, Suzanne R. Ontiveros, 
editors.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio Information Services, c1986.
	UCB   MAIN   HD1870.8.A12 W651 1986

Women in the Third World : a reference handbook / Karen L. Kinnear.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.K58 1997
Women in the Third World : an encyclopedia of contemporary issues  / editor, Nelly P. 
Stromquist ; assistant editor, Karen Monkman.  New York : Garland Pub., 1998.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1870.9.W6548 1998

Women studies abstracts.[Rush, N.Y., Rush Pub. Co.]
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1101.W65
		Library has:  BOUND v.1(1972)-28 (1999)

Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Women Studies International  (UCB Only)

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General Works

Bewitching women, pious men : gender and body politics in Southeast Asia / edited by Aihwa 
Ong and Michael G. Peletz.  Berkeley : University of California Press, c1995.
	UCB   ANTH   HQ1075.5.A785.B49 1995
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1075.5.A785.B49 1995
Cultural identity and urban change in Southeast Asia : interpretative essays / edited by 
Marc Askew and William ...  Geelong, Vic. : Deakin University Press, 1994.
	UCB   ENVI   HT147.A785.C85 1994

Daughters in industry : work, skills, and consciousness of women workers	in Asia / edited by 
Noeleen Heyzer.  Kuala Lumpur : Asian and Pacific Development Centre, 1988.
	UCB   MAIN   HD6181.85 .D38 1988
Development and displacement : women in Southeast Asia / edited by Glen Chandler, Norma 
Sullivan and Jan Branson ; edited on behalf of the Melbourne Branch, Women's Caucus, Asian Studies 
Association of Australia.  Clayton, Vic. : Centre of Southeast Asian Studies, Monash University,
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1745.8 .D41 1988
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1745.8 .D41 1988

Emergent voices : Southeast Asian women novelists / Thelma B. Kintanar...[et al.].  
Quezon City, Philippines : University of the Philippines Press ; [s.l.] : distributed outside the 
Philippines by the University of Hawaii Press, 1994.
	UCB   MAIN   PL3508.4.E44 1994

Geography of gender in the Third World / edited by Janet Henshall Momsen and Janet G. 
Townsend. U.S. ed.  Albany, N.Y. : State University of New York Press, c1987.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1240.G461 1987

Gender and migration in developing countries / edited by Sylvia Chant. 
	UCB   MAIN   HB2160.G46.1992

Gender and slum culture in urban Asia / Susanne Thorbek ; translated by Brian Fredsfod.  
London ; Atlantic Highlands, N.J. : Zed Books, 1994.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1735.8.Z9.C64137 1994
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1735.8.Z9.C64137 1994            

In a class of their own : a look at the campaign against female illiteracy /David Wigg ; 
foreword by H.E. Dame R. Nita Barrow.  Washington, D.C. :  World Bank, c1994.
	UCB   MAIN   LC157.I53 W54 1994

"Male" and "female" in developing Southeast Asia / edited by Wazir Jahan Karim.  Oxford ; 
Washington, D.C., USA : Berg Publishers, 1995.
	UCB   ANTH   GN635.S58 M35 1995 *c2 copies

My rights, who control[s]? : a report of the Regional Consultation, Asia Pacific Women's Issues, 
Law and Development ... Kuala Lumpur : Asia Pacific Forum on Women Law & Development, [1989].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1726.M9 1989

Serving two masters : Third World women in development / edited by Kate Young.  Ahmedabad : 
Allied Publishers, 1989.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1240.5.D44 S47 1989

The status of women in law : a comparison of four Asian countries / by Betty Jamie Chung, 
Ng Shui Meng.  Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1977.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1732.K60 A8 C58   

Why gender matters in Southeast Asian politics / edited by Maila Stivens.  Clayton, Vic., 
Australia : Centre of Southeast Asian Studies,
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1236 .W49 1991
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1236 .W49 1991

Women and religion : a collection of essays, personal histories, and contextualized liturgies 
/ Mary John Mananzan, editor.  Manila : Institute of Women's Studies, St. Scholastica's College, 1988.
	UCB   MAIN   BL458.W64 1988

Women and development : perspectives from South and Southeast Asia / edited by Rounaq 
Jahan and Hanna Papanek.  Dacca : Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs : distributed 
by Karim International,	1979.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1391.S68 W65
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1391.S68 W65

Women and kinship : comparative perspectives on gender in South and South-East Asia / by Leela 
Dube.  Tokyo : United Nations University Press, 1997.
	UCB   MAIN   GN487 .D845 1997

Women empowering women : proceedings of the Human Rights Conference on the Trafficking of Asian 
Women, April 2-4, .../ San Juan, Metro Manila : Coalition Against Trafficking in Women-Asia, [1993].
	UCB  MAIN   HQ281.W66 1993

Women in the new Asia; the changing social roles of men and women in South and South-east Asia / 
Barbara E. Ward.    [Paris] UNESCO [1963].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1732 .W3

Women in Asia : beyond the domestic domain : survey of women's outside roles in India, Indonesia, 
Thailand.  Bangkok, Thailand : Unesco Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, c1989.
	UCB  MAIN   HQ1742.W65 1989

Women in Development (WID) Project : ASEAN Population Programme, phase II (1980-1983) : terminal 
report / prepared by Abdullah Malim Baginda.  [Singapore : ASEAN, 1985].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1745.8 .A2261 1985

Women in health and development in South-East Asia / by Rekha Dayal.  New Delhi : World Health 
Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia, 1985.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1745.8 .D391 1985

Women in the Third World : gender issues in rural and urban areas/ Lynne Brydon and Sylvia Chant.
New Brunswick, NJ : Rutgers University, 1989. 
	UCB   MOFF   HQ1870.9.B79 1989

Women of Southeast Asia / Penny van Esterik, editor.   De Kalb, IL : Northern Illinois 
University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, c1996.
	UCB   MAIN  HQ1745.8.W65 1996
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1745.8.W65 1996  REF

Women, Religion and Family Law : A report of a regional consultation/ Asia Pacific Forum on Women, 
Law and Development. [1992].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1236.5.A78.W66 1994 

Women's Asia / Yayori Matsui.  London ; Atlantic Highlands, N.J. : Zed Books, c1989.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1726 .M3813 1989
	UCB   MOFF   HQ1726 .M3813 1989

Women's studies, women's lives : theory and practice in South and Southeast Asia / editors, 
Committee on Women's Studies in Asia.  New Delhi : Kali for Women, c1994.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1181.I4 W68 1994

Women's work and women's roles : economics and everyday life in Indonesia, Malaysia, and 
Singapore / Lenore Manderson, editor.
	UCB  MAIN   HQ1753.W661 1983

Working women in South-East Asia : development, subordination, and emancipation / Noeleen 
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1745.8 .H491 1986
	UCB   MOFF   HQ1745.8 H49 1986

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Journal Articles

Asian financial crisis, women's work and forced migration / R. Lund and S. M. Panda. 
	Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift, v. 54:3, 2000, p. 128-133.
Changing gender relations in Southeast Asia and the contribution of women's organizations / 
Darunee Tantiwiramanond. 
	Southeast Asia Studies Bulletin, Oct 1997, p.18.
Changing religious role of women in pre-modern Southeast Asia / Barbara Watson Andaya.
	South East Asia Research, v. 2:2, Sept 1994,  p.99-116.

Changing roles and status of women in ASEAN / Aline K. Wong. 
	Contemporary Southeast Asia, v. 1:2,SEpt 1979, p. 179-193.
The continuing flight from marriage and parenthood among the overseas Chinese in East and 
Southeast Asia: dimensions and implications / Richard Leete.
	Population and Development Review, v. 20:4, Dec 1994 , p. 811 (19 pages).

Do multinational companies exploit women workers in developing countries? / Linda Lim.
	ASEAN Business Quarterly (Singapore), v. 4:4, 1980, p. 29-31.

Exploitation of women : an overview / Rohgana Ariffin. 
	Sojourn : Social Issues in Southeast Asia, v	1:2, Aug 1986, p. 133-154.
Family Planning in Asia and the Pacific / Kathy Gollan.
	Healthright,  v. 9, May 1990, p.25-28.               

Female roles in pre-colonial Southeast Asia / Anthony Reid. 
	Modern Asian Studies, v. 22:3, Jul 1988, p. 629-645. 
Feminist periodicals in Southeast Asia / Carol L. Mitchell.
	Feminist Collections : a quarterly of Women's Studies Resources, v. 16:2.

From temporary wife to prostitute: sexuality and economic change in earlymodern Southeast Asia.
(Sexing Women's History) / Barbara Watson Andaya.
	Journal of Women's History, v. 9:4, Win 1998, p. 11 (24 pages).

Gender issues related to income distribution : women income and productivity. 
	Singapore Economic Review, v. 35:2, Oct 1990, p. 107-111.
Gender studies in Southeast Asia / Wazir Jahan Karim. 
	Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, v. 21:1, 1993, p. 98-113.

History, headhunting and gender in Monsoon Asia Comparative and longitudinal views /
Andaya B. Watson. 
	South East Asia Research, v. 12:1, Mar 2004, p. 13-52

Impressions : the status of women in Southeast Asia / Sonia Pressman Fuentes.
	The Common Law Lawyer, Sept-Oct 1978	
International data on women and gender: resources, issues, critical use / Mona Danner, Lucia
Fort & Gay Young.
	Women's Studies International Forum, v. 22:2, 1999, p. 249-259.
Minding your peers and queers: female sex workers in the AIDS discourse in Australia and Southeast 
Asia / Alison Murray & Tess Robinson.
	Gender, Place and Culture, v. 3:1, March 1996, p.43-59.

Modernization and divorce: contrasting trends in Islamic Southeast Asiaand the West / Gavin W. 
	Population and Development Review, v. 23:1, March 1997, p. 95 (20 pages).

Music-making, ritual, and gender in a Southeast Asian hill society / Kenneth M. George.
	Ethnomusicology, v. 37:1, Wint 1993, p. 1 (27 pages).

Netgitiating a market : a case study of an Asian woman in business / Parvati Raghuram 
and Irene Hardill. 
	Women's Studies International Fourm, v. 21:5, Sept 10, 1998, p. 475-483.
The New Asian Woman: women's magazines and the spread of mass-culture in Southeast Asia / 
Carol L. Mitchell.
	IN: Women's Studies Serials: a Quarter-Century of Development / edited by Kristin H. Gerhard, 
	1998, p. 247-259.

The position of women under labor laws in ASEAN / Purification V. Quisumbing
	Philippine Journal of Industrial Relations, v. 8:2 & v. 9:1, 1986-1987, p. 138-144.

Poverty, ideology and women export factory workers in South-East Asia / Gillian H. C. Foo
and Linda Y. C. Lim. 
	IN: Women Poverty and ideology in Asia : contradictory pressure, uneasy resolutions, edited
	by Haleh Afshar and Bina Agarwal, 1989, p. 212-233
In praise of Southeast Asian women / Nancy Spence.
	Canadian Women Studies, v. 15:2/3, Spring/Summer 1990, 1995.

Repression to Cooptation:  Challenges for Women Workers in Southeast Asia / Robert Weissman.
	Multinational Monitor, v. 14:11, Nov 1993,  20 pages.

Reproductive Health in Southeast Asia / Trude Bennett.
	Public Health Reports, v. 114:4, July 1999, p. 374.

Rural women workers in Asia / Mary Hollnsteiner.
	Impact, v. 11:7, Jul 1976, p. 237-244.
Shan women and girls and the sex industry in Southeast Asia: political causes and human rights 
implications / C. Beyrer.
	Social Science and Medicine, v. 53:4, aug 2001, p. 543-550.

Silent contributors, Asian female entrepreneurs and women in business / Spinder Dhaliwal.
	Women's Studies International Forum, v. 21:5, Sept 10, 1998, p. 463-474.
Strategies for Survival: lives of Southeast Asian Women / edited by Judith Nagata 
& Janet W. Salaff.
	Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, v. 24:1, 1996. 

War emancipated women in South East Asia / U. S. Goswami. 
	Modern Review, v. 138:3, Sept 1975, p. 226-229.
Women and economic change: the pepper trade in pre-modern Southeast Asia [on Sumatra] /
Barbara Watson Andaya.    
	Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, v. 38:2, May 1995, p. 165-190. 

Women and the family in Thailand in the midst of social change. / Juree Vichit-Vadakan.
	Law & Society Review, v. 28:3, Aug 1994, p. 515-524.

Women and girls and the sex industry in Southeast Asia; political causes and human rights 
implications / C. Shan Beyrer.
	Social Science & Medicine, August 2001, v. 53:4, p. 543-550.

Women as Headhunters: The Making and Meaning of Textiles in a Southeast Asian Context / 
Ruth Barnes.
	IN: Dress and Gender: Making and Meaning / edited by Joanne b. Eicher &,Ruth Barnes, 
	1997, p. 24-43.

Women in China and Southeast Asia: A Course Outline and Bibliography / Carol Warren.
	Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, v.22:2, p. 41-54.

Women, work and media image : a study of a Southeast Asian Daily / Valerie O'Rourke.
	Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, v. 20:2, 1992, p. 120-130.

Women's cultural expression.
	ISIS Women in Action, no.3, 1992,  p.1-46.

Women's power and the gendered division of domestic labor in the Third World / Laura Sanchez.
	Gender and Society, v.7:3, 1993, p.434-59.

Women and food in Southeast Asia : recent reserarch trends and new directions / Penny van 
	IN:Women in Asia and Asian studies, edited by Barbara D. Miller and Janice Hyde, 1984, 
	p. 71-81

Women on the move : globalization and labor migration from South and Southeast Asian states 
/ Jan Jindy Pettman.
	Global Society, v. 12, Sept 1998, p. 389-403. 
Women workers in Southeast Asia : issues, demands and participation in trade unions / 
Jurgette Hondulado 
	Philippine Journal of Industrial Relations, v. 8:2 & v. 9:1, 1986-1987, p. 161-172.
Working separately but eating together: personhood, property, and power inconjugal relations / 
Tania Murray Li.
	American Ethnologist,  v. 25:4, Nov 1998 p. 675-676.
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Web Links / Online Databases

Amnesty International - USA Women's Humans Rights Bibliography of Asian Studies The most comprehensive scholarly index of Southeast Asian Studies available for the humanities and social sciences. (UCB Only) Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. GenderStats a useful database of gender statistics developed by World Bank. GenderWatch is a full-text database of publications that focus on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas. (UCB Only) Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. Global List of Women's Organizations provides a thorough listing of international womens organizations. International Labour Organisation seeks to promote justice and the improvement of working conditions of women and men. Southeast Asian Serials Index provides free access to information on Southeast Asia through the indexing of 95 major academic and current affairs journals on Southeast Asia. The United Nations and the Status of Women a United Nations Home Page bringing together women's departments from various UN agencies. United Nations Development Programme : Gender in Development endeavors to support gender equality and the advancement of women. United Nations WomenWatch is the United Nations' Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women. UNIFEM in East and Southeast Asia works with governments, NGOs, community and other organizations, as well as individuals,in East and South East Asia to promote gender equality between women and men and advance the status of women. Women in Development Resources includes bibliographies and web links to many resources related to Women Studies. Womens Human Rights is Human Rights Watch web site devoted to women, providing timely information on the conditions of women in Southeast Asian countries. Womens Human Rights Resources lists authoritative and diverse information on women's international human rights law. Women's Resources International (UCB Only)Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. World Bank Gender Net includes statistics, listing of World Bank publications with abstracts and information on projects World Bank is involved with related to women and development. Go to top

Email Lists

ASIA-GENDERMEDIA is a list for discussion of gender and media policy issues, particularly but not exclusively in the Asian region. It is affiliated with Isis International, in Manila, an Asia-based women's non-govenrmental organization. To subscribe, send the message: SUBSCRIBE ASIA-GENDERMEDIA to MAJORDOMO@LIST.INFOCOM.SEQUEL.NET. For more information write to COMMPRO@MNL.SEQUEL.NET. ASIA-WOMEN-IT is a forum for the discussion of issues and concerns relating to women in Asia and the new global information and communications technology. To subscribe, sent the message SUBSCRIBE ASIA-WOMEN-IT to MAJORDOMO@LIST.INFOCOM.SEQUEL.NET. DEVELOPMENT-GENDER is a moderated list established by the Gender, Research and Training unit in the School of Development Studies at the University of East Anglia, U.K. It intends to connect researchers, academics, and practitioners working in development and gender issues in dispersed institutions. More information available at the DEVELOPMENT-GENDER web page. To subscribe, send the message JOIN DEVELOPMENT-GENDER Firstname Lastname to MAILBASE@MAILBASE.AC.UK. GENDER-LAW is for discussing the role of the World Bank in addressing legal issues that affect women in developing countries. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GENDER-LAW to MAJORDOME@JAZZ.WORLDBANK.ORG. HURINET-WOMEN is an information list (not a discussion list) dealing with international human rights concerning women. To subscribe, send a message expressing your wish to do to to the listowner, Debra Guzman at DEBRA@ONL.COMLINK.APC.ORG SHAMS, a women and Islam forum, has been set up for the discussion and debate of issues relating to the rights of women in Islam, including Muslim personal law and campaigns around gender in Islam and the Muslim community. To subscribe, send the message : SUBSCRIBE SHAMS to JOIN-SHAMS@LIST.MANDLA.CO.ZA. THIRD WORLD WOMEN discussed issues related to the representations of "Third World Women". To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE THIRD-WORLD-WOMEN to MAJORDOMO@JEFFERSON.VILLAGE.VIRGINIA.EDU. SISTERS NET is a women-only list for Muslim women. It provides members with a supportive atmosphere in which to network with other Muslim women, to discuss issues ( e.g., birth control, polygamy) that some would feel uncomfortable talking about with men. To subscribe, fill out the application at the Sisters Net web site or request an application by writing to SISTERS-REQUEST@POST.QUEENSU.CA.

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