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Compiled by Virginia Jing-yi Shih

Please note: This bibliography is arranged by region and by country. It also includes holding location of other libraries on the Berkeley campus if they have the same copy. The Earth Sciences and Map Library has an extensive collection of Southeast Asia maps and atlases for public access.

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Bannanukrom Dan Satri Suksa 2524-2533 = Women's Studies Bibliographies, 1981-1990. Bangkok: National Women's Information Center, National Commission on Women's Affairs, 1995.

S/SE Asia                                            HQ1750.55.B25 1995

A Bibliography for the History and Culture of Thailand. Chung-yu Chen. Nankang, Taipei: Program for Southeast Asian Area Studies, Academia Sinica, 2001.

S/SE Asia                                            DS563.5.A12 B53 2001 
Bibliography on the Karen People in Thailand: Impact and Response, 1970-1993. Alec Gordon, Chulalongkorn University. [Chiang Mai, Thailand]: Center for Ethnic Studies and Development, Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University, 1996.

S/SE Asia                                            DS570.K37.A12 B53 1996

A Bruu-Thai-English Dictionary. Theraphan L. Thongkum, See Puengpa. Bangkok: Indigenous Languages of Thailand Research Project, Dept. of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, 1980.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4251.B7.T49

Business Location Guide BangkokBangkok Map. Bangkok: Agency for Real Estate Affairs, c1998.

S/SE Asia                                            G2379.B3Q46.A3 1998

Chinese in Thailand with Supplements on the Chinese Haws and the Kuomintang Chinese: an Annotated Bibliography. [Bangkok]: Chulalongkorn University, Academic Resource Center: Chulalongkorn University, Social Research Institute, [1983]

S/SE Asia                                            DS570.C5.A12 C477 1983

A Concise English-Thai Dictionary / Tianchai Iamworamate = Photchananukrom Angkrit-Thai Chabap Khonsai. Thianchai Iamworamet. Krung Thep: Borisat Ruam San, 2543 [2000]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187 .T52 2000   

Corruption: an Annotated Bibliography. [Bangkok]: Academic Resource Center, Chulalongkorn University [and] Chulalongkorn University, Social Research Institute, [1983]

S/SE Asia                                            JQ1745.A55.C6 A12C6, 1983

Damnen Kanden, Sathianphong Wannapok = Domnern-Sathienpong Thai-English Dictionary. DomnernGarden, Sathienpong Wannapok. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon: Samnakphim Matichon, 2549 [2006]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187.T47 G37 2006
Main (Gardner) Stacks  

Dictionary of Drugs and New Drugs in Thailand = Photchananukrom lae Ya Mai Nai Prathet Thai. Wit Thiengburanathum. Kothomo [i.e. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon]: Ruamsan, 2547 [2004]

S/SE Asia                                            RS76.T45 W58 2004 
A Dictionary of Modern Spoken Mon. London; New York: Oxford University Press, [c1962]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4336.S5 1962

A Dictionary of the Mon Inscriptions from the Sixth to the Sixteenth Centuries. H. L. Shorto; incorporating materials collected by the late C. O. Blagden. London; New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 1971.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4339.S55
Main (Gardner) Stacks 

The Directory of Women's Development Organizations in Thailand. [Bangkok]: National Committee on the Development of Women's Information System, National Commission on Women's Affairs, 1992.

S/SE Asia                                            HQ1750.55.D57 1992

Early Thai History: a Select Bibliography. Edited by Ian Mabbett; with contributions by A. J. Hale Melbourne, Australia: Monash University, [1978?]

S/SE Asia                                            DS571.A12.M33

The Eight Historical Periods of ThailandPhotographer, D. Mekchaidee. Bangkok: Soma Nimit Co., [197-?]

S/SE Asia                                            DS566.E44
Main (Gardner) Stacks 

English by Example: a Dictionary of English Collocations with Thai Translations. Wong Wattanaphichet (Huang Yaobao). Bangkok: G7 Publications: Distributed by Mag Publishing, 2543 [2000]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187 .W58 2000 
Ethnobotany: Thailand, National Bibliography. [Bangkok]: National Library Div., the Fine Arts Dept., 1994.

S/SE Asia                                            GN635.T4.E84 1994

Highland Development in Thailand: a Selected Bibliography. Tribal Research Institute, Department of Public Welfare, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in collaboration with the UNDP Subregional Highland Peoples Programm [sic], Bangkok; [editors, Mongkol Chantrabumroung, Thaworn Foofoung] Chiang Mai, Thailand: Tribal Research Institute, Chiang Mai University, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                            HC445.A12.W54 1997

Historical Dictionary of Thailand. Harold E. Smith. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, c2005.

S/SE Asia                                            DS563.5 .M3 2005  

Inventaire Provisoire des Manuscrits du Cambodge = Panji Panṭoh Qasann Nae Sasṭra slykryṭ Khmaer. Olivier de Bernon. Paris: Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient, 2004-

S/SE Asia                                            BQ1029.T52A12 O45 2004 v.1   
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     BQ1029.T52A12 O45 2004 v.1  

Jumbo English-Thai Dictionary: a Completely New Dictionary of the Thai Language. Gordon H. Allison. Bangkok: Professional Services, 1973.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187.A62

Khlang Kham. Chattham doi Nawawan Phanthumetha. Krung Thep: Samnakphim Ammarin, 2544 [2001]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4185 .N39 2001   

Khumu Thamniap Kharatchakan Thai = the Royal Thai Government, a Directory. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon: Khaosan Thurakit lae Wichai, [1978 or 1979]

S/SE Asia                                            DS563.R6

Mahasangiti Tipiṭaka Buddhavasse 2500: Anthology of Pali Tipiṭaka: Example of 40-Volume Collection: The Buddhist Era 2500 Great International Council Pali Tipiṭaka
a Manual on Ethnic Reporting. Crispin C. Maslog, Alice Colet-Villadolid. Intramuros, Manila: Philippine Press Institute.

S/SE Asia                                            BQ1171 .D2 2010  

A Mon-English Dictionary. R. Halliday. Bangkok: published under the auspices of the Siam Society, 1955.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4336.H3 1955

Mpi-Thai-English Dictionary. Srinuan Duanghom; edited by Woranoot Pantupong. [Bangkok]: Indigenous Languages of Thailand, Research Project, Central Institute of English Language, Office of State Universities, 1976.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4251.M65.S65

The Nature and Development of the Thai Language. Phya Anuman Rajadhon. Bangkok: Promotion and Public Relations Sub-division, Fine Arts Dept., 1989.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4159.5.A58 1989

Oxford-River Books English-Thai Dictionary. Bangkok: River Books Co, 2004.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187 .O94 2004

The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Thai & English Dictionary. Thai text by the Translation Department, ChulalongkornUniversity and edited by Narisa Chakrabongse and Ubol Pukkanasuta. First Edition of English Text Edited By John Phelby. Bangkok: River Books; Oxford: Oxford, 1994.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4185 .O94 1994 

Pali Literature Transmitted in Central Siam: a Catalogue Based on the Sap Songkhro. Peter Skilling. Bangkok: Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation, 2002.

S/SE Asia                                            BQ1029.T52A12 S55 2002  

Pali and Vernacular Literature Ttransmitted in Central and Northern Siam. Peter Skilling. Bangkok: Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation, Lumbini International Research Institute, 2004.

S/SE Asia                                            PK4681.T5 S56 2004    

Pathanukrom Chin-Thai; Chung Tai ta tzu tien = Chinese-Thai Dictionary.Prasit Chawalitthamrong. Tai ching, [Thailand]: Nan Mei yu hsien kung ssu, 1986.

S/SE Asia                                            PL1425 .T78 1986

Tai Han Ci Dian泰汉词典 = [Photchananukrom Thai-ChinGuangzhou wai guo yu xue yuan bian; [zhu bian Xiao Shaoyun; bian wei Qin Senjie et al; zhu bian zhe Liu Ruiqi et al] Beijing: Shang wu yin shu guan, 1990.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187.C5 T35 1990 
East Asian                                          PL4187.C5 T35 1990

Photchananukrom Chin-Thai chabap mai: chabap phim nangsu tuayo = 現代漢泰词典:(繁體字版) Xian Dai Han Tai Ci Dian: fan ti zi ban. Doi Thianchai Iamworamet楊漢川編譯Yang Hanchuan bian yi. Kothomo [i.e. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon]: Ruam San, 2544 [2002]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187.C5 T54 2002    

Photchananukrom Chin-Thai chabap mai: chabap phim nangsu tuayo = 現代漢泰词典:(簡體字版) Xian Dai Han Tai Ci Dian: jian ti zi ban. Doi Thianchai Iamworamet楊漢川編譯Yang Hanchuan bian yi. Kothomo [i.e. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon]: Ruam San, 2545 [2003]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187.C5 T54 2003   

Photchananukrom Khamen (Surin)-Thai-Angkrit = Khmer (Surin)-Thai-English Dictionary. Dhanan Chantrupanth, Chartchai Phromjakgarin. [Bangkok]: Indigenous Languages of Thailand Research Project, Chulalongkorn University Language Institute, 1978.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4251.K45.D45

Photchananukrom Kui (Suai) - Thai - Oangkrit = Kui (Suai) - Thai - English Dictionary.  Prasert Sriwiset.  S.l.: s.n., [1978]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4251.K8.P7

Photchananukrom Thai-Farangset = Dictionaire Thai-Francois. Praewpayom Boonyapaluk. Krung Thep: Samnakphim heng Chulalongkon Mahawitthayalai, 2546- [2003-]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187.F3 P47 2003 v.1-2     

Photchananukhom Thai-Wiatnam = Tu Dien Thai Lan-Viet. Nguyen Chi Thong. Krung Thep: Sathaban Esia Suksa, Chulalongkon Mahawitthayalai, 2001.

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187 N48 2001   

Photchananukrom Yipun-Thai Thai-Yipun: Samrap Chao Thai. Takejiro Tomita Riap Riang. Krung Thep: Samakhom Phua Phatthana Kansưksa Le Watthanatham Thai, 2546 [2003]

S/SE Asia                                            PL4187 .T34 2003    

Religious Traditions among Thai Ethnic Groups: Selected Bibliography. Shigeharu Tanabe. Ayutthaya, Thailand: Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre, 1991.

S/SE Asia                                            DS36.9.T35.A12 R455 1991
Main (Gardner) Stacks 

The Regional Folk Dances of Thailand. Dutsadi Boriphat Na Ayutthaya.[Bangkok, Thailand]: Foundation for the Advancement of Educational Materials, c1962.

S/SE Asia                                            GV1703.T5 D8 1962  

Riangroi Bannarat: Bannanukrom le Datchani Phra Ratchaniphon Nai Somdet Phra Theppharattanaratchasuda Sayammaborommaratchakumar.Supharat Letphanitkun. Krung Thep: Sun Manutsayawitthaya Sirinthon Mahawitthayalai Sinlapakon, 2542 [1999]

S/SE Asia                                            DS578.32.S566A12 S8719 1999 

Saranukrom Watthanatham Thai: Chabap Tonbaep. Bangkok: Munnithi Saranukrom Watthanatham Thai, Thanakhan Thai Phanit, 2538-2539 [1995-1996]

S/SE Asia                                DS568.S32 1996 v. 1-4

Saranukrom Watthanatham Thai. Krung Thep, [Thailand]: Munnithi Saranukrom Watthanatham Thai, Thanakhan Thai Phanit, 2542 [1999]

S/SE Asia                                DS568.S265 1999 v. 1-4

Thailand. David Smyth. Oxford, U.K. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Clio Press, c1998.

S/SE Asia                                DS563.5 .S64 1998 
Main (Gardner) Stacks 

Sadhaka Tipitaka Sikkha Mahasarigiti Tipitaka: Buddhavasse 2500 = Anthology of Tipitaka Studies Reference the Buddhist Era 2500: Great International Council Pali Tipitaka. Bangkok: M. L. Maniratana Bunnag Dhamma Society Fund under the Patronage of His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand 2550 [2007]

S/SE Asia                                BQ1179 .T57 2007  

The Siam Directory. Bangkok: Thai Co, 1989.

S/SE Asia                                DS561.S5   

Southeast Asian Research Tool: Thailand. Charles F. Keyes. [Honolulu, Hawaii]: Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Studies Program, University of Hawaii, 1979.

S/SE Asia                                DS571.A12.K4

Status of Women: Thailand. Vitit Muntarbhorn, Wimolsiri Jamnarnvej, Tanawadee Boonlue. Bangkok: Unesco Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, 1990.

S/SE Asia                                HQ1750.55.S74 1990

The Thai (Gedney) Collection of the University of Michigan Library: a Union Catalogue. Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. [Ann Arbor, Mich.: The Library, 1987]

S/SE Asia                                DS563.5.A12.H377 1987

Thai-English Dictionary. Compiled by So Sethaputra. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon: Samnakphim Thai Watthana Phanit, 2544 [2001]

S/SE Asia                                PL4187 .S42 2001 v.1-2     

Thai-English Student's Dictionary. Mary R. Haas, with the assistance of George V. Grekoff [and others] Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 1964.

S/SE Asia                                PL4187.H23

Thai Etiquette. [Thailand]: Office of the National Culture Commission, 1991.

S/SE Asia                                BJ2007.T48.T4 1991

Thai Traditional Salutation. Phya Anuman Rajadhon. Bangkok: Promotion and Public Relations Sub-Division, Fine Arts Dept., 2533 [1990]

S/SE Asia                                GT3050.A58 1990

Thailand. Michael Watts. Oxford, U.K.: Clio, c1986.

S/SE Asia                                DS571.A12.W371 1986 
Main (Gardner) Stacks         DS571.A12.W371 1986

Thailand: 1:1500 000, Special Maps, Phuket, City Maps, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hat Yai. Scale 1:1,500,000. MunchenGermany. Nelles Verlag. Müchen: Nelles Verlag, [1989?].

S/SE Asia                                G8025 1989.N46

Thailand, a Country Study. Federal Research Division, Library of Congress; edited by Barbara Leitch LePoer. Washington, D.C.: The Division: for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1989.

S/SE Asia                                DS563.5.T45631 1989 
Main (Gardner) Stacks         DS563.5.T45631 1989

Thailand Heritage: A Traditional Thai Book. J. C. Shaw. [Thailand]: J. C. Shaw, [199-?]

S/SE Asia                                DS568 .S47 1990z  

Thailand Hilltribes: A Traditional Thai Book. J. C. Shaw. [Thailand]: J. C. Shaw, [1990?]

S/SE Asia                                GN635.T4 S54 1990z 

Thailand in Figures. Bangkok: Tera International Co, 1990.

S/SE Asia                                HA4600.55.T472

Thailand: a Handbook of Historical Statistics. Constance M. Wilson. Boston, Mass.: G.K. Hall, 1983.

S/SE Asia                                HA4600.55.W54 1983 
Main (Gardner) Stacks         HA4600.55.W54 1983

Thailand: Politics, Economy, and Socio-Cultural Setting; a Selective Guide to the Literature. Woodworth G. Thrombley. Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press for the National Affairs Center, [c1972]

S/SE Asia                                DS571.A12.T5 
Anthropology              DS571.A12.T5

Thamniap Ongkon Phatthana Chaokhao Nai Prathet Thai = Directory of Hilltribe Development Organization in Thailand. Krung Thep, [Thailand]: Munnithi Kansuksa phua Chiwit lae Sangkhom, 2533 [1990]

S/SE Asia                                DS569.T474 1990

Thamniapnam Ongkon Phatthana Ekkachon Phak Nua Ton Bon = Directory of Public Interest Non-Government Organizations in the Upper North ofThailand. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Sathaban Wichai Sangkhom, Mahawitthayalai Chiang Mai, 2537 [1994]

S/SE Asia                                HD2769.2.T5.T47 1994

Who's Who in Thailand[Bangkok]: International Pub. and Marketing Co., 1990.

S/SE Asia                                DS570.5.W551  
Main (Gardner) Stacks 

Zui Xin Zhong Tai Da Ci Dian = 最新中泰大辭典. Xiao Yuanchuan. Tai jing: Nan Mei you xian gong si, 1986.

S/SE Asia                                PL1425 .T78 1986

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