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Southeast Asia Studies at Berkeley

Southeast Asia Reference Sources

120 Doe Library, University of California, Berkeley

Compiled by Virginia Jing-yi Shih

Please note: This bibliography is arranged by region and by country. It also includes holding location of other libraries on the Berkeley campus if they have the same copy. The Earth Sciences and Map Library has an extensive collection of Southeast Asia maps and atlases for public access.

General Asia | Southeast Asia | Brunei | Burma (Myanmar)
Cambodia | East Timor | Indonesia | Laos | Malaysia
Philippines | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam

Southeast Asia

Annual Reports of the Straits Settlements, 1855-1941. Straits Settlements. [England]: Archive Editions, 1998.

S/SE Asia                                            J618 .R2525 v.1-12

Atlas of Southeast Asia. Richard Ulack. New York: Macmillan Pub. Co., c1989.

S/SE Asia                                            G2360 .U4 1989
Earth Science
Main (Gardner) Stacks

Atlas of South-East Asia: with an Introduction. D.G.E. Hall. London; New York: Macmillan & Co., [1964]

S/SE Asia                                            f DS504 .A75    
Main (Gardner) Stacks folio             f DS504 .A75       
Asian American Studies Reference

ASEAN Statistical Indicators. ASEAN Secretariat; Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS). Singapore: ISEAS, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                            HA4590.8 .A843 1997   

Bibliography of ASEAN-China Relations. Linda Yip Seong Chun. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2006.

S/SE Asia                                            HA4590.8 .A843 1997  

Buddhism and Buddhist Literature of South-East Asia: Selected Papers. Peter Skilling. Bangkok: Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation; Lumbini: Lumbini International Research Institute, 2009.

S/SE Asia                                            BQ286 .S58 2009  

China and Southeast Asia. Geoff Wade. London: Routledge, 2009.

S/SE Asia                                            DS525.9.C5 C47 2009 v.1-6 

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of South-East Asia. Michael Leifer. London; New York: Routledge, c1995.

S/SE Asia                                            DS525.7 .L45 1995  

Dong Nan Ya Da Shi Ji 1900-2004 = 東南亞大事紀 1900-2004. Li Ming Jun. Taibei shi: Zhong yan yuan ren wen she hui ke xue yan jiu zhong xin, Min 95 [2006]

S/SE Asia                                            DS 526.7 .D665 2006    

Dong Nan Ya Yan Jiu Tu Shu Mu Lu = 东南亚研究图书目录.Zeng Yiping. Xiamen: Xiamen da xue chu ban she, 2005.

S/SE Asia                                            Z3221 .D662 2005  
East Asian

Dong Nan Ya Yan Jiu Shu Mu Hui Bian =東南亞研究書目彙編.Xiao Xinhuang, Lin Shuhui. Daibei Shi: Zhong Yang Yan Jiu Yuan Dong Nan Ya Chu Yu Yan Jiu Ji Hua, Min Guo 84 Nian [1995].

S/SE Asia                                            Z3221 .H73 1995  

English - Mong - English Dictionary = Phoo txhais lug Aakiv -Moob – Aakiv. Lang Xiong, Joua Xiong, Nao Leng Xiong [s.l.: Hetrick Printing] 1983.

S/SE Asia                                            PL3311.M5 X541 1983  
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     PL3311.M5 X541 1983

The Far East and Australasia. London: Europa Publications, c1969-

S/SE Asia                                            DS502 .F2 2012    
Main (Gardner) Stacks
Asian American Studies

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music. Bruno Nettl and Ruth M. Stone; founding editors, James Porter and Timothy Rice. New York: Garland Pub., 1998-2002.

S/SE Asia                                            ML100 .G16 1998 v.4 
Asian American Studies

Historical Dictionary of United States-Southeast Asia Relations. Donald E. Weatherbee. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2008.

S/SE Asia                                            DS525.9.U6 W44 2008  

The Hmong: an Annotated Bibliography, 1983-1987. J. Christina Smith. Minneapolis, Minn.: Southeast Asian Refugee Project, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, University of Minnesota, 1988.

S/SE Asia                                            DS509.5.H66 A12 S65 1988 

Japanese Contributions to Southeast Asian Studies: a Resource Guide. Shiro Saito. Ann Arbor, MI: Association for Asian Studies, 2006.

S/SE Asia                                            DS510.7 .S262 2006  

Modern Art of Southeast Asia: a Guide to Selected Resources in the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library. Roberta Balagopal, Alicia Yeo. Singapore: National Library Board, c2008.

S/SE Asia                                            Z5961.S78 M64 2008  

RAND in Southeast Asia: a History of the Vietnam War Era. Mai Elliott. Santa Monica, Calif: RAND, 2010.

S/SE Asia                                            DS558.2 .E44 2010  
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     DS558.2 .E44 2010       

Southeast Asian Affairs. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2011.

S/SE Asia                                            DS502 .S761   
Main (Gardner) Stacks
Asian American Studies

South-East Asian Biographical Index = Sudostasiatischer Biographischer Index. Berend Wispelwey. Munchen: K.G. Saur, 2002.

S/SE Asia                                            CT1592 .S687 2002 v.1-3  

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce, 1450-1680. Anthony Reid. New Haven: Yale University Press, c1988-c1993.

S/SE Asia                                            DS526.4 .R46 1988 v.1-2

South-East Asia: Languages and Literatures, a Select Guide. Patricia Herbert and Anthony Milner, South-East Asia Library Group. Whiting Bay, Arran, Scotland: Kiscadale Publications, [1989]

S/SE Asia                                            PL3501 .S661 1989b   

Southeast Asia-China Interactions: Reprint of Articles from the Journal of the Malaysian Branch, Royal Asiatic Society. Geoff Wade. Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2007.

S/SE Asia                                            DS525.9.C5 S68 2007  

Tonan Ajia o shiru jiten = 東南アジアを知る事典= Cyclopedia of South-East Asia. Danshu Ishii Yoneo. Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1999.

S/SE Asia                                            DS523 .T66 1999 

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