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Compiled by Virginia Jing-yi Shih

Note: Entries in this bibliography are arranged by region and by country. This bibliography includes holding locations of other libraries/service points on the Berkeley campus if they have the same copy of reference title as the S/SEALS copy.

NRLF refers to "Northern Regional Library Facility" in Richmond, California.

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Annotated Bibliography of Medical Literature on Burma, 1866-1976 : with Supplement up to 1980. Khin Thet Htar. New Delhi : World Health Organization, South-East Asia Regional Office, c1981.

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A Burmese-English Dictionary. Compiled by J.A. Stewart and C.W. Dunn, from material supplied by a large number of contributors. [London] : Published under the auspices of the University of Rangoon [by Luzac] 1940-1981.

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The University English-Myanmar Dictionary. Ba Han. 2nd ed. Yangon : Win Literature, 1995-1996.

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