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Compiled by Virginia Jing-yi Shih

Please note: This bibliography is arranged by region and by country. It also includes holding location of other libraries on the Berkeley campus if they have the same copy. The Earth Sciences and Map Library has an extensive collection of Southeast Asia maps and atlases for public access.

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General Asia

ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts.The Library of Congress and the American Library Association. Randall K. Barry. 1997 ed. Washington D.C.: Cataloging Distribution Service, Library of Congress, 1997.

S/SE Asia                    P226.A4 1997 
Doe Reference           P226.A4 1997

Annotated Listing, North American Not-For-Profit Organizations Working inCambodiaLaos and Vietnam, 1995-1996. The U.S. Indochina Reconciliation Project. New York: [The Project, 1995]

S/SE Asia                    HD2769.2.C16.A61 1995

APEC Directory of Support Organizations for Small and Medium Enterprises. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, First Ad Hoc Small and Medium Enterprises Policy Level Group Meeting. Singapore: APEC Secretariat, 1996.
S/SE Asia                    HD2346.P16.A837 1996

ASEAN, a Bibliography. Project co-ordinator, Patricia Lim; contributors, IDE, Toyko.  Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1984.

S/SE Asia                    DS520.A873.A12 A754 1984

ASEAN Statistical Indicators. ASEAN Secretariat; Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS). Singapore: ISEAS, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                HA4590.8.A843 1997

Asia and Oceania: a Guide to Archival & Manuscript Sources in the United States. Edited by G. Raymond Nunn. London; New York: Mansell, 1985.

S/SE Asia                                DS5.A12.A78 1985 v. 1-5

Asia and Pacific: a Directory of Resources. Thomas P. Fenton and Mary J. Heffron. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, c1986.

S/SE Asia                                DS5.A12.F46 1986

Asia, Reference Works: a Select Annotated Guide. G. Raymond Nunn. London: Mansell, 1980.

S/SE Asia                                DS5.A12.N8 1980 
Main (Gardner) Stacks         DS5.A12.N8 1980
East Asian                              DS35.A12.N8

Asia Today: an Atlas of Reproducible Pages. Wellesley, MA: World Eagle, c1988.

S/SE Asia                                G2200.W61 1988

The Asian American Encyclopedia .Franklin Ng. New York: Marshall Cavendish, c1995.

S/SE Asia                                E184.O6.A827 v.1-6 1995 
Main (Gardner) Stacks         E184.O6 A827 v.1-6 1995

Asian Communication Handbook. Singapore: Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre, c1993.

S/SE Asia                                HE8341.A842 1998

Asian History. Grant K. Goodman. New York: M. Wiener Pub., c1986.

S/SE Asia                                DS435.8.A851 1986

Asian/Pacific Literatures in English: Bibliographies. Robert E. McDowell and Judith H. McDowell. Washington: Three Continents Press, c1978.

S/SE Asia                                PJ409.A12.A84

The Asian Political Dictionary. Lawrence Ziring, C. I. Eugene Kim. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-Clio, c1985.

S/SE Asia                                DS31.Z571 1985 
Moffitt                                    DS31.Z57 1985

Asians in America: a Selected Annotated Bibliography. Asian American Studies, University of California, Davis. Expansion and Revision. Davis: Asian American Studies, University of California Davis, c1983.

S/SE Asia                                E184.O6.A11 A74 1983 
Doe Reference                       E184.O6.A12 .A74 1983    
Main (Gardner) Stacks         E184.O6.A12 .A74 1983  

Australian Theses on Asia; a Union List of Higher Degree Theses Accepted by Australian Universities to 31 December 1970Enid Bishop. Canberra: Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University, 1972.

S/SE Asia                                DS5.A12.B54

Bibliographical Sources for Buddhist Studies: from the Viewpoint of Buddhist Philology. Yasuhiro Sueki. Tokyo: The International Institute for Buddhist Studies of the International College for Advanced Buddhist Studies, 1998.

S/SE Asia                                BQ260.A12.S84 1998

Bibliography and Index of Mainland Southeast Asian Languages and Linguistics. Franklin E. Huffman. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1986.

S/SE Asia                                PJ71 .H831 1986 
Bibliography of Asian Studies. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Association for Asian Studies, 1957-

S/SE Asia                                DS511.A12.B6 1987-1989
Main (Gardner) Stacks         DS503.1 .F3 1955-1989
Asian American Studies Serials
East Asian

Bibliography of Classified and Unclassified United States Government Documents on South and Southeast Asia in the Defense. Ft. Belvoir, Va.: The Center, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                DS335.A12.B53 1997

Bibliography of the International Conferences on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics I-XXV. Randy J. LaPolla and John B. Lowe. Berkeley: Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus Project, Center for Southeast Asia Studies, University of California, 1994.
S/SE Asia                                PL352.A12.L37 1994

A Bibliography of Literature Relating to the Malayan Campaign and the Japanese Period in MalayaSingapore and Northern Borneo. Justin Corfield. [Hull, Yorkshire]: University of Hull, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, [1988]

S/SE Asia                                D767.55.A12.C61 1988 
Main (Gardner) Stacks         D767.55.A12.C61 1988

Bibliography on Overseas Chinese =華人華僑関係文献目錄. Fukuzaki Hisakazu Hen. Tokyo: Ajia Keizai Kenkyujo, 1996.

S/SE Asia                                DS732 .F85 1996  
East Asian                              DS732 .F85 1996         

A Bird's-eye View: International Institute for Asian Studies. Leiden: International Institute for Asian Studies, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                DS32.9.N42.L45 1997

Chinese Customs and Taboos. Ann Wan Seng. Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ebsan: Penerbit Fajar, 1995.

S/SE Asia                                GN471.4.A56 1995

Chronology of South-east Asian History, 1400-1996. Duncan Stearn. Dee Why, NSW: Mitraphab Centre, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                DS524 .S784 1997

Cumulative Bibliography of Asian Studies. Author Bibliography. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1969.

S/SE Asia                                DS511.A12.C8
East Asian

Cumulative Bibliography of Asian StudiesSubject Bibliography. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1969.

S/SE Asia                                DS511.A12.C83 1941/65
East Asian

Cutting across the Lands: an Annotated Bibliography on Natural Resource Management and Community Development in Indonesia, the Philippines, andMalaysia.  Eveline Ferretti. Ithaca, N.Y.: Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                HC441.Z6.C876 1997

Dictionnaire du Cinema Asiatique. Sous la direction d'Adrien Gombeaud.Paris: Nouveau monde, 2008.

S/SE Asia                                PN1993.5.A75 D53 2008  

Dictionary of Oriental Literatures. Jaroslav Prusek. New York: Basic Books, 1974.

S/SE Asia                                PJ31.D5 
Doe Reference                       PJ31.D5

Directory ASEAN NGO's Community Resources in Drug Abuse Demand Reduction. Bangkok: NGO Anti-Narcotics Coordinating Center; Office of the Narcotics Control Board: Borisat Wisitsin Chamkat, [1994?]

S/SE Asia                                HV5840.A75.D59 1994

Directory of Asia Scholars in Canada = Repertoire des Asianistes du Canada.Heath B. Chamberlain.  [S.l.]: Canadian Asian Studies Association/Association Canadienne des Etudes Asiatiques, 1983.

S/SE Asia                                DS32.9.C2 C525 1983  

Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography. Lokesh Chandra. New Delhi: International Academy of Indian Culture: Aditya Prakashan, 1999-

S/SE Asia                                N8193.A4 L644 1999 v.1-15
Art History/Classics 

Directory of Environmental NGOs in the Asia-Pacific Region. Sahabat Alam Malaysia (Friends of the Earth Malaysia). Penang, Malaysia: Friends of the Earth Malaysia, c1983.

S/SE Asia                                S920.D5561 1983

Directory of Individuals Interested in the Jews and the Jewish Communities of East, Southeast, and South Asia. Frank Joseph Shulman. Carrollton, Ga: West Georgia College, 1993.

S/SE Asia                                DS135.A85.S55 1993

Directory of NGOs for Migrants in AsiaScalabrini Migration Center. Quezon City: Scalabrini Migration Center, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                HV3174.M48.D57 1997

Directory of Selected Scholars and Researchers in ASEAN. Amnuay Tapingkae. Singapore: Regional Institute of Higher Education and Development, 1985.

S/SE Asia                                AZ779.D56 1985 v. 1-2, pt. 1 (1985-1986)

Doctoral Dissertations on Asia. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Association for Asian Studies, 1975.

S/SE Asia                                DS335.A12 D6 v.1-2, 3-8, 9-13 
Main (Gardner) Stacks         DS5.A12.D57 1 (winter 1975)-16 (1993)
East Asian

Doing Business in Asia: the Complete Guide. Sanjyot P. Dunung. New York: Lexington Books, c1995.

S/SE Asia                                HF1583.D86 1995
Business Library

Dong Nan Ya Hua Ren Yu Qiao Pi =东南亚华人与侨批. Xu Maochun.Bangkok: Xu Maochun, 2008.

S/SE Asia                                DS523.4.C45 K67 2008  

Dong Nan Ya, Riben, Hanguo Yan Jiu Bo Shuo Shi Lun Wen Hui Bian. 東南亞,日本,韓國研究博碩士論文彙編. Xiao Xinhuang, Chen Mingxiu. Taibei Nan'gang: Zhong yang yan jiu yuan Dong Nan Ya qu yu yan jiu ji hua, min guo 88 [1999]

S/SE Asia                                Z3221 .T85 1999  

Encyclopedia of Asian History. Prepared under the auspices of the Asia Society; Ainslie T. Embree, editor-in-chief. New York: Scribner; London: Collier Macmillan, c1988.

S/SE Asia                                DS31.E531 v.1-4 (c1988)
Doe Reference                                     DS31.E531 v.1-4 (c1988)
East Asian
Moffit Reference 

Encyclopaedia of Buddhism. G. P. Malalasekera. [Colomba]: Govt. of Ceylon, 1961.

S/SE Asia                                BL1403.M29 v.1-7 fasc.1-4 (1961-2003)
East Asian
Main (Gardner) Stacks

The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas. Lynn Pan. Singapore: Archipelago Press: Landmark Books, c1998

S/SE Asia                                DS732 .E53 1998 
Doe Reference                       DS732 .E53 1998   

The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen. Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber. Boston: Shambhala, 1989.

S/SE Asia                                            BL1005.L4813 1989 
Doe Reference                                   BL1005.L4813 1989

The Encyclopedia of the Third World. George Thomas Kurian. New York: Facts on File, c1987.

S/SE Asia                                            HC59.7.K87 c1987 v. 1-3

Encyclopaedia of International Terrorism. Verinder Grover. New Delhi: Deep & Deep Publications, c2002.

S/SE Asia                                            HV6431 .E52 2002 v.1-3

Encyclopedia of Modern AsiaDavid Levinson. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons; Farmington HillsMI: Thomson/Gale, c2002. 

S/SE Asia                                            DS4 .L48 2002 v.1-6   
Doe Reference                                   DS4 .L48 2002 v.1-6   
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     DS4 .L48 2002 v.1-6             

Environment. Asian and Pacific Women's Resource Collection Network. Kuala Lumpur: Asian and Pacific Development Centre, 1992.

S/SE Asia                                            HQ1240.5.A78.E58 1992

ESCAP Population Data Sheet. [S.l.]: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 1989.

S/SE Asia                                            HA4551.E837 1989-1992

European Directory of South-east Asian Studies. Dijk, Kees van. Leiden, The Netherlands : KITLV Press, 1998.

S/SE Asia                                            DS524.8.E85 D55 1998  

Food, Hunger, Agribusiness: a Directory of Resources. Compiled and edited by Thomas P. Fenton and Mary J. Heffron. Maryknoll, N.Y. Orbis Books, c1987.

S/SE Asia                                            HD9000.5.A12.F461 1987
Bioscience and Natural Resources 

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. Rudolph J. Vecoli, Judy Galens, Anna Sheets, Robyn V. Young. Detroit, MI: Gale Research, c1995.

S/SE Asia                                            E184.A1.G14 1995 v. 1-2

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music. Advisory editors, Bruno Nettl and Ruth M. Stone; founding editors, James Porter and Timothy Rice. New York: Garland Pub., 1998-

S/SE Asia                                            ML100.G16 1998 sound/d v.4
East Asian
Music Library 

Goode's World Atlas. Edited by Paul Goode and Edward B. Espenshade, Jr.; senior consultant, Joel L. Morrison. Chicago: Rand McNally, 1991.

S/SE Asia                                            G1021.G6 1991b

Guide to Asian Studies in Europe. International Institute for Asian Studies. Leiden, the Netherlands: the Institute; Richmond, Surrey: Curzon Press, 1998.

S/SE Asia                                            DS1.G844 1998

Guide to Buddhist Religion. Frank E. Reynolds. Boston: Hall, c1981

S/SE Asia                                            BQ4012.A12 .R4   
Doe Reference                                   BQ4012.A12 .R4    
Moffitt                                                BQ4012.A12 .R4    
East Asian Reference                        BQ4012.A12 .R4   

A Guide to Manuscripts and Documents in the British Isles Relating to South andSouth-East Asia. J.D. Pearson. London; New York: Mansell Pub. Ltd., c1989.

S/SE Asia C                                        D1048.A8.P43 1989 v. 1

A Guide to Western Manuscripts and Documents in the British Isles Relating to South and South East Asia. Mary Doreen Wainwright. London; New York: Oxford University Press, 1965.

S/SE Asia                                            DS3.1.W3 
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     DS3.1.W3

Handbook on ASEAN Protocol and Practices. Jakarta: ASEAN Secretariat, [1995]

S/SE Asia                                            HC441.A833 1995

Historical Dictionary of Buddhism. Charles S. Prebish. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1993.

S/SE Asia                                            BQ130.P74 1993 
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     BQ130.P74 1993  

Historical Dictionary of the Peoples of the Southeast Asian Massif. Jean Michaud. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2006.

S/SE Asia                                            DS524 .M54 2006 

The Hmong, 1987-1995: a Selected and Annotated Bibliography. J. Christina Smith. Minneapolis, Minn.: Refugee Studies Center, Institute of International Studies and Programs, University of Minnesota, 1996.

S/SE Asia                                            DS731.M5.A12 S5 1996 
Anthropology                          DS731.M5.A12 S5 1996

Hobson-Jobson: the Anglo-Indian Dictionary. Yule, Henry, Sir, 1820-1889.Ware: Wordsworth Reference, 1996.

S/SE Asia                                            PE3501 .Y78 1996   

Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary: Detailing More Than 1,400 Observances from All 50 States and More Than 100 Nations. Sue Ellen Thompson and Barbara W. Carlson. Detroit: Omnigraphics, c1994.

S/SE Asia                                            GT3925.T46 1994

A Hundred Harvest: the History of Asian Studies at Berkeley: an Exhibition in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery of Doe Library. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California, [1997]

S/SE Asia                                            DS32.9.U62.C25 1997
East Asian
Bancroft Library
UC Archives 

IIAS Guide to Asian Studies in the Netherlands. [Leiden, Netherlands]: International Institute for Asian Studies, 1997.

S/SE Asia                                            DS32.9.N4.I107 1997 

Impressions of the East: Treasures from the C. V. Starr East Asian Library,University of CaliforniaBerkeleyRudolph, Deborah. Berkeley: Heyday Books in conjunction with the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley, 2007.

S/SE Asia                                            Z881.A12 R73 2007
East Asian Reference
Bancroft Library   

International Directory of Centers for Asian Studies. [Hong Kong]: Asian Research Service, [1985]

S/SE Asia                                            DS32.8.I5 1985 (5)
East Asian 

IRIRC International Bibliography of Refugee Literature. Geneva, Switzerland: International ugee Integration Resource Centre, c1984.

S/SE Asia                                            HV640.A12.M351 1984

In Search of Southeast Asia: a Modern Distory. David P. Chandler. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, c1987

S/SE Asia                                            DS525 .I481 1987

Kubatinan: Jawajin Shakai No Shukyo Dento = Bibliography on Kebatinan: the Religious Tradition of Javanese Society. Muneo Takahashi. Tokyo: Ajia Keizai Kenkyujo, 1989.

S/SE Asia                                            BL2110.T35 1989

Land Settlement through the Kaleidoscope: Annotated Bibliography of Asian Experiences. Gopal B. Thapa and Karl E. Weber. Bangkok: Division of Human Settlements Development, Asian Institute of Technology, 1986.

S/SE Asia                                            HD843.2.T474 1986

Land Tenure and Agrarian Reform in East and Southeast Asia: an Annotated Bibliography. The staff of the Land Tenure Center Library under the direction of Teresa J. Anderson. Boston: G. K. Hall, c1980.

S/SE Asia                                            HD910.5.A12.W5

Library of Congress Asian Collections: an Illustrated Guide. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress : For sale by the U.S. G.P.O., Supt. of Docs., 2000.
S/SE Asia                                            Z3001 .L47 1999    

Missions étrangères & Langues Orientales: Contribution de la Société des Missions Etrangères à la connaissance de 60 langues d'Asie: Bibliographie. Missions étrangères de Paris. Paris: l'Harmattan;, c1997.

S/SE Asia                                            PJ69 .M57 1997 
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     PJ69 .M57 1997      

Oriental Manuscripts in Europe and North AmericaA Survey. J. D. Pearson. Zug: Inter Documentation Company, [1971]

S/SE Asia                                            Z6605.O7.P42

Oxford Atlas of the World. Cartography by Philip's. New York: Oxford University Press, c2011.

S/SE Asia                                            f G1021 .G43283 2011
Environmental Design Atlas

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. John L. Esposito, editor-in-chief. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.

S/SE Asia                                            DS35.53.O95 1995 v.1-4
Main (Gardner) Stacks

Peoples of the World. Asians and Pacific Islanders: the Culture, Geographical Setting, and Historical Background of 41 Asian and Pacific Island Peoples. Joyce Moss, George Wilson. 1st ed. Detroit: Gale Research, c1993.

S/SE Asia                                            GN308.3.A83.M6 1993
Main (Gardner) Stacks 

Political Parties of Asia and the Pacific. Edited by Haruhiro Fukui; Colin A. Hughes et al, associate editors. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, c1985.

S/SE Asia                                            JQ39.A45.P64 1985 v.1-2

A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism. Karel Werner. Richmond, Surrey: Curzon, 1994.

S/SE Asia                                            BL2003.W47 1994 
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     BL2003.W47 1994
Moffitt                                                BL2003.W47 1994

The Portuguese in Asia: an Annotated Bibliography of Studies on Portuguese Colonial History in Asia, 1498-c1800. Daya de Silva. Zug, Switzerland: IDC, 1987.

S/SE Asia                                            JV4227.A12.D471 1987 
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     JV4227.A12.D471 1987

Ramayana in the Arts of Asia. Garrett Kam. Singapore: Select Books, 2000.

S/SE Asia                                            NX680.3.R35 K36 2000    
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     NX680.3.R35 K36 2000        

Religious Holidays and Calendars: an Encyclopaedic Handbook. Aidan Kelly, Peter Dresser, and Linda M. Ross. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, Inc., c1993.

S/SE Asia                                            CE6.K45 1993
Main (Gardner) Stacks

The Royal Families of South-East Asia. Jeffrey Finestone. Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan: Shahindera: Sole distributor, Shahwira Holdings, 2002.

S/SE Asia                                            DS524.2 .F56 2002  

Security, Arms Control, and Conflict Reduction in East Asia and the Pacific: a Bibliography, 1980-1991. Andrew McClean. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1993.

S/SE Asia                                            UA832.5.A12.M37 1993

Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam. On behalf of the Royal Netherlands Academy, by H. A. R. Gibb and J. H. Kramers. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1961.

S/SE Asia                                            DS37.E52

The South Asia and Burma Retrospective Bibliography. Compiled by Graham Shaw. London: British Library, 1987.

S/SE Asia                                            DS335.A12.S52 1987

Southeast Asia: a Historical Encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor. Ooi Keat Gin. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, c2004.

S/SE Asia                                            DS524 .S68 2004 v.1-3
East Asian
Doe Reference 

Southeast Asian Studies: Debates and New Directions. Cynthia Chou and Vincent Houben. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies; Leiden: International Institute for Asian Studies, 2006.

S/SE Asia                                            DS524.7 .S68 2006  
The Status of Women and Fertility in Southeast and East Asia: a Bibliography with Selected Annotations. Betty Jamie Chung. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1977.

S/SE Asia                                            HQ1732.A12.C8

A Survey of Historical Source Materials in Java and Manila. Robert Van Niel. [Honolulu]: University of Hawaii Press, 1970.

S/SE Asia                                            DS21.A83 no.5

Theses on Asia; Accepted by Universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, 1877-1964. B. C. Bloomfield. London : Cass, 1967.

S/SE Asia                                            DS3.1.B65

Theses and Dissertations on Southeast Asia; an International Bibliography in Social Sciences, Education, and Fine Arts. D. R. Sardesai [and] Bhanu D. Sardesai, with cooperation of Alexander Bendik [and others]. Zug [Switzerland]: Inter Documentation, [c1970]

S/SE Asia                                            DS503.S3 
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     DS504.5.A12.S26

Third World Resource Directory, 1994-1995: an Annotated Guide to Print and Audiovisual Resources from and about AfricaAsia and Pacific, Latin Americaand Caribbean, and the Middle East. Thomas P. Fenton and Mary J. Heffron in association with Alternative Information Center (Jerusalem). Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, c1994.

S/SE Asia                                            HC59.7.A12.T46 1994
Main (Gardner) Stacks

Traditional Festivals: a Multicultural Encyclopedia. Christian Roy. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, c2005.

S/SE Asia                                            GT3925 .R69 2005  v.1-2     
Doe Reference                                   GT3925 .R69 2005  v.1-2 

The United States in Asia: a Historical Dictionary. David Shavit. New York: Greenwood Press, c1990.

S/SE Asia                                            DS33.4.U6 S46 1990    
Doe Reference                                   DS33.4.U6 S46 1990   

University of California, Berkeley, Campus Map & Berkeley Area Map. Design: Reineck & Reineck. San Francisco: Rufus Graphics, c1997.

S/SE Asia                                            G4364.B5:2U5 1997.R8
Environmental Design                       G4364.B5:2U5 1997.R8
UC Archives                                       G4364.B5:2U5 1997.R8

Women in Development: Bibliography on the Advancement of Women and Essay on Women's Studies, with Focus on South and Southeast Asian Countries. Basundhara Dhungel and Karl E. Weber. Bangkok: Division of Human Settlements Development, Asian Institute of Technology, 1988.

S/SE Asia                                            HQ1735.3.B37 1988

Women in the Economy: a Select Annotated Bibliography of Asia and Pacific.Vanita Nayak-Mukherjee. Kuala Lumpur: Asian and Pacific Development Centre, 1991.

S/SE Asia                                            HQ1726.A12.W66 1991

Women in the Third World: a Directory of Resources. Thomas P. Fenton and Mary J. Heffron. Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books, c1987.

S/SE Asia                                            HQ1870.9.A12.F461 1987 
Main (Gardner) Stacks                     HQ1870.9.A12 F461 1987

A World Bibliography of Oriental Bibliographies. Theodore Besterman; revised by J. D. Pearson. Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Littlefield, 1975.

S/SE Asia                                            DS5.A12.B47
Doe Reference 

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life. Timothy L. Gall. Detroit: Gale, c1998.

S/SE Asia                                            GN333 .W67 1998 v.3  

Main (Gardner) Stacks 

World Monarchies and Dynasties. John Middleton. Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, c2005.

S/SE Asia                                            D21 .W75 2005 v.1-3   
Doe Reference                                   D21 .W75 2005 v.1-3  

The Zheng He Epic = 鄭和史詩Zheng He Shi Shi. Chief editors (English Version), Tan Ta Sen, Chia Lin Sien; Photographers, Mo Zhi et al. Yunnan: Yunnan People's Publishing House, 2005.

S/SE Asia                                            f DS753.6.Z47 Z462 2005  

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