THE EAST ASIAN LIBRARY was founded in 1947, but the collection goes back to the deposit of the John Fryer Chinese Library in 1898. At present, the library has over 750,000 volumes of books and serials in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Manchu, Mongolian, and Tibetan. The collection, with an annual expanding rate of 20,000 volumes, ranks second only to Harvard's among American Universities. It is a very comprehensive and well-balanced collection with great strength in the humanities and social sciences. Materials range from full-text electronic databases, books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, scrolls and manuscripts to very early examples of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean woodblock printings and reproductions of inscription from oracle bones dated the second millennium B.C. The Library provides electronic access to information sources in East Asia through such services as Nikkei Telecom and CNKI, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary database system. It supports one of the largest and strongest programs in East Asian studies in the nation.

There are many prominent Chinese Overseas who have made important contributions to American society and to the world through their outstanding achievements as scientists, scholars, educators, artists, political leaders, etc. On display here are a few selected living examples with world-renowned accomplishments.

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