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Southeast Asia Studies at Berkeley

Southeast Asia Student Associations at U.C. Berkeley

Berkeley Cambodian Student Association
ethnic and cultural association
Contact: Nak Chhiv - (510) 642-2199

Berkeley Indonesian Student Association
Promote unity among Indonesian students, increase community awareness regarding culture and issues, promote sport and community service.
Contact: Fredro Harjanto - (510) 649-6667

Berkeley Southeast Asianists
The Berkeley Southeast Asianists constitute a group of nearly 40 University
of California graduate students conducting academic research in or coming
from Southeast Asia, or both. Our primary goal consists of strengthening
the tradition of Southeast Asian studies on campus through the promotion of
scholarly research on and education about Southeast Asia. We hope to
provide our members and the greater Berkeley community with exposure to
both scholars and current debates in the field, as well as with
opportunities for gaining related professional experience. Activities
include a reading group, a guest lecture series, occasional workshops and
conferences, and co-sponsorship of a variety of events (including special
funding opportunity workshops and events of the Center for Southeast Asian
Studies). Members come from the humanities, social sciences, and
professional schools at UC Berkeley and other UC campuses, with departments
including South & Southeast Asian Studies, History, Environmental Policy,
Anthropology, Political Science, Education, Theology, City & Regional
Planning, and Public Policy.
Contact Dorian Fougeres: (510) 843-0207

Burma Association at Berkeley

Free Burma at Berkeley
To support the efforts of the Burmese people trying to establish a democratic government in Burma.

Laotian American Student Representatives
ethnic and cultural association
Contact: Kongsab Hatlavongsa - (510) 548-3230

Pilipino Academic Student Services
Committed to recruitment and retention of Pilipinos to higher education.
Contact: David Maduli - (510) 643-9302
506 Eshelman Hall

Pilipino American Alliance
Promote Pilipino American Culture; increase awareness of Pilipino American issues, academic success, etc...
515 Eshelman Hall

Pilipino Association for Health Careers
To act as a support network and resource for students pursuing health careers and to educate Pilipinos about health issues facing the community.

Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers (PASAE)
To offer academic support and career development for students through social events, academic programs and career-oriented workshops.
220 Bechtel Engineering

Singapore-Malaysian Student Association
ethnic and cultural association
Contact: peterpur@yahoo.com

Southeast Asian Student Coalition
The purpose fo SASC is to foster awareness of and policy attention to Southeast Asian Issues. Our goal is to establish common grounds within Southeast Aisan communities in order to create a solid unified voice. In solidarity, we hope to do several things: Advocate for our representation in higher education; address our needs in K-12 schools; defy racial discrimination; etc.
Contact: Email sasc_info@uclink.berkeley.edu

Vietnamese Student Association
Encourage and assist VSA members and Vietnamese community in academic matters, preserve & cultivate Vietnamese culture.
Contact: alan@calvsa.net

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