Historical development after World War II set the momentum for the introduction
of teaching and research programs focusing on the Southeast Asia region in
American higher education. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the Southeast Asian
studies program was established in 1954 at the University of California,
Berkeley to meet a national need and comprehensive interest in Southeast Asia.
Southeast Asian studies have been essential to the teaching, research and
service missions of the Berkeley campus for over four decades. Berkeley offers
both undergraduate and graduate courses with a Southeast Asian specialization in
Group in Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, anthropology, geography,
history, English, linguistics, music, political science, women's studies, environ-
mental science policy and management, business, city and regional planning,
economics, law, etc. Established in 1972, the Department of South and Southeast
Asian studies offers a variety of courses in civilizations, languages, literature
and religious studies. The Department confers the Bachelor of Arts, Master of
Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in South and Southeast Asian studies and as are
the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy with a Southeast
Asian specialization in various schools and departments.

In view of the significant research and study in the field of Southeast Asian
studies, the Southeast Asia Curatorial Assistant, Rebecca Darby-Williams, compiled
the bibliography of Theses and Dissertations on Southeast Asia at the
University of California, Berkeley, (1906-2009)
under the editorship of
the Southeast Asia Librarian, Virginia Jing-yi Shih. The bibliography consists of
well over 660 masters' theses, doctoral dissertations and selected senior honor theses.
The bulk of the bibliography is based on its predecessor South and Southeast
Asia: Doctoral Dissertations and Masters' Theses Completed at the University of
California at Berkeley 1906-1973
by Richard Kozicki and Peter Ananda in

Through the archival holdings showcased in this bibliography, it pays tribute to
the scholars and professors who continue to nurture and enrich the Southeast
Asian Studies program at Berkeley; unfolds the wisdom and creativity of the
number of significant scholars which Berkeley has produced in the past few dec-
ades in the field of social sciences and humanities; and provides inspiration
and encouragement to the present and future young scholars for their intellec-
tual contributions to the field.

Robert R. Reed, Chair
Center for Southeast Asia Studies

Berkeley, California
November 1998


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