Contents and Scope 
This bibliography lists well over 670 masters theses, doctoral dissertations and selected senior honors theses on topics related to Southeast Asia completed at the University of California, Berkeley from 1906 through 2009.

For the purpose of this bibliography, the term, "dissertation" will apply to both masters and doctoral degrees. Selected honors theses found in Oskicat, were also added, as it was felt these were very worthwhile contributions to the academic community.  

A broad brush stroke relating to the topic of Southeast Asia has been applied while culling these titles. Dissertations on the arts, humanities, social sciences and also physical sciences have been included if a substantial portion of the dissertation was devoted to the area. Titles relating to Southeast Asia diaspora, and also Southeast Asian Americans have also been included as the topic continues to grow in popularity.

Format of the Entries 
The information furnished for each dissertation appears in the following sequence:  

1. Author  
2. Title 
3. Degree and date awarded 
4. Department  
5. Name of the country which the dissertation's subject pertains to. 
6. Subject heading 
7. Call number  

Method of Compiling the Entries 
The entries appearing in Theses and Dissertations on Southeast Asia at the University of California, Berkeley, (1906 - 2009) have been compiled using many different methods. This bibliography builds on its predecessor, South and Southeast Asia : Doctoral Dissertations and Masters' Theses Completed at the University of California at Berkeley 1906-1973, (revised edition) / edited by Richard J. Kozicki and Peter Ananda. 

To search for additional dissertations related to Southeast Asia Oskicat was searched, using the "More Searches" tab choosing "Genre/Form" in the pull down menu and type "Dissertations Academic UCB". This brings up a listing sectioned by department. You can browse through search department by department to cull titles related to Southeast Asia. Please refer to the Browse by Department" section for a complete listing of departments.  

For those not readily apparent by country/region name, or by names of prominant national figures appearing in the title; an additional search on UC Berkeley Oskicat, was done inputting "Dissertations Academic UCB" as "Genre/Form" coupled with "title keywords" related to Southeast Asia. These title keywords were gathered from historical dictionaries and encyclopedias relating to Southeast Asia to broaden the search results.  

Additionally, Dissertation Abstracts was searched using the same keyword method, searching for dissertations completed at UC Berkeley. This brought up many items not found earlier, as this database has the capability of searching keywords in the title and also embedded in the abstract of the dissertation, thus, turning up new titles. These new dissertations had topics relating to Southeast Asia; however, did not have the name of a Southeast Asian country or city or other obvious Southeast Asia term within the title. Dissertation Abstracts is available on for researchers at University of California, Berkeley on campus. 


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