How to Find UC Berkeley Theses 
The Library receives the original signed copy of every thesis accepted by the UC Berkeley Graduate Division. These archival copies are usually housed in the Main Library, but some are kept in branch libraries. The Library also holds many second copies of theses, cataloged either for the Doe Library or the appropriate branch library. All University of California, Berkeley theses in the library collection appear in Berkeley's catalog, Oskicat. Whenever you do not find the thesis you are looking for in the on-line/web catalogs, please consult a reference staff member for assistance. 

The Thesis Card Catalog 
Theses completed through 1990 are also in the Thesis Card Catalog, located in the Reference Hall, North Reading Room, Doe Library 2nd Floor, in the "Abbreviations, Atlases Thesis Catalog" Index case. This catalog is arranged alphabetically by department, division or study the degree, then by level of degree, i.e., masters or doctoral. The list is further arranged chronologically by year. Cards are also included in this catalog for theses that for one reason or another, have been withheld from public consultation. They are annotated "withheld." Consult the catalog. The Thesis Card Catalog was closed after 1990. Thesis completed after 1990, appear in Oskicat, as do those included in the Thesis Card Catalog. 

Theses Not Yet Cataloged 
Most UC Berkeley doctoral dissertations are sent to University Microfilms International (UMI), Ann Arbor, Michigan, for filming before being deposited in the library. This process, in addition to binding and cataloging, takes considerable time; therefore, some theses may not appear in Oskicat until a year after the degree was awarded. 

Theses from Other Institutions 
The Library does not actively collect theses from other United States institutions, but it acquires some. These are cataloged and classified as books and are represented in Oskicat by author, title and subject. 

Classification and Circulation Policies 
When you have found a thesis you wish to consult, note the call number and library location. If no location symbol appears beside the call number, the thesis is housed in the Doe Library or is stored off campus at the Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF), located in Richmond, California. Main Library. Items at NRLF can be retrieved within 24-48 hours, excluding weekends. 

The archival copies of UC Berkeley theses have been assigned "308t" classification numbers and do not circulate for home use; however, they may be used within the library. In the Main Library, "308t" theses will be paged upon request at the Circulation Desk. Branch libraries with "308t" theses may shelve them in special locations. 

If you have located a thesis in the Thesis Card Catalog in the North Reading Room of the Main Library, it will probably will have a "308t" call number. You may also wish to consult Oskicat to see if a circulating copy exists. 

Library of Congress Classification  
Many theses from UC Berkeley and some from other U.S. and foreign institutions have been assigned Library of Congress classification numbers. They are usually shelved in call number order in the Library unit's book stacks and generally circulate for home use subject to the individual unit's circulation policies. Main Library theses classified in AS36 are housed off campus. They may be requested for home use at the Circulation Desk, 1st floor, Main Library. 

Interlibrary Loan  
Some doctoral dissertations and masters theses can be borrowed from other institutions through Interlibrary Services. Those available for purchase from University Microfilms International, (UMI)Ann Arbor, Michigan, generally are not available for loan, although some institutions occasionally make exceptions. Individual colleges and universities may impose restrictions on the loan and use of their theses. For information about availability of a particular thesis, consult the staff of Interlibrary Services, Room 133 Main Library. 

Photocopies of UC Berkeley Theses  
From September 1962 through 1970 and since December 1975, UC Berkeley has had almost all of its doctoral dissertations filmed at UMI. Dissertations added to the collections during these periods may be purchased only from UMI. The necessary order number may be found by looking up the dissertation in either Dissertation Abstracts CD-rom or Comprehensive Dissertation Index or Dissertations Abstracts International. Reference staff at the Reference Center of the Doe Library or at the Education/Psychology Library can supply order forms and procedural information. Masters' theses available for purchase from UMI are listed in Masters Abstracts with an order number. 

Dissertations and theses not available through UMI, may be reproduced locally. To obtain copies of UC Berkeley theses unavailable from UMI, contact the Interlibrary Services, Library Photocopy Services in Room 321, Moffitt Library, to verify that permission has been granted by the author. 


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