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    A comprehensive bibliography of all theses
    completed at the University of California, Berkeley
    related to Southeast Asia
    covering the years from 1906-to present

    Compiled & written by Rebecca Darby-Williams
    Southeast Asia Curatorial Assistant

    under the editorship of Virginia Jing-yi Shih

    Southeast Asia Librarian


    Special thanks to Mary Scott for Graphic Design
    Kirk Hastings and Lisa Weber for Technical Support

    Graphic design from
    Mayko's Story : a hmong textile artist in California
    by June Anderson

    The beautiful embroidery design to the left was created by
    Mayko Xiong, a Hmong American artisan, living in Northern California. This type of embroidery and applique work is called paj ntaub or "flower cloth" by the Hmong women that create these lovely treasures. These "story-cloths", as they are sometimes referred to by Americans, chronicle the sequence of events and activities that portray the experience and traditional folkways of the Hmong people.

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