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South Asian History:
Sri Lanka

General Introduction

Sri Lanka - a bibliographical overview.
Historical Setting of Sri Lanka
Ancient Legends of Chronicles
Background to the Origin of the Tamil Conflict
Chronology of Sri Lankan Kings, Governors and Prime Ministers


The Impact of Buddhism
The Classical Age (200 BC - 1200 AD)
Rise of Sinhalese and Tamil Ethnic Awareness
Decline of the Sinhalese Kingdom (1200 - 1500 AD)
A Weakened State: Invasion, Disease and Social Instability

European Arrival and Dominance

European Encroachment and Dominance (1500 - 1940 AD)
The Portuguese
The Dutch
The British
The British Replace the Dutch
Modernization and Reform
The Colebrooke-Cameron Reforms
Economic Innovations
Rise of the Sri Lankan Middle Class
Buddhist Revivalism
Constitutional Reform
World War I
The Donoughmore Commission
Growth of Leftist Parties
World War II and the Transition to Independence

Independence and After

Towards Independence
Divisions of the Body Politic
United National Party "Majority" Rule (1948-1956 AD)
Emergence of Sri Lanka Freedom Party
Tamil Politics
Sri Lankan Freedom Party Rule (1956-1965 AD)
Populist Economic Policies
United National Party Interlude
United National Party Regains Power (1965-1970 AD)
United Front Rule and Emerging Violence (1970-1977 AD)
The United National Party returns to Power
Election of 1977 and more violence
Constitution of 1978
The Riots of 1981
Presidential Election of 1982
The Riots of July 1983


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