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South Asian History:

General Introduction

Pakistan - a bibliographical introduction
Pakistan WWW Virtual Library
Chronology of Pakistani Presidents and Prime Ministers

Historical Timeline

History of Pakistan, 1948 - 1957  link
History of Pakistan, 1958 - 1977  link
History of Pakistan, 1978 - 1990  link
History of Pakistan, 1991 - 2000  link
History of Pakistan, 2001 - Present  link


Rahmat Ali, Originator of the idea for Pakistan - a biography and links
Problems at Independence
Constitutional Beginnings
Early Foreign Policy
Collapse of the Parliamentary System
The Ayub Khan Era
     Basic Democracies
     The 1962 Constitution
     Ayub Khan's Foreign Policy and the 1965 War with India
     Yahya Khan and Bangladesh
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and a New Constitutional System
Zia ul-Haq and Military Domination (1977-1988)
     Pakistan and the World during the Zia Regime


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