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South Asian History:

General Introduction

Nepal - a bibliographic introduction.
Nepal WWW Virtual Library - provides useful links to articles on Nepalese history.
Historical Setting of Nepal
Chronology of Nepali Rulers, Presidents, and Residents


Ancient Nepal (c. 500 BC-700 AD)
The Early Kingdom of the Licchavis (400-750 AD)
Transition to Medieval Kingdom (750-1000 AD)
The Malla Kings
The Three Kingdoms
The Making of Modern Nepal - the expansion of Gorkha.
The Struggle for Power at Court
The Enclosing of Nepal
Infighting among Aristocratic Factions
Rana Rule
The Kot Massacre
The Dictatorship of Jang Bahadur
The Rana Oligarchy
The Growth of Political Parties
The Return of the King
The Democratic Experiment
The Panchayat System under King Mahendra
Modernization under King Birendra


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