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South Asian History:
General Information and Maps

Country Profiles

Annual Country Profiles produced by the Economist are available via the UC Libraries website at http://uclibs.org/PID/5271.

CIA Factbook on India - provides a general overview of geography, government, people, communications etc. Search for other CIA country profiles here.

The Library of Congress provides online country profiles for the following South Asian countries. Information includes geography, society, history, etc.

Bangladesh     Bhutan     India     Nepal     Pakistan     Sri Lanka

General Information

Glossary of Indian terms
Languages and Scripts - overview for South Asia.
     For additional information on languages, click here.
Manas - provides a general introduction to the culture, diasporas, landscapes, religions,      social issues, history and politics of India and its neighbors.

South Asian Books on the Web
     E-Books by S.A.R.A.I (South Asia Resource Access on the Internet) - provides a           selection of online full-text E-Books on South Asia.
     D.K. Agencies offers an online book search engine for South Asia.

South Asian Electronic Journals and Newspapers
     The South/Southeast Asia Library at UC Berkeley provides links to over a hundred           electronic journals and newspapers.
     The Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library maintains a register of Asian and Pacific           Studies electronic journals.
     South and Southeast Asian Studies at Columbia University provides summaries of           as well as links to South Asian electronic journals and newspapers.
     Indian and select International news and newspapers - this site includes resources           for the South Asian countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.


Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection of the University of Texas provides links to an extensive variety of maps for the following South Asian countries.

Bangladesh     Bhutan (political only)    India     Nepal     Pakistan     Sri Lanka

India Atlas - contains maps of ancient and medieval India.
Maps of Ancient India
Maps of Colonial India


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