Nepal: an overview

Thimi yarn drying in a courtyard after being dyed (from Three Kingdoms on the Roof of the World, cited below.)

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Apte, Robert Z.
      Three kingdoms on the roof of the world : Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh / text
    and photographs by Robert Z. Apte.  Berkeley, Calif. : Parallax Press,
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Bibliographie du Nepal ...  Paris, Editions du Centre national de la
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Statistical profile on Nepalese women : an update in the policy context /
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An Anthology of short stories of Nepal / translated from Newari language by
   Kesar Lall and Tej R. Kansakar.  Kathmandu, Nepal : Foundation for
   Literaure, 1992.
       NRLF            B 4 080 563

Bajracarya, Badriratna.
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Lall, Kesar.
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Nepal : history, arts, crafts, and temples.  Kathmandu : Nepal National
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Pal, Pratapaditya.
      Art of the Himalayas : treasures from Nepal and Tibet / by Pratapaditya
    Pal with contributions from Ian Alsop, Heather Stoddard, and Valrae
    Reynolds.  1st ed.  New York : Hudson Hills Press in association with the
    American Federation of Arts : Rizzoli International Publications
    [distributor], c1991.
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Pradhan, Kumar, 1937-
      A history of Nepali literature / Kumar Pradhan.  1st ed.  New Delhi :
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Sakya, Jnan Bahadur.
     Short description of gods, goddesses, and ritual objects of Buddhism and
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   Nepal : Handicraft Association of Nepal, 1989.
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Aggarwal, Narindar K.
     Studies on Nepali language and linguistics : a bibliography / compiled by
   Narinder K. Aggarwal.  Gurgaon, Haryana : Indian Documentation Service,
     Series title:  Subject bibliography series ; 15.
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A Bibliography of Nepalese languages and linguistics / edited by Sueyoshi
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Toba, Sueyoshi, 1938-
      Language issues in Nepal / Sueyoshi Toba.  Kathmandu, Nepal : Samdan
    Books & Stationers, 1992.
        NRLF            B 3 881 700 

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Carto Consult Pvt. Ltd.
     Annapurna Conservation Area : trekking map / cartography by Carto Consult
   Pvt. Ltd. ; drawn by D. Koirala.  [Kathmandu] : Annapurna Conservation Area
   Project, King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, c1988.
     Scale 1:125,000.
       UCB   Map Room  G7762.A5E63 1988 .C3 Case B

National Geographic Society (U.S.)
      The National Geographic map of Mount Everest / this map was prepared as a
    joint research project of the National Geographic Society and the Henry S.
    Hall, Jr., Everest Fund of the Museum of Science, Boston ; with the...  2nd
    ed. 1991 (with a new reverse).  Boston, Mass. : Museum of Science ; Zurcih
    : Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research, c1991.
      Scale 1:50,000. 2 cm. = 1 km. 1 in. = 0.79 miles ;.
        UCD   Shields   MAP G7762.E8 1991 .N2 Map Coll

Nepal.  1st ed.  Vancouver, B.C. : ITMB Publishing ; Tenterden, Kent,
    England : Estate Publications, [1995].
      Scale 1:800,000.
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Sill, Michael.
      The atlas of Nepal in the modern world / Michael Sill and John Kirkby.
    London : Earthscan Publications, 1991.
      Scale [ca. 1:3,750,000].
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Survey of India.
      Mt. Everest / Survey of India, Department of Science & Technology.  New
    Delhi : Survey of India, c1990.
      Scale 1:50,000.
      Series title:  Survey of India Special map series.
        UCB   Map Room  G7762.E8A4 1990 .S8 Case B

United States. Central Intelligence Agency.
      Nepal.  [Washington, D.C.? : Central Intelligence Agency, 1990].
      Scale [ca. 1:4,875,000].
        UCB   Map Room  G7760 1990 .U52 Case D
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The Anthropology of Nepal, from tradition to modernity : proceedings of the
   Franco-Nepalese Seminar held in the French Cultural Centre, Kathmandu, 18-20
   March 1992 / edited by Gerard Toffin.  1st ed.  Kathmandu : French Cultural
   Centre, French Embassy, 1993.
       UCB   Anthropol GN635.N425 A58 1993

Aryal, Krishna Raj.
     Monarchy in the making of Nepal / Krishna Raj Aryal.  1st ed.  Kathmandu :
   [Aryal], 1975.
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Development atlas of Nepal : national, regional, zonal, and district :
    statistical profile / directed by Govinda Man Joshi ; edited by Sabita
    Pradhananga.  Kathmandu, Nepal : Centre for Research Team, 1988.
        UCB   S-S/EAsia HC425 .D45 1988 REF

Gautama, Rajesa.
      Tribal ethnography of Nepal / Rajesh Gautam, Asoke K. Thapa-Magar.  Delhi
    : Book Faith India ; Kathmandu : Distributed in Nepal by Tiwari's Pilgrims
    Book House, c1994.
        UCB   S-S/EAsia DS493.8 .G38 1994 REF v.1-2 (c1994)

Gray, John N., 1945-
      The householder's world : purity, power, and dominance in a Nepali
    village / John N. Gray.  Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1995.
        UCB   Anthropol DS493.7 .G7 1995

Kaisher Bahadur, K. C., 1907-
      Nepal after the revolution of 1950 / by Kaisher Bahadur K. C.  Kathmandu
    : Sharada Prakashan Griha, 1976-1977.
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Man and his house in the Himalayas : ecology of Nepal / edited by Gerard
    Toffin.  New Delhi : Sterling Publishers, c1991.
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Nepal : perspectives on development issues / edited by Leo E. Rose.
    Berkeley, Calif. : Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies, University
    of California, Berkeley, c1987.
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Nepal rediscovered : the Rana court, 1846-1951 : photographs from the
    archives of the Nepal Kingdom Foundation / edited by Padma Prakash
    Shreshta.  London : Serindia, c1986.
        UCB   Main      DS493.7 .N461 1986

Petech, Luciano.
      Mediaeval history of Nepal (c. 750-1480)  Roma, Istituto italiano per il
    Medio ed Estremo Oriente, 1958.
      Series title:  Serie orientale Roma ; 10.
      Series title:  Materials for the study of Nepalese history and culture 3.
        UCB   Main      DS503 .I8 v.10:3

Regmi, D. R.
      Modern Nepal / D. R. Regmi.  Calcutta : Firma K. L. Mukhopadhyay, 1975.
        UCB   Main      DS495.3 .R43 1975 v. 1-2

Sarma, Nagendra.
      Secrets of Shangri-La : an enquiry into the lore, legend, and culture of
    Nepal / Nagendra Sharma ; with a foreword by John Frederick.  Jaipur :
    Nirala Publications, 1992.
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Seddon, David.
      Nepal, a state of poverty / David Seddon.  New Delhi : Vikas Pub. House,
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Sever, Adrian, 1943-
      Nepal under the Ranas / Adrian Sever.  New Delhi : Oxford & IBH Pub. Co.,
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Shrestha, D. B.
       The history of ancient and medieval Nepal in a nutshell, with some
     comparative traces of foreign history [by] D. B. Shrestha & C. B. Singh.
     [1st ed.  Kathmandu] 1972-74.
         UCB   Main      DS494.5 .S57 bk. 1-2 (1972-1974) *c(more than one copy
                         of some volumes)

Shrestha, Pushpa, 1946-
      Educated women in urban Nepal / Pushpa Shrestha.  Delhi : B.R. Pub. Corp.
    : Sales office, D.K. Publishers Distributors, 1995.
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Soussan, John.
      The social dynamics of deforestation : a case study from Nepal / J.
    Soussan, B.K. Shrestha, L.P. Uprety.  New York : Parthenon Pub. Group :
    United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, 1995.
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Thapa, Krishna B.
       Main aspects of social, economic, and administrative history of modern
     Nepal / Krishna B. Thapa.  Kathmandu : Ambika Thapa, 1988.
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Uprety, Prem Raman, 1944-
      Nepal and South Asia : a study on continuity and change / Prem R. Uprety.
    1st ed.  New Delhi : Commonwealth Publishers, 1994.
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Vamsavali. English.
       Nepal : history of the country and people / translated from the
     Parbatiya by Munshi Shew Shunker Singh, Pandit Gunanand ; editor, Daniel
     Wright.  New Delhi : Cosmo, 1983.
         UCB   Main      DS495 .V35131 1983

Watkins, Joanne C.
      Spirited women : gender, religion, and cultural identity in the Nepal
    Himalaya / Joanne C. Watkins.  New York : Columbia University Press, c1996.
        UCB   Anthropol DS493.9.N94 W37 1996
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Music of a Sherpa village / recorded by John Melville Bishop.  New York :
   Folkways Records, [1973].
     1 sound disc : analog, 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in.
     Series title:  Ethnic folkways library.
       UCB   Music     MUSI L8003 *c2 copies
Musiques du toit du monde : Ladakh et Nepal / [collected by Gerard Kremer].
   Boulogne, France : Playasound ; Paris : Distributor, Auvidis, p1988.
     1 sound disc (56 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
       UCB   Music     MUSI CD4634

Songs and dances of Nepal.  New York : Folkways Records, [1964].
      1 sound disc : analog, 33 1/3 rpm, mono. ; 12 in.
      Series title:  Indiana University. Research Center in Anthropology,
    Folklore, and Linguistics. Archives of Folk and Primitive Music
    Ethnomusicological series.
      Series title:  Ethnic folkways library.
        UCB   Music     MUSI L8000
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See also the UCB Media Resource Center's South Asia Videography
Diamond path : Hinduism and Buddhism intermingle in Nepal / Video-Outlines ;
   produced by Nancy Moore Gettelman and Richard Sherburne.  Bellevue, WA :
   Video-Outlines, c1991.
	A history and geography of Nepal is followed by a discussion of
 	Buddhism and Hinduism in the context of the history of Nepal.
     1 videocassette (36 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. + 1 text.
     UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 2468
The JVC video anthology of world music and dance. South Asia V, Sri Lanka,
   Nepal, Bhutan / producer, ICHIKAWA Katsumori (JVC).  Tokyo : JVC, Victor
   Company of Japan [production company], 1988 ; Cambridge, MA : Rounder
   Records [distributor], [1990].
	Presents on film examples of music and dance from South Asia
	documented by accompanying text written by regional specialists.
     1 videocassette (48 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. + 2 guides.
     UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 3528

Tibet in exile.  Oakland, CA : The Video Project, c1991.
	Since China's occupation of Tibet in 1949, more than 1
        million Tibetans have died and over 6,000 Buddhist monasteries
        have been destroyed. This film focuses on the nearly 120,000 Tibetans who have
        escaped to India and Nepal in hopes of preserving their unique culture.
     1 videorecording (30 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
     UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 2486
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Please note: this is a introductory bibliography. For further references, please search your on-line catalogs or consult a librarian. Compiled by Vanessa Tait & Suzanne McMahon.

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