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Handbook of labour statistics (Bombay, Employers' Federation of India).
UCB Main HD8683 .H3 BOUND 1964(1), 1989(10), 1997-

Drawn from government and non-governmental organization sources, covers a wide range of labor issues including public and private sector statistics, government measures toward social justice, bonded labor, industrial disputes, workers' injuries, union membership, etc.

Indian labour : a select statistical profile / compiled by Ajay Prakash Varma, Poonam S. Chauhan, M.M. Rehman. (New Delhi : Manak Publications in association with V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, Noida, 1997).
UCB S-S/EAsia HD8684 .I53 1997 REF

A compendium of statistical information drawn from Indian government sources such as census data, National Sample Survey Organisation, Central Statistical Organisation and the Ministry of Labour. Includes breakdowns by sex, age, state, urban/rural, and industry. Special sections on women workers, child labor, bounded labor, and labor migration.

Indian labour statistics ([Simla] : Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of
India, 1965-)
UCB Main HD8681 .A29 BOUND 1962-1968, 1970-1979

Focus on social and economic indicators, union membership, prices and living conditions.

Informal sector in India, 1999-2000 : salient features : NSS 55th round (July 1999-June 2000). ([New Delhi] : National Sample Survey Organisation, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India, 2001.)
UCB HD5819 .I518 2001
UCLA YRL * HD5819 .I518 2001 URLSTAX-* Stacks

Covers non-agricultural workers surveyed by the NSSO with data on industries, productivity, loans, prices, etc. Broken down by state.

Pocket book of labour statistics
BOUND 1992(25)-1993(26)-
UCB Main HD8683 .A33

Brief statistics on workers, industries, economic trends, and social indicators, broken down state by state.

Rehman, M. M. Child labour and child rights : a compendium (New Delhi : Manak Publications, 2002.)
UCB HD6250.I42 R454 2002
UCLA YRL HD6250.I42 R454 2002 URLSTAX-STAX Stacks

Narrative description and analysis of child labor conditions, legal issues, and social justice organizing. Includes extensive statistics on South Asian child workers; for India, broken down by district.

The Indian labour year book. (Delhi : Manager of Publications, [1946-])
UCB Main HD8683 .A3 BOUND 1947/48-1998- (some issues missing)

A narrative text reviewing the year's labor issues, and including extensive statistical information on numbers of workers, industries, productivity, strikes, etc. for both agricultural and urban workers.

India. Ministry of Labour. Annual report of the Ministry of Labour (New Delhi, Govt. of India, Ministry of Labour).
UCB Main HD8681 .A25 BOUND 1976/77-2000/01 (some issues missing)

Indian labour journal ([Calcutta] : Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour and Employment, 1960-)
UCB Main HD8681 .A32 BOUND v.1(1960)-39(1998), 40:7-12(1999)-42:1-6(Jan-June 2001)-;

The Indian worker (New Delhi : Indian National Trade Union Congress).
UCB Main f HD4805 .I55 BOUND 16(Oct 1967)-v.31(Oct 1982/Sept 1983) Some
issues missing.

All-India Trade Union Congress. AITUC - fifty years : documents with an introd. by S. A. Dange (New Delhi : P. Krishnan, 1973-)
UCB Main HD8682.A42 A151

Documents of indentured labour : Natal 1851-1917 / [edited] by Y.S. Meer ... [et al.] (Durban : Institute of Black Research, 1980).
UCB Main HD4875.S55 D62 1980

Labour movement in India / edited by A.R. Desai. (New Delhi : Bombay : Indian Council of Historical Research ; Popular Prakashan, 1988- )
UCB Main HD8686 .L34 1988 At NRLF: v.1-3 v.1-3 (1988-1989)
UCLA YRL HD8686 .L34 1988 URLSTAX-STAX Library has:v.1-3 Stacks

Labour movement in India : documents / edited by S.D. Punekar and R. Varickayil (New Delhi : Indian Council of Historical Research ; Bombay : Popular Prakashan, <1988-1990>).
UCB Main HD8686 .L34 1988 v.1-3 (1988-1989) AT NRLF: v.1-3

Amjad, 'Ali. Labour legislation and trade unions in India and Pakistan (Karachi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001).
UCB Law Lib Asia KF5237 .A43 2001
UCB Main KNC403 .A96 2001

Bahl, Vinay. The making of the Indian working class : a case of the Tata Iron and Steel
Company, 1880-1946
(New Delhi ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1995).
UCB IIRL HD9526.I64 T3314 1995
UCB Main HD9526.I64 T3314 1995

Gupta, Prem Sagar. A short history of All-India Trade Union Congress 1920-1947 (New Delhi : AITUC Publication, 1980).
NRLF B 3 815 368

Gupte, Vasant. Labour movement in Bombay : origin and growth up to independence (Bombay : Institute of Workers Education, 1981).
UCB Main HD6812 .G86

Heller, Patrick. The labor of development : workers and the transformation of capitalism
in Kerala, Indi
a (Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 1999).
UCB IIRL HD8689.K452 H45 1999
UCB Main HD8689.K452 H45 1999

Holmstrom, Mark. South Indian factory workers : their life and their world (Cambridge, [Eng.] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1976).
UCB Main DS335.A1 C2 no.20

Jaina, Purushottama Candra.Labour in ancient India; from the Vedic Age up to the Gupta Period (New Delhi, Sterling Publishers [1971]).
UCB Main HD8685 .J351

Jayawardena, Visakha Kumari. The rise of the labor movement in Ceylon (Durham, N.C., Duke University Press, 1972).
UCB Main HD8670.8 .J38 *c2 copies

Khalid Mahmud, M. A.Trade unionism in Pakistan (Lahore : Dept. of Political Science, University of the Panjab, 1958).
UCB Main JA41 .P3 no.4

Morris, Morris David. The emergence of an industrial labor force in India; a study of the
Bombay cotton mills, 1854-1947
(Berkeley : University of California Press, 1965).
UCB Bus&Econ HD8039.T42 I5 M6
UCB IIRL HD8039.T42 I5 M6
UCB S-S/EAsia HD8039.T4215 M6 REF

Newman, Richard K. Workers and unions in Bombay, 1918-1929 : a study of organisation in the cotton mills (Canberra : South Asian History Section, Australian National University, 1981).
UCB Main HD6814.T4 N476

Ramanujam, G. Indian labour movement, 2nd rev. and enl. ed. (New Delhi : Sterling Publishers, 1990).
UCB Main HD6812 .R35 1990

Revri, Chamanlal. The Indian trade union movement; an outline history, 1880-1947 ([New
Delhi] Orient longman [c1972]).
NRLF B 3 815 376

Roy, Tirthankar. Outline of a history of labour in traditional industry in India (Noida : V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, [2001]).
UCB Main HD8686 .R62 2001

Sen, Sukomal. May Day and Eight hours' struggle in India : a political history (Calcutta : K.P. Bagchi & Co., 1988).
UCB Main HD5218 .S46 1988

Sen, Sukomal. Working class of India : history of emergence and movement, 1830-1990,
with an overview upto 1995
, 2nd rev. ed. (Calcutta : K.P. Bagchi & Co., 1997).
UCB Main HD8686 .S43 1997

Sheth, Narayan R. The social framework of an Indian factory (Manchester, Manchester U.P., 1968).
UCB Main HD8689.G82 S5 UCB

Tinker, Hugh. A new system of slavery; the export of Indian labour overseas, 1830-1920 (London, New York, published for the Institute of Race Relations by Oxford University Press, 1974).
UCB Main HD8398.E3 T551
UCB Moffitt HD8398 E3T55

Wesumperuma, Dharmapriya. Indian immigrant plantation workers in Sri Lanka : a historical
perspective, 1880-1910
([Nugegoda] : 1986).
UCB Main HD8670.8.I4 W471 1986

The worlds of Indian industrial labour (New Delhi ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1999).
UCB Main HD8682.5 .W67 1999 UCB

Baud, I. S. A. Form of production and women's labour : gender aspects of industrialisation
in India and Mexico
(New Delhi ; Newbury Park : Sage Publications, 1992).
UCB Main HD6189 .B38 1992

Bhadra, R.K. and Mita Bhadra, eds. Plantation labours of North-east India. (Dibrugarh :
N.L. Publishers : Distributor, National Library, 1997).
UCB Main HD8039.T182 I46 1997

Chatterjee, Piya. A time for tea : women, labor, and post/colonial politics on an Indian
(Durham : Duke University Press, 2001).
UCB Main HD8039.T182 I438 2001
UCB Anthropol HD8039.T182 I438 2001

Chhachhi, Amrita. Gender, flexibility, skill and industrial restructuring : the electronics
industry in India
(The Hague, Netherlands : Institute of Social Studies, [1999]).
UCB Main HD9696.A3 I43 1999

Datara, Chaya. Waging change : women tobacco workers in Nipani organize (New Delhi :
Kali for Women, 1989).
UCB Main HD6073.T62 I43 1989

Fernandes, Leela. Producing workers : the politics of gender, class, and culture in the
Calcutta jute mills
(Philadelphia, Pa. : University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997).
UCB Main HD8039.J82 I4835 1997
UCB IIRL HD8039.J82 I4835 1997

Mittal, Mukta. Educated unemployed women in India (New Delhi : Anmol Publications,
UCB Main HD5819 .M57 1994

Nag, Dipak Kumar. Political culture of the tea garden workers (Calcutta : Minerva Associates,
UCB Main HD8039.T182 I495 2000

Ramanamma, A. Women in Indian industry (Delhi, India : Mittal Publications, 1987).
UCB Main HD6189 .R3471 1987

Ranade, S. N. Women construction workers : reports of two surveys (Bombay : Allied Publishers, [pref. 1975] ).
NRLF HD6073.B892 I571 B 3 815 341

Saradamoni, K., (Kunjulekshmi). Filling the rice bowl : women in paddy cultivation.
(Hyderabad : Sangam Books (India) : Distributed by Orient Longman,
NRLF HD6073.R482 I468 1991 B 3 841 744

Savara, Mira. Changing trends in women's employment : a case study of the textile
industry in Bombay
(Bombay : Himalaya Pub. House, 1986).
UCB Main HD6073.T42 I471 1986

Shiva, Vandana. The beedi ban, tobacco monopolies, and the myth of child labour: deconstructing the politics of trade sanctions. (New Delhi : Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology,
UCB Main HD9149.C43 I446 2000

Vohra, Gautam. Women in Bihar : a study of their role in tasar silk production (New Delhi :
Vikas Pub. House, 1988).
UCB Main HD6073.T42 I481 1988

Citizens Commission on Bonded and Child Labour (India). Freedom from bondage (1st National Convention: 1995 : New Delhi, India) (New Delhi : Indian Social Institute, c1995)
UCB Main HD6250.I42 C56 1995

Das, Dipendra Nath. Child labour in India : a study on magnitude, dimension & determinants (Delhi : Sane Publications, 1996).
UCB Main HD6250.I4 D37 1996

Working children, a sociological analysis (New Delhi : APH Pub. Corp., 1998).
UCB Main HD6250.I43 A477 1998

Human Rights Watch Children's Rights Project, Human Rights Watch/Asia.
The small hands of slavery : bonded child labor in India (New York : Human Rights Watch, 1996).
UCB Law Lib K3242.12 .S62 1996
UCB Main HD4865.I4 S62 1996
UCB Moffitt HD4865.I4 S62 1996

Jain, Mahaveer. Child labour in India : a select bibliography (Child Labour Cell, National Labour Institute, 1994).
UCB S-S/EAsia HD6250.I4 A12 J35, 1994 REF

Child labour in India : an overview. Rev. 2nd ed.(Noida : National Resource Centre on Child Labour, V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, 2001).
UCB Main HD6250.I4 C55 2001

Economics of child labour / edited by K.P. Kannan (New Delhi : Deep & Deep Publications, 2001).
UCB Main HD6250.I42 E25 2001

Pachal, T. K. Child labour in Bulandshahar District of Uttar Pradesh (Noida : V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, 2001). Series title: NLI research studies series ; no. 2000/14.
UCB Main HD6250.I43 B857 2001

Kanna, V. Venkat. Law and child labour in India (New Delhi : Anmol Publications, 2002).
UCB Main HD6250.I42 K37 2002

Das, Dipendra Nath. Child labour in India : a study on magnitude, dimension & determinants (Delhi : Sane Publications, 1996).
UCB Main HD6250.I4 D37 1996
UCLA YRL HD6250.I4 D37 1996 Stacks URLSTAX-STAX

Economics of child labour in hazardous industries of India / editors, Richard Anker ... [et al.]. (Baroda : Centre for Operations Research and Training ; New Delhi : Distributed by Hindustan Pub. Corp., 1998).
UCB Main HD6250.I42 E28 1998
UCLA YRL HD6250.I42 E26 1998 Stacks URLSTAX-STAX

Amjad, 'Ali.
Labour legislation and trade unions in India and Pakistan (Karachi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001).
HAST 5th Stks KNS1220 .A47 2001
UCB Law Lib Asia KF5237 .A43 2001
UCB Main KNC403 .A96 2001

Majid, Abdul, Dr.
Legal protection to unorganised labour (New Delhi : Deep & Deep Publications, 2000).
UCB Law Lib Asia KF2897 .M35 2000

Weerakoon, R.
The evolution of labour law in Sri Lanka : tea plantation to free trade zone (Colombo : Ceylon Federation of Labour, 1986).
UCB Main HD8689.C4 V4 1986

Swamy, Subramanian. India's labour standards and the WTO framework (Delhi : Konark Publishers, c2000).
UCB Main HD8684 .S93 2000

Joshi, Preeta. International Labour Organization and its impact on India (Delhi : B.R. Pub. Corp. ; New Delhi : Distributed by D.K. Publishers' Distributors, 1985).
UCB Main HD6475.A2 I69731 1985

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