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South Asian History:
Post-Independence India

General Introduction

General Chronology
Primary Documents for the Study of Indian History, 1890-2000 AD.
Modern India from 1947 AD

Independence Day - August 15, 1947.
     Jewarhalal Nehru - Speech on the Granting of Indian Independence, 1947 AD.
The Government of India
     The Constitution of India
The Problem of National Integration
Prime Minister Nehru's Speech to Bandung Conference Political Committee, 1955 AD.
Lal Bahadur Shastri
Abul Karam Azad
Declaration of Pakistan and India on Jammu and Kashmir, 1966 AD.
The Rise of Indira Gandhi
     CNN Coverage of the Assassination of Indira Gandhi
Rajiv Gandhi
India Turning 50

Economics and Science

The Indian Economy
Problems of Poverty and Development - environmental dangers.
Science and Technology
Unrestricted Globalization - boon or hazard to India?

Politics and Democracy

Democratization in Asia and the Pacific - a bibliography.
Indian Elections
Indian Parliament - provides access to parliamentary debates, legislations, and
     live audio parliamentary proceedings.
Indiafocus - links to various government ministeries and organizations.
Internet Law Library, India - includes information on the Constitution, India
     Code, legislation, parliamentary debates etc.
Politics in Post-Independence India - a bibliography.
Poltical Parties - links to the home pages of India's major political parties.
The Prime Minister's Office

Society and Reform

A Critique of NGO's and Contemporary Social Movements
A History of Social Relations in India - caste and gender.
Aspects of Social Change in South Asia - 1860 AD to the Present
Bhopal and the Crime of Union Carbide
Census 2001 - evaluating the trends.
CorpWatchIndia - provides extensive coverage of social movements in India
     on subjects such as economic statistics, effects of globalization,
     environmental actions, etc.
Profile on Mother Teresa
Social Movements in South Asia
The "New" Population Policy

War and Conflict

Anti-Christian Violence in India
The Ayodhya Dispute - a brief overview and history.
     Fact versus Fiction in the Temple/Mosque Controversy
Communalism and History - lecture by Romila Thapar.
     Resources Against Communalism and Religious Fundamentalism in India
     Hinduism versus Hindutva - by Ashish Nandy.
     Hindutva Agenda in the Context of the 2002 Gujarat Tragedies
          Was Godhra a Pakistan initiated conspiracy?
Indo-Pakistan Conflicts and Wars since 1947
Nuclear Issues in India and Pakistan - internet resources.
Operation Blue Star - an Army attack on the Golden Temple of Amritsar (1984 AD)
Terrorism and Conflict in South Asia -
provides a bibliography and internet links.
Terrorism and Human Rights - provides a bibliography and internet links.


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