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South Asian History:
Medieval India

General Introduction

Timeline of Medieval and Mughal India
Introduction to Medieval India


       Impact of Islam in South Asia


       Status of Women in Medieval Karnataka
       The Tradition of Female Education in Karnataka

Chronology of Medieval India

The Turkish Invasion (1000-1206 AD)
     The Coming of Islam
     Mahmud of Gazni
     The First Battle of Tarain - Prithviraj Chauhan routs Muhammad Ghori.
     The Second Battle of Tarain -Muhammad Ghori defeats Prithviraj Chauhan.

The Slave Dynasty (1206-1289 AD)
     The Reign of Qutbuddin

The Khalji Dynasty (1290-1320 AD)

The Tuglaq Dynasty (1320-1412 AD)
     Muhammad bin Tughlaq
     The Invasion of Timur

The Sayyids and Lodhi Sultans (1414-1526 AD)
     Establishment of the Lodhi Dynasty in Delhi

The Vijayanagar Kingdom (1136-1565 AD)
     Foundation of the Kingdom

The Southern Dynasties
     Rise of the Bahmani Dynasty
     The Bahamani Kingdom

Mughal India (1526-1761)
Map of Mughal Empire
     Overview of the Mughal Empire

     Establishment of the Mughal Empire in India
     Reign of Babur (1526-1530 AD)
     Reign of Humayan (1530-1540 AD)
     Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayan and becomes Emperor of Delhi (1540 AD)
     Humayan recovers the throne of Delhi (1555 AD)
     Death of Humayan (1556 AD)
          Admiral Sidi Ali Reis (16th century) - Mirat ul Memalik (The Mirror of
1557 AD. A Turkish traveler's account of the world of India
          and the Middle East.
     The Mughal Dynasty from Akbar to Salim (1556-1627 AD)
          Accession of Akbar (1556 AD)
          Reign of Jehangir (1605-1627 AD)
     The Mughal Dynasty from Shah Jahan to Aurangzeb (1627-1707 AD)
          Aurangzeb (1658-1707 AD) - a political history.
          Francois Bernier - An Account of India and the Great Mogul, 1655 AD.
          The Rise and Fall of the Mughals - a revaluation of their role in Indian history.
     The Marathas (1674-1819 AD)
          The Marathas and the Sikhs


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