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South Asian History:
Ancient India

General Introduction

Adivasi contributions to Indian Culture and Civilization
Ancient India
- a general introduction.
Democracy in Ancient India
Emperors of India - chronology of the Mauryas to the British.
History of Crafts, Manufacturing and Trade
History of Mathematics in India
History of the Physical Sciences in India
India's Contribution to Science and Technology

Ittihaas.com - chronology of Ancient Indian history (2700 BC-1000 AD)
Philosophy and Science in Ancient India
Religions and Languages in the Pre-Islamic Indus Valley
Sports and Games in Ancient India
Timeline of Ancient India

Chronology of Ancient Indian History

Pre-historic India (400,000-2500 BC)

The Indus Valley Civilization (2500-1500 BC)
     Daily Life

     Pictorial Overview of Harappa - See also www.harappa.com
     Tour of the Indus Valley Civilization
     Peoples and Languages in Pre-Islamic Indus Valley
     Critiquing Theories on the Indus Valley Civilization

The Vedic Age (1500-1000 BC)
     The Aryan Invasion
     Daily Life
     Introduction to Vedic Literature
     The Laws of Manu
     Theories and Counter-Theories on the Aryan Invasion

The Epic Age (1000-600 BC)

Hinduism and Transition (600-322 BC)
     Alexander the Great in India

The Mauryan Dynasty (322-185 BC)
     Rise of the Mauryas
     Map of the Mauryan Empire
     Reign of Bindusara
     Reign of Asoka
          The Edicts of Asoka
     Fall of the Mauryas

The Invasions (185 BC-320 AD)
     The Deccan and the South (65 BC-250 AD)
          See also, The Deccan and South India by historyofindia.com.
     The Kushans and Kanishkas (50-300 AD)

The Gupta Era (320-520 AD)
     The Rise of the Guptas
     Gupta Empire Map
     Reign of Chandragupta (320-335 AD)
     Age of Empires - daily life.
     Reign of Samudragupta (335-380 AD)
     Chandragupta II Vikramaditya (380-413 AD)
     Reign of Kumaragupta I (415-455 AD)
     Reign of Skanda Gupta (455-467 AD)

The Age of Small Kingdoms (500-606 AD)

Harsharvardana (606-647 AD)

The Southern Kingdoms (500-750 AD)

Rise of the Eastern Chalukyas

The Chola Dynasty (9th century-13th century AD)
     Accession of Rajaraja the Great

The Northern Kingdoms (648-1000 AD)


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