India: an overview

The Taj Mahal (from Taj Mahal: The Illumined Tomb, cited below.)

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The Cambridge encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal,
   Bhutan, and the Maldives / editor, Francis Robinson.  Cambridge [England] ;
   New York : Cambridge University Press, 1989.
       UCB   Moffitt   DS334.9 .C36 1989 Reference
       UCB   Ref/Bib   DS334.9 .C36 1989
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS334.9 .C36 1989 REF

Gupta, B. M., 1948-
     South Asia bibliography and documentation / editor, B.M. Gupta, assisted
   by Prem Gupta.  New Delhi : Segment Books, 1994.
       UCB   Main      Q127.S64 G8 1994 v.1-9 (1994)
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS335.A12 G8 1994 REF v.1-9 (1994)

Kochukoshy, K. K.
     A bibliography of Indian bibliographies, 1961-1980 / compiled and edited
   by K.K. Kochukoshy.  [Calcutta], India : Central Reference Library, Govt. of
   India, Dept. of Culture, 1985.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS407.A12 K621 1985 REF

Guide to Indian periodical literature.
     Gurgaon, Indian Documentation Service [etc.]
       UCB   Ref/Bib   AJ3 .G9
       UCB   S-S/EAsia AJ3 .G9

A guide to reference materials on India / compiled and edited by N. N.
   Gidwani and K. Navalani.  Jaipur : Saraswati Publications, 1974.
       GTU   Library   Z3206 .G84 Ref
       UCB   Main      DS407.A12 G85
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India; a reference annual.
     New Delhi. Publications Division, Ministry of Information and
       UCB   Main      DS405 .A32           BOUND 1953-1993- Latest (1993) in
                       Govt & Soc Sci Info Svc; AT NRLF: 1953-1968,
                       1970-1971/72, 1973-1977/78, 1980-1988/89, 1990
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS405 .A32           Current edition only REF

India 2001 : reference encyclopedia.  Bangalore: MERMAID Center ; Indmark
   Publishing, 1995-
       UCB   Main      Ordered for S/SE Asia
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Index India.
     Jaipur, Rajasthan University Library.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS401.A12 I5         6:3/4(1972)- REF

India : a country study / Foreign Area Studies, the American University ;
   edited by Richard F. Nyrop.  4th ed.  Washington, D.C. : For sale by the
   Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1986, c1985.
     Series title:  Area handbook series.
     Series title:  DA pam ; 550-21.
       UCB   GovSocSci DS407 .I51321 1986
       UCB   Law Lib   Asia KF2894 .A74 1986
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Jain, M. K., 1928-
     Indiana : a bibliography of bibliographical sources / M.K. Jain.  New
   Delhi : Concept Pub. Co., 1989.
     Series title:  Concepts in communication, informatics & librarianship ; 4.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia DS407.A12 J351 1989 REF

Patnaik, Naveen.
     The garden of life : an introduction to the healing plants of India /
   Naveen Patnaik.  1st ed.  New York : Doubleday, c1993.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia RS164 .P34 1993

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Architecture, Arts, Dance, Music

Alamkara : 5000 years of Indian art / essays by R.C. Sharma ... [et al.].
   Usmanpura, Ahmedabad, India; Seattle : distributor for North America,
   University of Washington Press, c1994.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia N7301 .A52 1994 REF

Ambrose, Kay.
     Classical dances and costumes of India / Kay Ambrose.  2nd ed. / revisions
   by Ram Gopal.  New York : St. Martin's Press, 1983.
       UCB   Main      GV1693 .A7 1983
       UCB   Moffitt   GV1693 .A7 1983

The Arts of India / edited by Basil Gray.  Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University
   Press, 1981.
       UCB   Main      N7301 .A83 1981
       UCB   Moffitt   N7301 .A83 1981

Banerji, Sures Chandra, 1917-
     A companion to Indian music and dance : spanning a period of over three
   thousand years and based mainly on Sanskrit sources / Sures Chandra Banerji.
   1st ed.  Delhi, India : Sri Satguru Publications, 1990.
     Series title:  Raga nrtya series ; no. 4.
       UCB   Music     ML338 .B275 1990 Ref

The Cultural heritage of India.  [2d ed. rev. and enl.].  Calcutta,
   Ramakrishna Mission, Institute of Culture [1953-<1986   >.
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Encyclopaedia of Indian music, with special reference to the ragas.  2nd
    ed.  Delhi, India : Sri Satguru Publications : Distributed by Indian Books
    Centre, 1986.
        UCB   Music     MT6 .E531 1986 Ref

Harle, J. C. (James C.)
      The art and architecture of the Indian subcontinent / J.C. Harle.
    Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England ; New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Penguin Books,
      Series title:  The Pelican history of art.
        UCB   Art Hist  N7301 .H371 1986
        UCB   EnvDesign N7301 .H371 1986
        UCB   Main      N7301 .H371 1986
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Rajadhyaksha, Ashish.
      Encyclopaedia of Indian cinema / Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Paul Willemen.
    London : British Film Institute ; New Delhi : Oxford University Press,
        UCB   S-S/EAsia PN1993.5.I4 R33 1994 REF

Saletore, Rajaram Narayan.
      Encyclopaedia of Indian culture / R.N. Saletore.  Atlantic Highlands,
    N.J. : Sole distributors, USA & Canada, Humanities Press ; New Delhi :
    Sterling Publishers, 1981-1985.
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Studies in Indian music and allied arts / edited by Leela Omchery, Deepti
    Omchery Bhalla.  Delhi : Sundeep Prakashan, 1990.
        UCB   Music     ML338 .S77 1990 v. 1-5 (1990)
        UCB   S-S/EAsia ML338 .S77 1990 v. 1-5 (1990)

Taj Mahal : the illumined tomb : an anthology of seventeenth-century Mughal
   and European documentary sources / compiled and translated by W.E. Begley
   and Z.A. Desai.  Cambridge, Mass. : Aga Khan Program for Islamic
   Architecture ; Seattle, Wash. : Distributed by the University of Washington
   Press, 1989.
       UCB   EnvDesign DS486.A3 T34 1989
       UCB   Main      DS486.A3 T34 1989


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All India Educational Supply Company.
     [Indian historical maps].  Jawahar Nagar, Delhi : All India Educational
   Supply Co.,  1986-.
     Scales vary.
       UCB   Map Room  G7651.S1 1986 .A4

Dutt, Ashok K.
     Atlas of South Asia : fully annotated / Ashok K. Dutt, M. Margaret Geib.
   Boulder : Westview Press, 1987.
     Scales differ.
       UCB   Anthropol DS335 D979
       UCB   Map Room  G2260 .D8 1987
       UCB   Moffitt   DS335 D979 Reference
       UCB   S-S/EAsia G2260 .D8 1987 REF

A Historical atlas of South Asia / edited by Joseph E. Schwartzberg ; with
   the collaboration of Shiva G. Bajpai ... [et al.] ; final map drafts by the
   American Geographical Society of New York ; principal sponsors,...  2nd
   impression, with additional material.  New York ; Oxford : Oxford University
   Press, 1992.
     Scales differ.
     Series title:  Reference series (Association for Asian Studies) ; no. 2.
       UCB   Moffitt   f G2261.S1 H5 1992 Reference Atlases
       UCB   Ref/Bib   f G2261.S1 H5 1992 Atlas Case
       UCB   S-S/EAsia f G2261.S1 H5 1992 REF

The Imperial gazetteer atlas of India.  Delhi : Low Price Publications,
     Scales vary.
       UCB   S-S/EAsia G2280 .I56 1990 REF

Nelles Verlag.
      India.  Munchen : Nelles Verlag ; Singapore : [Distributed by] APA Press,
      Scale 1:1,500,000.
        UCB   Map Room  G7650 1986 .N4
        UCB   S-S/EAsia G7650 1986 .N4 reference

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Changing perspectives of anthropology in India / editor, S.C. Tiwari. New Delhi : Today & Tomorrow's Printers and Publishers, 1989. UCB Anthropol GN635.I4 C47 1989 Encyclopaedia of Indian tribes / edited by Padma Shri Dr. S.S. Shashi. 1st ed. New Delhi : Anmol Publications, 1994. UCB S-S/EAsia GN635.I4 E52 1994 v.1-12 (1994) Hasnain, Nadeem. Readings in Indian anthropology / Nadeem Hasnain. New Delhi : Harnam Publications, 1988. UCB Anthropol GN17.3.I4 H37 1988 Jaer, Oyvind. Karchana : lifeworld-ethnography of an Indian village / Oyvind Jaer. Oslo ; Boston : Scandinavian University Press : Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture, c1995. Series title: Serie B--Skrifter ; 89. UCB Main GN635.I4 J3 1995 Singh, K. Suresh (Kumar Suresh), 1935- An anthropological atlas : ecology and cultural traits, languages and linguistic traits, demographic and biological traits / K.S. Singh. Delhi ; New York : Anthropological Survey of India : Oxford University Press, c1993. Series title: People of India. National series ; v. 11. UCB S-S/EAsia f G7651.E3 1993 A7 REF


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Political Science

The Emerging political culture in India / edited by Ali Ashraf. New Delhi (India) : Hira Publications, 1995. UCB Main JQ281 .E46 1995 Ghosh, Arun, 1933- Indian political movement, 1919-1971 : a systematic bibliography / Arun Ghosh, Ranjit Ghosh. Calcutta : India Book Exchange : distributor, K. P. Bagchi, c1976. UCB S-S/EAsia JQ298.A1 A12 G48 REF India briefing : staying the course / Philip Oldenburg, editor. Armond, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 1995. Series title: Asia Society country briefing. UCB S-S/EAsia DS480.853 .I498 1995 REF National policy studies / editor, Subhash C. Kashyap. New Delhi : Published for the Lok Sabha Secretariat [by] Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Co., c1990. UCB S-S/EAsia HD2073 .N373 1990 REF Yearbook on India's foreign policy. New Delhi ; Beverly Hills : Sage Publications, 1985- UCB Main DS480.832 .Y42 BOUND 1982/83-1990/91- Latest 3 vols. (1987/88-1990/91) in South/Southeast Asia Library (Reference Section)


Bridging worlds : studies on women in South Asia / edited by Sally J.M. Sutherland. Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992. Series title: Oxford India paperbacks. UCB Main HQ1735.3 .B75 1992 Consuming modernity : public culture in a South Asian world / Carol A. Breckenridge, editor. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 1995. UCB Main DS423 .C577 1995 Madan, T. N. Pathways : approaches to the study of society in India / T.N. Madan. Delhi ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1994. UCB Main GN635.I4 M24 1994 A Reader in urban sociology / edited by M.S.A. Rao, Chandrashekar Bhat, Laxmi Narayan Kadekar. New Delhi : Orient Longman, 1991. NRLF B 3 898 888 Sakala, Carol. Women of South Asia : a guide to resources / by Carol Sakala ; with a foreword by Maureen L. P. Patterson. Millwood, N.Y. : Kraus International Publications, c1980. UCB Moffitt HQ1735.3.A12 S23 Reference UCB Ref/Bib HQ1735.3.A12 S23 UCB S-S/EAsia HQ1735.3.A12 S23 UCB S-S/EAsia HQ1735.3.A12 S24 REF Shiva, Vandana. Ecology and the politics of survival : conflicts over natural resources in India / Vandana Shiva in association with J. Bandyopadhyay ... [et al.]. Tokyo, Japan : United Nations University Press ; New Delhi : Newbury Park : Sage Publications, 1991. UCB BioSci HC433.5 .S55 1991 UCB S-S/EAsia HC433.5 .S55 1991 Singh, Raghvendra Pratap. Sociology of rural development in India / Raghvendra Pratap Singh. Delhi : Discovery Pub. House, 1987. UCB Main HD2072 .S581 1987 Social action and social change / editor, C. Lakshmanna, S.P. Srivastava, R.C. Sarikwal. Delhi : Ajanta Publications (India) : Distributors, Ajanta Book International, 1990. UCB Main HN683.5 .S63 1990 Sociology in India : perspectives and trends / editor, G.C. Hallen. 1st ed. Meerut : Rohini Publications, 1986-1990. UCB Main HM22.I5 S637 1986 v.1-4 (1986-1990) Urban studies in India : a bibliography. New Delhi : National Institute of Urban Affairs, 1988. UCB S-S/EAsia HT147.I5 A12 U73, 1988 REF v. 1-3 (1988)
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Great masters.  Calcutta : HMV, p1990-  sound cassettes : analog.
        UCB   Music     MUSI CA1788 v.1-2

Hussain, Zakir, 1951-
    Zakir Hussain and the rhythm experience.  [S.l.] : Moment Records, c1991.
      1 sound disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
        UCB   Music     MUSI CD9132
India ; North Indian folk music = Inde ; music populaire de L'Inde du Nord.
    France : Auvidis-Unesco, 1991.
      1 sound disc (50 min.) : digital; 4 3/4 in.
      Series title:  Unesco collection.
      Series title:  Musiques et musiciens du monde.
        UCB   Music     MUSI CD8459

Karan Singh, Sadr-i-Riyasat of Jammu and Kashmir, 1931-
     Four decades of democracy / His Excellency Karan Singh, Ambassador of
   India.  p1990.
     1 sound cassette (62 min.) : analog, mono.
       UCB   Media Ctr SOUND/C 1142

Katkar, Shruti.
    Rare and complex ragas, the imaginative / Shruti Sadolikar-Katkar.
       Bombay : Magnasound, p1990.
       1 sound cassette : analog, stereo.
         UCB   Music     MUSI CA2375

Khan, Ali Akbar, 1922-
    Classical instrumental / Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.  Calcutta : HMV, p1989.
       1 sound cassette : analog, stereo.
       UCB   Music     MUSI CA2367

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See also the UCB Media Resource Center's South Asia Videography
Ahmedabad : life of a city in India.  Madison, [Wis.] : Film Distribution
    Office, Center for South Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin, [1990?].
    UCB Media Ctr VIDEO/C 3379
	Presents the effects of industrialization on the social and
        economic conditions in the city of Ahmedabad, India. (25 min.)

Calcutta / Louis Malle.  New York, NY : New York Film Annex, [199-?].
      1 videocassette (99 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
      UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 3602
	Documentary about the city of Calcutta. 
Democracy in crisis / South Productions for Channel Four in association
    with RTVE (Spain) and SBS (Australia)  New York, N.Y. : First Run Icarus
    Films, c1991.  UCB Media Ctr VIDEO/C 3047
	Film moves from countrysides to cities, university campuses to 
	dusty villages, to cover 20 months following Rajiv Gandhi's ouster 
	in 1989, through his assassination and the violent and chaotic 
	election which followed it. (50 min.)
Division of hearts / directed by Satti Khanna and Peter Chappell ; written
    by Satti Khanna ; produced by Mistral Films.  New York, NY : First Run
    Icarus Films, 1987. UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C.1879
	Ordinary people tell of their experiences during the 1947
        partition of India. (57 min.)
Gandhi / Columbia Pictures in association with Goldrest Films ... [et al.].
    Burbank, CA : RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, c1986, c1982.
    2 videocassettes (VHS) (188 min.) : sd., col., stereo ; 1/2 in.
    UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 999:203 pt. 1-2 (1986)
        follows Gandhi's life from young lawyer through his
        historic struggle to free India from colonial rule. Winner of
        8 Academy Awards, including Best picture. 

The Home and the world / [produced by] National Film Development
    Corporation of India.  Los Angeles, Calif. : Embassy Home Entertainment,
    1985.  UCB Media Ctr VIDEO/C 999:905 Based on: Ghare-Baire by Rabindranath Tagore.
	Set in 1907-1908 in Bengal, a sheltered woman's love is tested
        when her husband invites his boyhood friend to stay at their
        home while organizing a boycott of British goods.  Much to her
        husband's dismay, she not only falls in love with his friend
        but also joins his quest for political justice. (130 min.) 

India : the turmoils of the century / a film by Arnaud Mandagaran ;
    co-production of France 3 and Point du jour.  New York, NY : Filmakers
    Library, 1994. UCB Media Ctr VIDEO/C 3961 Pt. 1-2
	Documentary tracing the past century of the Indian subcontinent, 
	chronicling Gandhi's independence movement, World War II with the 
	subsequent British withdrawal, and the partitioning of India and 
 	Pakistan.  It details the riots and pogroms that followed, and 
	charts the political fortunes of the Nehru and Bhutto families.  
	In addition to detailing internal politics, the film also shows 
	the role of India and Pakistan with regard to the Soviet Union and 
	China. (120 min.)

The JVC video anthology of world music and dance. South Asia /
    producer, ICHIKAWA Katsumori (JVC).  Tokyo : JVC, Victor Company of Japan
    [production company], 1988 ; Cambridge, MA : Rounder Records [distributor],
      3 videocassettes + guides.
      UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 3524-3526
Life and death of a dynasty / produced by Drew Associates; directed by Anne
    Drew.  Los Angeles, Calif. : Direct Cinema Limited, 1991. 
    UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 2148
	For most of the past half-century, modern India has been a
        democracy ruled by three charismatic individuals -- Jawaharal
        Nehru, his daughter Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi.
        The film explores their lives and national ambitions. (90 min.)
Newstrack : the newsmagazine to watch / Living Media India Ltd.  New Dehli,
    India : TV Today, 1988- . UCB Media Ctr VIDEO/C 1820 
        A monthly review of major news stories of India. (90 min.)
There'll always be stars in the sky : the Indian film music phenomenon /
    Harcourt Films.  [Newton, N.J.?] : Shanachie Records, c1992.
      1 videocassette (ca. 60 min.) : sd., col. with b&w sequences ; 1/2 in.
      UCB   Media Ctr VIDEO/C 3265
	The Indian film industry produces 750 feature films a year.
	This film takes the viewer behind the scenes in India's Hollywood,
        to meet with actors, singers, musical directors.
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