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Cover of Gadar (April 29, 1917). Weekly newspaper of the Gadar Party. This issue includes a long article on "self-defense" and also mentions the arrest of the editor and other Indians in San Jose. Cover of India Against Britain by Ram Chandra. Published in San Francisco by the Gadar Party [1916]. Excerpts from articles that refute allegations made by loyalists to the British Raj. Cover of Social Conquest of the Hindu Race and Meaning of Equality by Har Dayal. Published in San Francisco by the Gadar Party [n.d.], these two essays point to historical and political impediments to India's political and economic progress.
Cover of Independent Hindustan (March 1921). Published in San Francisco. This issue contains articles on Indian labor activists in Fiji, East African Indians opposing racial segregation, and residents of Boston and Cambridge supporting Indian independence. Cover of India & Canada (Sept. 1929). Monthly published in Vancouver covering local and international news. This issue contains a photograph of Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore with Indian students at UC Berkeley. Cover of Yugantar (June 1917). Started in 1917 by Bhai Bhagwan Singh and his associates. Published in San Francisco.

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