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Instruments, tests and measures

Finding complete instruments (tests or scales) can be challenging. Test publishers do not allow libraries to buy copyrighted tests and circulate them as we do books. In general, they want to sell them to researchers on an individual basis. Sometimes the full text of a test can be found in a journal or in the appendix of a dissertation. And, of course, some instruments or tests are in the public domain and are easy to locate in books or on the internet.

The library reference collection contains several print and a few digital book compilations of full-text tests available in the public domain.

See our pages for online and print resources for more information. The Education-Psychology Library has additional guides to indexes, test reviews, and literature on its Test Bibliographies page. It also offers a page of web links to psychological and educational tests.

Tests can be identified, and sometimes found in full text, by using databases, such as Social Services Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Social Work Abstracts, and PsycInfo. Search engines provided by various vendors differ. For example, the CSA Illumina search engine provides an easy way to identify tests referenced or used in studies, while EbscoHost requires another protocol to produce less targeted results. See the guide for tips on searching for tests, instruments and measures in these databases.

Online indexes, like the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, aid in identifying test instruments. Several social service organizations provide free online search engines that link to full-text scales. A few universities have built their own free, searchable indexes to identify tests they consider important to the work of their scholars. Many other organizations provide information about tests that their members may find useful.

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