Getting Started with

by Ryan Barnette

Logging into from the Blu “e-Learn” link, you are first asked about your interests and learning goals. This information will later be used to recommend courses. You are then taken to a clean, visually pleasing front page featuring a variety of paths. You can “become a project manager” or “small business owner” seemingly with the click of the mouse. Instead, you might decide to develop a skill and choose “Time Management Fundamentals” from the Business section, for example.

The course page lists the contents to the left of the video and the transcript below. A well-dressed instructor welcomes you and begins explaining how the course works. A quiz pops up to find out what you already know about the topic. Each video is about five minutes and an eye icon keeps track of which lessons you’ve viewed. To the right of the “Contents” tab is the “Notebook” tab, which allows you to write notes that are automatically organized by which lesson you are currently viewing. “Exercise Files” are also offered to supplement the course. At various points, the instructor asks you to pause the video and work through one of the exercises.

When you leave a course, the front page keeps track of your progress. You can also create a Playlist of courses you would like to take in the future. The front page also features an episodic Weekly Series and Documentaries about special topics or individuals working in various industries.

Some of the more technical courses are walkthrough slideshows, understandably. This would be a great site to develop skills in the Microsoft Office or Adobe suites. Some of the other courses that might appeal to library staff are “Project Management Fundamentals,” “Managing Up,” and

“Understanding Data Science.”

Due to the wide range of topics one can investigate and the unique video learning experience, it seems that will become an invaluable source of training for UCB employees. Login and explore the many options for developing your profession.