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Environmental Health Chat (NIEHS)
"This podcast series explores how environmental exposures affect our health. Each episode highlights ways researchers work in partnership with community groups to understand and address environmental health issues." These short 5-6 minute podcasts cover topics such as breast cancer and the environment, mercury in seafood, hydraulic fracturing, and urban gardening among others.

Health Podcasts from the U.S. Government
A collection of podcasts on over a dozen topics ranging from alcohol and drug addiction recovery to health promotion. Each topical link leads to several podcasts by various government agencies. This collection includes some webcasts and videos.

HHS HealthBeat
Daily podcasts for consumers on various topics such as fetal alcohol syndrome, safer health care, heart disease prevention, diabetes, violence prevention, end of life issues and many more. Includes a link for more information from various DHHS departments called Take the Next Step.

Nature Podcast
Nature provides a free weekly audio show of 20-30 minutes in length which features content from the journal. The audio show includes interviews with scientists and science journalists revealing the people behind the science and providing in-depth commentary. A table of contents for each show is displayed when Listen Now is selected.

NECOEM Podcast
The New England College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and ndd Medical Technologies are offering "podcast audio lectures from recent NECOEM conferences and dinner meetings." Many have handouts from the speakers available as well.

Podcasts - Ebling Library
The Ebling Library for the Health Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison lists a large sampling of journal podcasts, including links to podcasts hosted by the British Medical Journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases, and JAMA. The Ebling Library also lists links to other organizations that host podcasts such as the American Heart Association and WHO.

Podcasts at CDC
Podcasts from various CDC agencies covering topics such as carbon monoxide poisoning, infectious diseases in the homeless, foodborne illnesses, positive parenting tips, meningitis, ticks, lice and other pests, and health reform. Some available in Spanish.

Podcasts from the Cochrane Library
Audio summaries of select Cochrane Library Reviews are available here. The audio summaries are available back to Issue 1 of 2008. After selecting an issue, you have the choice of listening to an audio summary or reading the review itself.

Science Podcast
Science provides weekly audio shows based on interesting articles in their journals. The shows include interviews with the scientists and journalists who contribute to Science magazine and its sister sites. A transcript of each show is also available here.

TheLancet.com Audio
TheLancet.com's podcasts give listeners "author interviews and expert discussions on clinical practice, evidence, and campaigns." Browse the Audio Archives to see show titles from the Lancet, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, The Lancet Neurology, and The Lancet Oncology.

USDA Radio News Podcasts
Sign up for the US Department of Agriculture radio news podcasts and get new content delivered to your favorite Podcast or RSS application on topics such as the impact of dessert on nutrition, promoting increased biofuel production, and the hidden costs of freezing foods.

US Environmental Protection Agency Podcasts
These EPA podcasts are grouped by topic, with several available under each category. The categories include Natural Disasters, Energy Star, GreenTips, Local Climate and Energy Program, Food Waste, and several PSAs on pesticides available in Spanish, among others.

US NIH Podcasts
Links to podcasts listed by NIH's institutes and centers. Also includes:

WHO Podcast
Public health information from the World Health Organization. These poscasts include information on the status of diseases in third world nations, as well as information on new studies on such topics as the global burden of disease. Most run from 4 to 8 minutes in length.

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United Nations Radio News
These UN radio files include hundreds on public health and are searchable by topic.

UN Radio Classics
These classics presented by the United Nations Audio Library feature Audrey Hepburn, Kirk Douglas and Bing Crosby, among others, in documentary and dramatic programs and offer "...a unique way of experiencing key historical moments of the United Nations and of the world throughout the second half of the 20th century."

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"AIDS.gov provides access to Federal HIV/AIDS information through a variety of new media channels, and supports the use of new media tools by Federal and community partners to improve domestic HIV programs serving minority and other communities most at-risk for, or living with, HIV." Includes conversations with leaders and experts in the field.

APHA on YouTube
The American Public Health Association has over 40 videos here, with public health experts discussing topics from social media to crisis communication to what is public health.

Audio & Video Archive: UCB School of Public Health
The School of Public Health presents an archive of audio and video public health events such as the 17th Annual Public Health Heroes Gala Awards Reception, former Dean Shortell's talk on A New Vision for California’s Health Care System, and Beyond 7 Billion: Solutions to poverty, population growth, global warming featuring Professors Malcolm Potts and Ndola Prata, among many others. The archived materials are from 2011 to the present.

YouTube channel of the California Department of Public Health. The playlist includes videos on cancer prevention, tobacco control, and WIC, the Women, Infants and Children federally funded health and nutrition program.

CDC's collection of YouTube videos cover a variety of topics such as flu vaccines, HIV/AIDS, carbon monoxide and developmental disabilities. The videos range from 20 seconds to over 6 minutes in length.

CDC videos on topics such as carbon monoxide, hand washing and dating violence. Some are designed for children.

YouTube channel of UC's Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society includes videos of their events and seminars. Topics include energy, climate change, computing, and more

Global Environment Facility videos
Global Environment Facility, a partnership among 178 countries, international institutions, NGOs, and the private sector, has a YouTube channel with videos on water, climate change, pollution, and more.

The Health Resources and Services Administration supports thousands of health centers and clinics nationwide. The videos here include a series of talks on the role of HRSA in public health and public health training by various public health figures. Other talks here describe programs and offices under the HRSA, safety tips, and more.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Videos
NIEHS hosts live video and recorded webcasts from NIEHS and NTP here. NIEHS houses a collection of videos covering NIEHS events such as ceremonies, seminars, scientific and public lectures and interviews with distinguished grantees, including one with UCB's Dr. Catherine P. Koshland.

NCBI YouTube Channel
NCBINLM's Channel includes a collection of interviews with distinguished scientists and presentations on Genbank's 25th anniversary as well as a video on NCBI's 20th anniversary. This channel also contains instructional videos demonstrating how to use the various NCBI tools and databases.

NIH Senior Health
NIH short videos on a wide variety of topics of interest to seniors and those who work with them. Each video also includes a link to the transcript for it. Topics covered include Alzheimer's, arthritis, COPD, falls, hearing loss, leukemia, sleep and strokes, among many others.

NIH VideoCasting and Podcasting
Search the National Institute of Health's collection of over 4000 videos and over 500 podcasts of special NIH events, seminars, workshops and lectures. The videos range in length, up to 7 hours. iTunes is recommended for the podcasts, but QuickTime may also be used.

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), Cal/EPA
OEHHA's YouTube videos on risks posed by specific hazardous substances and their impact on public health.

Schools of Public Health YouTube Channels
Links to video uploads and playlists by various U.S. schools of public health.

"ScienceCinema is a collection of online films put out by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), focusing on US Department of Energy research. The database allows two search methods, Audio and Bibliographic. Audio Search is the equivalent of a full-text search, but in video files. Using a simple Google-style search interface and Microsoft's speech recognition technology, ScienceCinema searches the audio transcripts of all the indexed films for the desired search terms. The results take the searcher directly to the portion of the video that mentions one's search term. The Bibliographic option searches only standard bibliographic fields. This allows for a more controlled search with advanced limiting options."

SciVee: Making Science Visible
"SciVee videos can be viewed and freely uploaded. With thousands of videos in its library, SciVee promotes knowledge discovery and collaboration, creates interest and broadens the audience for science. Working with the world’s top journals, societies, universities and research institutions, SciVee’s mission is to promote science in all subjects and levels, from K-12 to professional scientists."

Stanford VideoNews
Watch faculty speak on their work, and view informational videos on selected topics.

This Is Public Health Student Videos
Videos created by public health students at various universities around the country on topics such as why public health is such a great field, and a presentation on public health initiatives around the world using Google Earth.

UCTV Health and Medicine
"Launched in January 2000, University of California Television (UCTV) is a non-commercial channel featuring 24/7 programming from throughout the University of California." Subjects include addiction and substance abuse, alternative medicine, diabetes, epidemiology, health policy, health promotion and marketing, and infectious disease, among many others. The site includes both videos and podcasts. Click on a title of interest to see the length of the program and a brief description.

United Nations Multimedia
Includes links to UN webcasts, TV and audio files. Of interest are its Focus on Environment videos.

USEPAgov's Channel
The US Environmental Protection Agency has many videos here, with information on lead, mercury, indoor air quality, green building, agriculture, asthma and much more.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) YouTube channel includes several dozen videos on drugs, medical devices, and the food supply. Specific topics addressed range from nonoxynol 9 contraceptives to cough and cold medicines to osteoporosis drugs.

The US Department of Health and Human Services YouTube channel features videos from many of its departments as well as videos on services it provides such as an eldercare locator service and the Community Health Data Initiative. It also provides videos on various public health related topics such as the flu, reducing tobacco use, and underage drinking along with videos of talks by many HHS directors.

The HealthReform.gov YouTube channel includes many videos on the proposed health reforms and how they will affect various populations.

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Cal/EPA Live Webcasts
Live audio webcasts (and video when available) of meetings, workshops, committees, and interested parties meetings. Agendas and other relevant information are provided when available.

Dialog4Health is a project of the Public Health Institute. It provides a online place for public health professionals to meet with business, government and other community interests to "... build a foundation for understanding essential concepts in public health and work towards crafting policies, systems and environments to reduce chronic disease in America." Web forums are conducted regularly with audience participation welcomed in most. Audiocasts and relevant materials are available from past forums.

United Nations Webcast
UN live webcasts on multiple channels: general assembly meetings, council meetings, press conferences, news and other events.

UC Berkeley webcasts select courses and events for on-demand viewing. Search for courses by keyword, semester, or department, including several Public Health courses. Past semester's course videos back to fall 2005 are also available. webcast.berkeley events and courses are also available via Berkeley on iTunes U and UCBerkeley YouTube channel.

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