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Academic Search Complete (1865 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
Indexes and abstracts articles in more than 10,900 journals and other publications in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese; full text is available for over 5300 journals.

Access World News (formerly America's Newspapers and Global NewsBank)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Full text news articles from over 1800 Newspapers from around the world, including over 700 U.S. newspapers. Coverage dates vary by newspaper; some go back to the late 1970s.

ACToR (US EPA's Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource)
This data warehouse includes data from over 500 public sources on over 500,000 chemicals. It provides access to information where available on acute and chronic toxicity, carcinogenicity, food safety, chemical manufacturing and use levels, risk management, and exposure data, and more.

Africa-Wide Information (16th century to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
A comprehensive multidisciplinary database covering journals, magazines, newspapers, broadcasts, books and more on all aspects of Africa including politics, history, economics, health, and natural sciences.

Agricola (National Agricultural Library) (US Department of Agriculture)
Agricola covers books, book chapters, journal articles, and other types of materials. Some state agricultural and U.S.D.A. publications are available from the early 1900's. Subjects include agriculture, agricultural economics, nutrition, and soil science.

Alcohol Studies Database (Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies; 1987 to 2007)
Contains citations for journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, conference papers, and audio-visual materials.

ASFA: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstract Database (ProQuest; 1971 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Citations of journal articles, books, conference proceedings, reports, and more on aquatic pollution, environmental quality, and policy and legislation, etc.

ASTM Digital Library
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
ASTM's Digital Library provides online access to all ASTM technical publications, journals, books, and symposia papers. Coverage begins in 1930 and includes all current publications.

ASTM Standards Online
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
All active ASTM standards are now available online through ASTM's MyStandards. ASTM has over 12,000 standards covering many areas including biotechnology, environmental toxicology, and industrial hygiene and safety. Standards are searchable by keyword, designation, or browsable by interest areas. Researchers looking for redline, historical, or withdrawn standards should contact the Engineering Library for assistance in locating paper copies.

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (ProQuest; 1934 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Use the Avery Index to find articles on sustainable development, green development, the health aspects of the built environment, etc.

Bibliography of Asian Studies (1971 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Contains Western language records on all subjects pertaining to Asia (especially East, Southeast, and South Asia, published worldwide. Coverage includes articles, monographs (until 1992), conference proceedings, anthologies, and book chapters. Users can search as well as browse by country/region, by subject, or by journal title.

Bibliography of Native North Americans (16th century to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Indexes books, journal articles, essays, conference papers, and US government documents covering 17 broad regions comprising 290 ethnic groups of native North America. Contains and updates citations from the print counterpart, Ethnographic Bibliography of North America, 1941-1990. Contains more than 80,000 citations.

Produced by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, BIOETHICSLINE covers English language literature on the ethical, legal and public policy issues surrounding health care and biomedical research. Material from BIOETHICSLINE may be found in the LOCATORplus for books, and PubMed for journal articles. In PubMed, Click on "Limits" and select the bioethics subset.

BIOSIS Previews (ISI Web of Knowledge; 1926 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
BIOSIS Previews is the most comprehensive reference database for life science research. Coverage includes traditional areas of biology, such as botany, zoology and microbiology, as well as related fields such as biomedicine, agriculture, pharmacology and ecology. Interdiscplinary fields such as medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering and biotechnology are also included, as well as instrumentation and methods. The database covers content summaries, books and meeting abstracts, papers and posters.
Guide to BIOSIS previews:  html  |  pdf

Black Studies Center (Chadwyck-Healey-ProQuest)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Includes three modules: The Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience which includes interdisciplinary essays on the Black Experience; International Index to Black Periodicals (IIBP), a database covering some 150 scholarly and popular Black Studies journals, many of them in full text; and the full text backfile of the influential black newspaper The Chicago Defender (1910-1975).

Business Source Complete (1986 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Business Source Complete provides full text for scholarly business journals and other sources. This database offers information in nearly every area of business including marketing, management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, and more. Business Source Complete provides expanded indexing and abstract backfiles for the top scholarly business journals and also includes other sources of full text information such as financial data, books, major reference works, conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, and more.

CAB Abstracts (ISI Web of Knowledge; 1910 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
This international database provides access to journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, and books. It covers all aspects of sustainable development and applied life sciences, with emphasis on agriculture, forestry, human health, and the management of natural resources, and with particular attention to the needs of developing countries.

Canary Database (Yale University Occupational and Environmental Medicine)
The Canary Database contains studies in the biomedical literature that explore the use of animals as "sentinels" for the effects of chemical, biological, and physical hazards in the environment that may be a risk to human health. For each study, curators add information about animal species, exposures, health effects, location, and whether the study includes data providing evidence linking animal sentinel events to human health risk. You can browse the database by year, journal, author, exposure, risk factor, species, outcome, or by methodology.

CCRIS (Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System) (National Library of Medicine)
Developed and maintained by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), CCRIS contains carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, tumor promotion, and tumor inhibition test results over 9,000 chemicals. Data is derived from studies cited in primary journals, current awareness tools, NCI reports, and other special sources.

ChemIDplus (National Library of Medicine)
ChemIDplus is a chemical dictionary file of compounds of biomedical and regulatory interest. It provides access to structure and nomenclature authority files of chemical substances cited in the TOXNET and other databases and tells you which NLM databases contain information on a substance. Records include CAS Registry and other identifying numbers, molecular formulas, generic names, and synonyms. Another feature of the database is the SuperList, which provides information on whether the chemical substances is on federal and state regulatory agency lists.

ChemKnowledge® databases (RightAnswer®)
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
Please LOG OFF when you have completed your search.

The ChemKnowledge(R) System is composed many databases; only selected databases are accessible. Accessible databases include but are not limited to:
CHRIS (Chemical Hazard Response Information System)
HSDB (Hazardous Substances Data Bank)
IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System)
New Jersey Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets
RTECS® (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances)
After registering, click on Search on the left, then select ChemKnowledge Data. Once at that page, select the database(s) you wish to search.

ChemSpider (Royal Society of Chemistry)
ChemSpider is a chemistry search engine that aggregates and indexes chemical structures and their associated information into a single searchable repository. ChemSpider's data comes from over 200 sources. Search by structure, substructure, names, CAS RN, InChI, properties, data source, elements, and much more. Data retrieved includes data sources, commercial suppliers, patents, articles, properties, RSC Database records, and more.

Chicano Database (Ethnic Studies Library, UCB; 1987 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Use the Chicano Database to retrieve records for all types of materials in the areas of Mexican-American topics, and since 1992, materials on other Latino cultures — e.g., Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Central American immigrants. Subject coverage includes art, language, sociology, public policy, economics, history, literature, politics, and law.

China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
The single largest retrospective digital collection of Chinese Journals, with full text articles covering a selection of academic subjects and citation searching available in others. Includes China Academic Journals (1915-present), Century Journals Project (1915-1993), and the Century Journals Social Sciences (1955-1993). Each database may be searched individually, or click on the Cross Database button near the upper right corner to search them all at the same time. Use Internet Explorer for access to selected full text articles.

Chinese Studies Online (CSO) from Wanfang
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
A gateway to resources on Chinese culture, medicine, business, science, etc. Includes five databases: China Online Journals (COJ); Dissertations of China (DOC); Academic Conferences in China; Chinese Companies and Products; Policies and Laws of China (PLOC). Interface is in Chinese.

CiNii (Citation Information by National Institute of Informatics)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
A Japanese-language database service that enables searching of information in academic papers published in academic society journals or university research bulletins, or included in the National Diet Library's Japanese Periodicals Index Database. The National Institute of Informatics has incorporated approximately 2.8 million full text articles (PDF) from 1,000 published academic journals as well as Research Bulletins of Japanese universities. All of the full text articles incorporated are available through CiNii along with bibliographical information on other academic papers.

CiteSeerX contains "full-text computer science articles, papers, and technical reports freely available on the web. " Includes many papers on public health related topics. Searchable by title words, text words, author, keywords, or tables embedded in documents. By registering for MYCiteSeerX, you can save collections and tags, and can set up monitoring on papers in the database.

CISDOC (International Labour Organization)
CISDOC contains "citations of documents on occupational health and safety: law and regulations, chemical safety data sheets, training material, journal articles, books and ILO conventions." Searchable by keyword, or by using the trilingual (English/French/Spanish) CIS Thesaurus. Searches can also be saved.

Cochrane Library
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
See the Quick Guide (pdf) for help.
The Cochrane Library provides access to:

Collection of Biostatistics Research Archive (COBRA)
COBRA - the Collection Of Biostatistics Research Archive - is a scholar-driven repository of biostatistics working papers. Major departments and institutions contribute prepublication materials to the collection. Content may be freely downloaded.

Communication Abstracts (EBSCOhost; 1970 to Present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Indexes 160 sources, with over 44,000 records reflecting articles, reports, papers and books covering communication literature in subjects such as health communication, mass media, journalism, advertising, marketing, public opinion, interpersonal communication and organizational communication.

Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD)
"CTD is an effort to compile and organize increasingly copious amounts of formal research on the relationship between chemicals, genes, and disease. The database is an attempt to map the complex ways in which chemicals are related to diseases." Searches can be done by chemical, disease, or gene. CTD is the twelfth database in the U.S. National Library of Medicine's TOXNET family.
» CTD Resource Guide (PDF)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) on PubMed (formerly CAM Citation Index)
The CAM subset of the National Library of Medicine's Medline database indexes scientific journal literature on complementary and alternative medicine from the later 1940's to the present.

Contemporary Women's Issues (1992 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Multidisciplinary full text database covering women's issues worldwide. Sources include alternative presses, scholarly journals, newsletters, government reports, surveys/statistical data, proceedings, fact sheets, and guides.

DART/ETIC (Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology/Environmental Teratology Information Center) (National Library of Medicine; 1965 to present)
The DART/ETIC database literature citations cover teratology and other aspects of developmental and reproductive toxicology. DART is also searchable as a subfile (limit) of TOXLINE.

Defense Technical Information Center — Public Technical Reports (formerly STINET)
DTIC "provides access to citations of unclassified unlimited documents that have been entered into DTIC's Technical Reports Collection, as well as the electronic full-text of many of these documents. Public STINET also provides access to the Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals, Staff College Automated Military Periodical Index, DoD Index to Specifications and Standards, and Research and Development Descriptive Summaries." STINET documents cover all manner of public health topics: cancer screening, asthma, pesticide exposure, infectious diseases, etc.

Dietary Supplement Label Database (National Library of Medicine) updated
"The Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD) is a joint project of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) and National Library of Medicine (NLM). The DSLD contains the full label contents from a sample of dietary supplement products marketed in the U.S." This database is designed to help users find information about ingredients in brand-name products, including name, form, active and inactive ingredients, amount of active ingredient/unit, manufacturer/distributor information, suggested dose, label claims, warnings, percentage of daily value, and further label information.

EconLit (ProQuest; 1969 to current) new
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
The most comprehensive index to scholarly journal articles in economics. It also lists books and dissertations, and indexes articles within 'collective works' (books consisting of collections of essays or individual papers). Most citations include a searchable abstract.

The ECOTOX database, derived predominantly from peer-reviewed literature, provides toxicity data for aquatic life, terrestrial plants, and terrestrial wildlife. It integrates 3 U.S. EPA databases, ACQUIRE, PHYTOTOX, and TERRETOX. Data in AQUIRE, the aquatic toxicology database, is available from1915 to the present. PHYTOTOX, the plant toxicology database, contains data from 1926 to 1991. The TERRETOX, the wildlife toxicology database, data comes from test results reported from 1970 to 1992.

Education Source (formerly Education Full Text) new
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Education Source, provided on an EBSCOHost platform, covers all levels of education as well as educational specialties like multilingual education, health education and testing. Indexing and abstracting is provided for thousands of journals, over 550 books, and numerous conference papers. Covers publications from 1929 to the present.

NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Indexes over 8,400 journals, including over 2,700 not in Medline, from over 90 countries; also indexes conference abstracts from over 1,000 conferences. Broad biomedical scope with strong coverage in drug, pharmaceutical, and toxicological research, including economic evaluations. Useful for clinical medicine, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, infectious diseases, healthcare policy & management, biomedical engineering & medical devices, and more. Embase is a primary resource for conducting systematic reviews and researching evidence-based medicine.

Emerald Management Xtra (1994 to Present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Contains more than 85,000 full text articles from more than 175 peer reviewed journals in management and business. This includes subject areas such as economics and social policy, education management, and healthcare management.

Energy Citations Database (U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information; 1948 to present)
"Energy Citations contains bibliographic records for energy and energy-related scientific and technical information from the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration and the Atomic Energy Commission. Energy Citations includes bibliographic records of literature in disciplines of interest to DOE such as chemistry, physics, materials, environmental science, geology, engineering, mathematics, climatology, oceanography, computer science and related disciplines. It includes citations to report literature, conference papers, journal articles, books, dissertations, and patents."

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Database (ProQuest; 1967-current)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
ASFA 3: Aquatic Pollution & Environmental Quality. 1990-.
Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B). 1982-.
COS Conference Papers Index. 1982-.
Ecology Abstracts. 1982-.
EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements. 1985-.
Environmental Abstracts.
Environmental Engineering Abstracts. 1990-.
Health & Safety Science Abstracts. 1981-.
Industrial & Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiology A). 1982-.
Pollution Abstracts. 1981-.
Risk Abstracts. 1990-.
Sustainability Science Abstracts. 1995-.
Toxicology Abstracts. 1981-.
Toxline. 1999-.
Water Resources Abstracts. 1967-.
Each of the above databases may be searched separately, or in any combination.

EPPI-Centre Evidence Library (Institute of Education, University of London)
The EPPI-Centre is involved in writing and supporting other people to write systematic reviews of research evidence across a range of different topic areas. Currently we have a large number of reviews in the fields of Education including Initial Teacher Education, Health Promotion and Public Health.

Ergonomics Abstracts
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
Ergonomics Abstracts is a comprehensive, international indexing and abstracting service, with materials going back to 1985. Ergonomics Abstracts also includes related material from psychology, physiology, biomechanics, job design, human-computer interaction, safety science, human engineering, medicine, occupational health, sport and transport. The abstracts are selected from over 300 journals, books and conference proceedings.

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) (US Department of Education)
ERIC provides access to educational literature, including school health, health promotion, and other public health topics. ERIC sources include journals, books, conferences and meetings, reports, theses/dissertations, and audiovisual media. ERIC also includes materials on tests, measurement, and evaluation.

ETDE World Energy Base (Energy Technology Data Exchange)
The ETDE is an international energy information exchange agreement that began in 1987 to "provide governments, industry and the research community in the member countries with access to the widest range of information on energy research, science and technology and to increase dissemination of this information to developing countries." The database contains more than 4 million records of journal articles, reports, conference papers, books, websites, and other miscellaneous document types. Many are available full text.

Ethnic NewsWatch (Includes EN: A History; 1959 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
The Ethnic NewsWatch database contains news, culture and history from hundreds of publications of the ethnic, minority and native press. Ethnic NewsWatch is searchable by language and ethnic group.
» Ethnic NewsWatch Search Tips

Produced by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, ETHX Web covers "journal articles, book chapters, bills, laws, court decisions, reports, books, audiovisuals, and news articles relating to bioethics and professional ethics" written in a variety of languages to include an international look at these issues.

European Database on Literature of Ethics in Medicine
This database contains citations from journal articles, books, bills, court decisions, decrees, governmental publications, guidelines, law, parliamentary publications, dissertations, proceedings, surveys and questionnaires, and more. Includes some links to full text. Search using keywords, author, publication, year, etc., or by using subject terms from either MeSH or Thesaurus of Ethics in Life Sciences.

Europeana links you to over 6 million digital images, videos, texts and sounds from over 50 of Europe's museums, galleries, archives and libraries, including the national libraries of most of the European countries such as the British Library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and the Biblioteca Nacional de España. Search results can be limited by language, country, date, provider, and type.

Faculty of 1000 Biology
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
The core service of Faculty of 1000 identifies and evaluates the most important articles in biology and medical research publications. The selection process comprises a peer-nominated global "Faculty" of the world's leading scientists and clinicians who rate the best of the articles they read and explain their importance. The papers are labeled as "recommended," "must read," or "exceptional." You can browse papers within a field, such as microbiology, cell biology, genomics & genetics, and molecular biology or search across all fields.

Faculty of 1000 Medicine
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
The core service of Faculty of 1000 identifies and evaluates the most important articles in biology and medical research publications. The selection process comprises a peer-nominated global "Faculty" of the world's leading scientists and clinicians who rate the best of the articles they read and explain their importance. The papers are labeled as "recommended," "must read," or "exceptional." You can browse papers within a field, such as infectious diseases, cardiovascular disorders, public health & epidemiology, and reseacrh methodology or search across all fields.

GenBank (NIH. National Center for Biotechnology Information)
GenBank is the NIH genetic sequence database that collects all publicly available DNA sequences from scientists worldwide. It can be searched as part of the Nucleotide database.
» GenBank Search
» GenBank Search tips

GenderWatch (ProQuest; 1970s to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
GenderWatch is a full text database of publications that focus on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas. Publications include magazines, academic journals, newspapers, newsletters, books, pamphlets, conference proceedings, and government reports.

GENE-TOX (National Library of Medicine)
Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, GENE-TOX contains genetic toxicology (mutagenicity) test data, resulting from expert peer review of the open scientific literature, on some 3000 chemicals.

Geography (1990 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Please log off when you are done searching.

Geography covers journals in geography (including GIS), city planning, development studies, economics, regional studies, and more.

Global Health (1912 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Global Health Indexes journals, books, reports, conference proceedings,patents, theses, and electronic only publications. Topics include environmental and occupational health, food safety and hygiene, infectious diseases, medical microbiology, nutrition, public health, toxicology, zoonoses, and more. Limited free full text is available for some hard-to-find journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, and research articles from smaller, society and non-English publishers.
» Search Help

NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
The GreenFile database by EBSCO offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. The database provides indexing and abstracts for approximately 295,000 records, as well as Open Access full text for more than 4,600 records. It covers content going back more than 35 years. Journal articles unique to GreenFILE include Bioscience, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Journal of Ecology and Conservation Biology. The freely available public version of GreenFILE allows searching of thousands of the citations in this database with some articles available full text.

Handbook of Latin American Studies (1935 to present)
Citations in the area of Latin American studies from journals, books, and conferences.

HAPI Online (Web version of Hispanic American Periodicals Index) (1970 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Resource for authoritative, worldwide information about Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean basin, the United States-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the United States. HAPI indexes journals published throughout the western world.

HeinOnline (19th century to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Please logout when finished.

Provides the full-text to the issues of many legal journals, most back to volume 1. To search, choose "Law Journal Library." Also provides Federal Register from 1936 to 2008; choose "Federal Register Library."

History of Science, Technology and Medicine (1976 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
Contains citations from the Current Bibliography in the History of Technology, Current Bibliography of the History of Science, Bibliografia Italiana de Storia della Scienza, and Wellcome Bibliography of the History of Medicine. It retrieves citations from journal articles, conference proceedings, books, book reviews, and dissertations in the history of science, the history of technology, and allied historical fields in a variety of languages. Relevant topics include biology, chemistry, and medicine.

Homeland Security Digital Library
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
Includes over 30,000 records for locally held and linked documents on homeland security strategy, policy and research published by international, federal, state and local government agencies as well as research institutions, universities and think tanks. Subject areas within public health include chronic diseases, environmental health, health care management, infectious diseases, and more. Other subject areas include borders and immigration, infrastructure protection, emergency management, terrorism, technology, and more.

HSDB (Hazardous Substances Data Bank)
The National Library of Medicine's HSDB focuses on the toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals. It includes data on human exposure, industrial hygiene, emergency handling procedures, environmental fate, regulatory requirements, properties, laboratory methods, and more. All data are referenced and derived from books, government documents, technical reports and selected primary journal literature.

HSTAT: Health Services/Technology Assessment Texts
HSTAT is a "free, Web-based resource of full-text documents that provide health information and support health-care decision making." Includes evidence reports and technical reviews from the AHRQ, protocols from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), and more. From the National Library of Medicine.

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Includes the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (1981 – present) and the Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective (1918-1981). The Index to Legal Periodicals and Books indexes legal journals, yearbooks, institutes, bar association journals, university publications and law reviews, and government publications from the United States, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The database also indexes some 1,400 monographs per year. The Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective indexes over 500 legal periodicals back to 1918.

IndexCat is the online counterpart of the Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office, 1880-1961. IndexCat has more than 3.7 million references to monographs, dissertations, journal articles, and more. Journal articles were included in Series 1-4, but not in Series 5 (1959-1961). IndexCat is a linked, hierarchical structure. Each IndexCat record is linked to at least one other record. You can view and browse records in the dictionary arrangement of the original printed catalogue and it is possible to use a record retrieved from one search and view items indexed to another subject heading without invoking a new search. Search help is available.

IndMed is a bibliographic database of Indian biomedical research. Over 75 journals are indexed. To search, type your search terms in the search form and then click "Begin search," or one may utilize the Advanced Search function. This web site also provides links to Indian and other biomedical information sources, including online biomedical journals from India.

International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements (1986 to present)
Produced by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture the International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements is a database of published, international, scientific literature on dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. Some citations have abstracts and links to journal web sites.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (ProQuest; 1951 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students
International Bibliography of the Social Sciences is compiled by the British Library of Political and Economic Science of the London School of Economics and Political Science. This database contains bibliographic information from an international selection of publications in the fields of economics, political science, sociology, and anthropology. Records come from more than 100 countries and languages. Most articles and books not in English are provided with an English title translation. Provides citations of journals, books, book reviews, and chapters when multiple authors have worked on a book.

IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System)
IRIS, produced by U.S. EPA, provides data on human health effects that may result from exposure to substances found in the environment. It includes chronic health hazard assessments for noncarcinogenic effects, including RfD and RfC, and carcinogenicty assessments for lifetime exposures.

Journal Citation Reports (Institute for Scientific Information)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Search the JCR Science Edition and the JCR Social Science Edition to evaluate and compare journals using citation data and article counts. Use it to find the high impact journals, most frequently used journals, and the cited half-life of journals. The Science Edition contains data from more than 8,000 journals and the Social Sciences Edition contains data from more than 2,600 journals.

Knovel Library
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
This database contains nearly 2000 titles, several with interactive tables and other "productivity tools." Topics covered include chemistry, materials properties, mechanical engineering, food science, toxicology, and more. Selected titles include:
Environmental Contaminant Reference Databook
Food Chemical Risk Analysis
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Patty's Toxicology
Sittig's Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens

KoreaMed (1997 to present)
KoreaMed "a service of the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (KAMJE), provides access to articles published in Korean medical journals. KoreaMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles."

Labourline contains citations to books, articles, and reports on health and safety issues and on industrial relations. There is also a link to search for technical standards on safety of machinery and ergonomics from European and international standardization organisations. From the European Trade Union Institute and its Health and Safety Department.

LegalTrac (1980 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Covers government regulations, international law, case law, and policy issues. Provides access to major law reviews, and specialty law and bar association journals. Some full text is available.

LexisNexis Academic
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Provides access to full text articles and documents from thousands of news, legal, and business sources.

LILACS: Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences (1982 to present)
Produced by the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information, LILACS covers literature related to the health sciences that has been published in Latin American countries. Contains citations from journals, theses, chapters of theses, books, chapters of books, congress and conference proceedings, technical and scientific reports and governmental publications. This site also provides access to other databases of the Virtual Health Library, such as Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Literature on Adolescence Health, Latin American and Caribbean Basic Health Legislation, and more.


MICROMEDEX Healthcare Series
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Please LOG OFF when you have completed your search.

Click on Micromedex 2.0 to search across multiple databases for "Evidence based information from Micromedex. This includes all the unbiased, referenced information about drugs, toxicology, diseases, acute care, and alternative medicine you need to make informed clinical diagnosis and treatment decisions." Can also search specific tools, such as drug identification, drug interactions, drug comparison, and formulary. Help is available by clicking on the User Guide link at the bottom of the page. mobileMicromedex 2.0 provides web-based access for mobile browsers on iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, and Android. In addition, mobileMicromedex is downloadable to Palm OS and Pocket PC.

National Criminal Justice Reference Services Abstracts Database
The NCJRS database has summaries of criminal justice publications, including government reports, books, journal articles, and unpublished research reports. Includes several public health topics, such as violence and abuse, alcohol and drugs, HIV/AIDS, and more. Includes a browsable alphabetical subject list. NCJRS also has a searchable database of publications with most available either online or by ordering for a fee.

Native Health Databases
Developed by the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center with funds made available by a contract with the Indian Health Service. The Native Health Research Database (1966 to the present) provides access to bibliographic information pertaining to health and medical issues of the American Indian and Alaska Native and Canadian First Nations populations. Basic and Advanced Search are available. The Native Health History Database covers 1652-1966.

Natural Medicines (Formerly Natural Standard & Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
High-quality, reliable information about complementary and alternative therapies to clinicians, patients, and healthcare institutions. Through systematic aggregation and analysis of scientific data, incorporation of historic and folkloric perspectives, consultation with multidisciplinary editorial experts, use of validated grading scales, and blinded peer-review processes, Natural Medicines builds evidence-based and consensus-based content. This content is designed to support safer and more informed therapeutic decisions.

New Jour
Internet list for new journals and newsletters available on the Internet: Gathers together announcements of journal and newsletter web sites. Provides URLs.

"NIOSHTIC-2 is a searchable bibliographic database of occupational safety and health publications, documents, grant reports, and other communication products supported in whole or in part by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)."

NLM Gateway (National Library of Medicine)
NLM Gateway allows users to Meeting Abstracts (AIDS and Health Services) and Health Services Research Projects.

The NTIS Database, produced by the National Technical Information Service, is the primary resource for finding the latest U.S. government-sponsored research and worldwide scientific, technical, engineering, and business-related information.

OLDMEDLINE (1950-1965)
NOTE: OLDMEDLINE citations are subset of PubMed.

PAIS (ProQuest; 1914 - current)
NOTE: Access limited to UC faculty, staff, and students.
The PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) International database includes topics such as health policy, public health, health planning, social policy, and health services. The database is updated monthly and indexes journal articles, books, statistical directories, conference reports, and government reports from over 120 countries.

PapersFirst (OCLC; 1993 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
PapersFirst is an index of papers presented at conferences worldwide. It covers a broad range of disciplines.

A project of the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) and the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Library, PolicyArchive provides digital access to public policy research primarily conducted by think tanks, universities, the government, and foundations. It contains over 27,000 documents and is searchable by title, author, abstract, funder, topic and publication type, among others. The materials covered include reports, theses/dissertations, testimony, book chapters and videos.

PolicyFile (1990 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Indexes and abstracts public policy literature from think tanks, university research programs, research organizations and publishers. The database can be browsed by primary contributor or subject, and all abstracts have been linked to home pages, electronic mail addresses and full text documents, where available. Specific themes include but are not limited to Health Policy and Health Care Reform, Human Rights, Immigration, Science and Technology Policy, and Urban Policy.

Polling the Nations (1986 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Polling the Nations is a compilation of more than 14,000 surveys on over 5,000 topics. The polling was conducted by hundreds of organizations in the United States and more than 90 other countries.

POPLINE (1970 to present)
Maintained by the Population Information Program at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and funded primarily by the United States Agency for International Development, POPLINE (POPulation information onLINE) provides citations with abstracts of the worldwide literature on population, family planning, and related health issues. POPLINE references published and unpublished literature.

Population Index (1986-2000)
Published by the Office of Population Research of Princeton University, Population Index references international population literature. It provides access to books, journal articles, working papers, and other types of population literature.

Proceedings (OCLC; 1993 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Proceedings is an index of worldwide symposia, meetings, and conference proceedings. Each record contains a list of the papers presented at that conference.

Proquest Congressional
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Provides full-text and bibliographic access to Congressional Publications including House and Senate Reports and Documents, Hearings, Committee Prints, bills, laws, legislative histories and more.

Psychology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Contains full-text articles back to volume one from journals published by the American Psychological Association and others. May be searched in several ways including by specifying keywords in the article title, abstract, or the full-text, or by author names and journal titles. Each retrieved record has a link to the full-text article. The database can also be searched for articles of interest by browsing directly through the journal titles and then clicking to the tables of contents for the respective volumes and issues.

PsycINFO (ProQuest; 1806 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Citations from journals in psychology and related disciplines, conference proceedings, books and book chapters, reports and dissertations.

PsycTESTS (American Psychological Association) new
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Provides access to information about psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments including descriptive information about the test and its development and administration. The focus is primarily on unpublished tests, those developed by researchers but not made commercially available. Most (but not all) records include the actual test instrument.

PubChem (A component of NIH's Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative, National Library of Medicine)
PubChem contains the chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities. PubChem's chemical structure database may be searched on the basis of descriptive terms, chemical properties, and structural similarity. When possible, PubChem's chemical structure records are linked to other NCBI databases, including PubMed, ChemIDplus, and NCBI's protein 3D structure database. You may search for unique chemical structures or deposited structure records using text terms such as names, synonyms, keywords, or depositor-supplied identifiers, and for bioassay records using text terms from the bioassay description.
» PubChem Instructional Videos (UCB Chemistry Library)

PubMed (National Library of Medicine; 1949 to present, some earlier content)
NLM's bibliographic database of citations and abstracts from biomedical journals published in the United States and worldwide. PubMed also contains citations entered into MEDLINE but not yet given subject headings and citations supplied electronically by publishers. The link above provides information on the UC Berkeley library holdings for the articles retrieved, as well as access to the full text of articles if available.
» PubMed Help: Guides, Tutorials, and more
» Using "My NCBI" to save searches and create email alerts

Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS)
RTECS is available as one of the ChemKnowledge databases from RightAnswer®. After registering, click on Search on the left sidebar, then click on ChemKnowledge Data. Once at the page, you can select RTECS as the database to search. From the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, RTECS provides toxicological information on over 135,000 chemical substances. Records include include toxicological data and reviews; international workplace exposure limits; references to US standards and regulations; analytical methods; and exposure and hazard survey data.

REHABDATA Literature database (1956 to present)
Produced by the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC), REHABDATA contains over 80,000 documents on physical, mental, and psychiatric disabilities, independent living, vocational rehabilitation, special education, assistive technology, law, employment, and other issues. Three main categories of documents are featured: (1) reports, studies, and papers submitted by projects funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (2) articles published in rehabilitation-related periodicals and (3) commercially published books. Some non-print material is also catalogued. Some documents resulting from government funded research are available full-text.

Resource Guide for Public Health Preparedness
This database includes links to free full-text information including expert guidelines, factsheets, websites, research reports, articles, and other tools aimed at the public health community. All resources may be searched by keyword or browsed by audience type, subject or CDC focus area.

SafetyLit: Injury Prevention Literature Update & Archive Database
This database "provides abstracts of reports from researchers who work in the more than 30 professional disciplines relevant to preventing unintentional injuries, violence, and self-harm. Among these are anthropology, economics, education, engineering specialties, ergonomics and human factors, health and medicine, law and law enforcement, psychology, sociology, and other fields. SafetyLit staff and volunteers regularly hand-examine (issue by issue) more than 3400 current scholarly journals from many nations to find relevant material. This information is maintained in a searchable database that contains more than 225 thousand items. The database contains articles from 4405 journals that are not included in PubMed/Medline." You can sign up for the weekly SafetyLit Update Bulletin for current abstracts to be sent to your in-box.

SciFinder (1800s to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students. Registration required.
SciFinder is for academic use only.

SciFinder has over 34 million citations for journal articles, patents, meeting abstracts, technical reports, and more in biochemistry, organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical chemistry by topic, author, registry numbers, patent numbers, etc. More than 46 million chemical substances may be searched by chemical name, chemical structure, Registry Numbers, and formula. Also include CAS Registry, the authority for finding CAS registry numbers. SciFinder Help, User Guides, and more are available.
» To access SciFinder, register using your @berkeley.edu email address at the registration instructions page
» Once registered, log on. Off-campus access to the web version is available via the proxy server or VPN.
What's in SciFinder

Scopus (Elsevier)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Contains over 50 million records with more than half the content originating from outside North America. Indexes over 21,000 journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, and book series in the sciences, technology, medicine, arts, humanities, and social sciences literature. Includes 100% of the Medline database and more than 23 million patents from the 5 patent offices including U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Cited references available from 1996 forward. A Journal Analyzer tool assesses journal performance. Trial access to Scopus ends on December 31, 2015.
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Smoking and Health Database (CDC)
Focuses on information published in the past 35 years, but some of the information is from the 1800s. Items in the database focus on the scientific, medical, technical, policy, behavioral, legal, and historical literature related to smoking and tobacco use and its effect on health.

Social Work Abstracts (1965 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Index of more than 450 journals on topics such as homelessness, HIV/AIDS, child and family welfare, aging, substance abuse, legislation, community organization, and more.

Sociological Abstracts (ProQuest; 1952 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
The primary database for the literature in sociology; covers demography, education, law, social psychology, and sociology. Sources include journals, books, conferences and meetings, and dissertations.
» Sociological Abstracts Guide

Toxicity and Exposure Assessment for Children's Health (TEACH) Chemical Summaries (US EPA)
"The TEACH chemical summaries each provide information and an overview of concerns to children’s health for each specific chemical of concern. Information is drawn from numerous scientific and U.S. governmental resources, and compiled in one document with links to other resources." Eighteen chemical summaries are available here.

TOXLINE is an extensive collection of online bibliographic information covering the biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals. Almost all of its citations include abstracts and/or indexing terms and CAS Registry Numbers.

TRI (Toxics Release Inventory)
TRI "is a publicly available EPA database that contains information on toxic chemical releases and other waste management activities reported annually by certain covered industry groups as well as federal facilities." TRI lists amounts of accidental and intentional releases, including covert releases when known, of certain chemicals released to the environment. Data are compiled annually.

"TRID is a newly integrated database that combines the records from TRB's Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database and the OECD's Joint Transport Research Centre’s International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Database. TRID provides access to over 900,000 records of transportation research worldwide."

Web of Science (ISI Web of Knowledge)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Includes Science Citation Index Expanded (1900 to present), Social Sciences Citation Index (1900 to present), and Arts and Humanities Citation Index (1975 to present). Each of these large, multidisciplinary databases is searchable alone, or in combination. Links to cited articles and times cited are provided for retrieved articles.
» Cited Reference Searching Exercise
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Women's Studies International (1972 to present)
NOTE: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Consists of several women's studies databases including Women Studies Abstracts. It provides references to books, articles, reports, anthology chapters, and non-print materials.

World Health Organization Regional Databases
"Regional health and medical databases have been compiled to complement the internationally known bibliographical indexes such as MEDLINE. although most of the significant medical periodicals published in developed countries are indexed in the MEDLINE database and similar tools, there is still a considerable amount of important and valuable medical and health documentation from countries outside the major industrialized areas which is not included." Includes:

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