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California Home Page

California County Web Sites
Alphabetical listing of California counties with links to each county's main website. County reports and statistics are available through individual county sites.

California City Websites from the State of California
Includes links to social media where available.

California County and Municipal Codes
(Not all counties and cities have codes online.)

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City Agencies

City of Berkeley Division of Public Health
Includes Health Status Reports, and more.

San Francisco. Department of Public Health.
Provides many full-text reports on San Francisco health issues. Included are AIDS Surveillance Unit Quarterly Reports; Annual HIV Surveillance Report; a new Interactive web-based HIV/AIDS Atlas; Annual Reports of Communicable Diseases in San Francisco; April 2014 Mirant Settlement Progress Report: Potrero Hill Community Health; and San Francisco Monthly STD Reports.
» Building A Healthier San Francisco: A Citywide Collaboration (2011: San Francisco Community Benefit Partnership)

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County Agencies

Alameda County. Public Health Department
Contains some Healthy People objectives for Alameda County, information on communicable diseases, vital statistics such as birth, death, and infant death data, and other reports and data, including city health profiles.

Contra Costa County. Health Services Department
Includes health data on:

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Organizations and Agencies


Air Resources Board
Completed and Ongoing Research: Short descriptions and final reports of all of the ARB Research Division's research projects conducted since January 1989, including those in progress, are available here. Some available back to 1971.

Department of Pesticide Regulation
This site contains information on pesticide laws, regulatory and rulemaking information, data on pesticide use, on pesticide residue on fresh produce, pesticide illness surveillance, and information on exposure, sampling, and more. Also includes links to the U.S. EPA/OPP Pesticide Product, Chemical Ingredients, Product Labels, and Company Information Databases.

Department of Toxic Substances Control

California Green Chemistry Initiative
This DTSC's website includes links to the Final Green Chemistry Report, to comments received and issues raised on the straw Safer Alternative Rules, news and videos, to workshop announcements, international toxics clearinghouse, and a listserv, among others.

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

California Proposition 65 documents

Proposition 65 chemicals list

Environmental Protection Indicators for California (EPIC)
"Environmental indicators are measurements that track environmental conditions over time. When included as part of a planning process, environmental indicators can be used in setting goals and tracking progress toward those goals. The EPIC Project is responsible for maintaining an environmental indicator system to assist environmental programs in evaluating the outcomes of their efforts, and in identifying areas that require more attention."

Toxicity Criteria Database
Search by chemical name or CAS number to find cancer potency information, acute reference exposure levels, chronic exposure reference levels, California public health goals, Proposition 65 information, and more.

Toxics Directory
This directory lists agencies and organizations that can provide information about or have authority over toxic substances and their health effects.

California Bureau of State Audits. State Auditor.
"The State Auditor conducts financial and performance audits as directed by statute, and other government audits requested by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. The State Auditor also administers the California Whistleblower Protection Act."
» Reports from 1993 to the present

California Department of Aging

California Department of Finance
Includes the Demographic, Economic, and Financial Research Unit, which is designated as the single official source of demographic data for State planning and budgeting.

California Demographic Research Unit
Topics of the reports include California city and county population estimates, legal immigration to California by county, and social, economic and housing data for school districts in California.

California Department of Public Health

California Birth Defects Monitoring Program
Brief tables of Birth Defects in California and fact sheets and data on selected birth defects.

California Breathing
California Breathing makes asthma data available for each county in California. This site also includes a toolkit for schools, a childcare video, and free online publications related to asthma in California.

Statistics: public health and vital statistics data

Occupational Health Branch
Surveillance, evaluation, and public education about occupational disease and injury among California workers.

California Department of Industrial Relations
» California Code of Regulations. Title 8 CAL/OSHA Standards.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health

California Department of Managed Health Care
This site includes HMO financial data, data on consumer complaints, Department enforcement actions, and information on getting help from one's HMO.

California Environmental Resource Evaluation Systems (CERES)
"CERES is an information system developed by the California Resources Agency to facilitate access to a variety of electronic data describing California's rich and diverse environments."

California Healthy Kids Resource Center
At this site, one may "access reviewed health education material for free loan, research summaries, school health laws, programs, and consultant servcies, and links to reviewed health education websites". Subjects covered include HIV/AIDS education, nutrition education, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, mental health, and more. A newsletter is also available.

California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
Has some hospital data products: inpatient discharges, utilization, finances and more.

California Rural Health Services Unit (formerly the California Rural Health Policy Council-RHPC)
"The Rural Health Services Unit (RHSU) works to strengthen healthcare systems in rural communities of California and provides a focal point for discussion of rural health issues within the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). The RHSU provides useful resources for rural healthcare providers and the public. In addition, the RHSU serves as a source of information regarding health workforce opportunities for rural areas of California."

California State Home Page - Government

Medical Board of California
The Medical Board of California licenses and disciplines doctors. Consumers can contact the Board to find out license information and to investigate complaints against physicians.

Official California Legislative Information
Includes California Law and current bills and legislation.

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Publications and Databases

California Code of Regulations
Excludes Title 24, California Building Standards.

California Health Interview Survey
"The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is the largest state health survey in the United States. It is a telephone survey conducted every two years on public health topics and access to health care." The web site contains the questionnaires, data files, and AskCHIS, an online data query system. (Requires one-time, free registration).

California State Assembly, Office of the Chief Clerk: Archives
Historical Archives of California State Assembly Journals (1849-2005), Histories and Indexes (1881-2005), and Statutes (1850-2008), are available here. You can read the original statute as it appears in Statutes and Amendments to the Codes. You can also read the bill history, which lists all of the action taken on a bill. And, the Assembly Journals provide information on the legislative intent of bills. Note: many documents on this site are very large PDF files that may take several minutes to download.

California Statistical Abstract
The California Statistical Abstract is "a compilation of data on social, economic, and physical aspects of the State. The volume is a cooperative effort of various government agencies, coordinated and issued annually by the California Department of Finance, Economic Research Unit."

Health Matters in San Francisco
Building a Healthier San Francisco has put together data on the state of health, education, public safety, transportation, economy, and the natural and social environments of San Francisco. This website also has links to many promising practices, organized by those that are evidence-based, an effective practice or a good idea.

Public Health Preparedness in California: Lessons Learned from Seven Health Jurisdictions (RAND Corp., 2004)
This Rand report assesses gaps in California's public health infrastructure, beginning with an assessment of preparedness for a public health emergency. The study makes several findings and recommendations regarding redundancies, jurisdictional issues, and costs.

RAND California: California Statistics
Note: Access limited to UCB faculty, staff, and students.
Query the Rand California databases for population and demographic information (e.g. immigration statistics), quality of life measures (e.g. crime, air quality), health and socioeconomic factors (e.g. public assistance programs, child abuse statistics), and census information.

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
The State and Metropolitan Area Data Book is a local area supplement to Statistical Abstract of the United States. Data is broken down by state and metropolitan area. Data includes but is not limited to population figures; vital statistics; Social Security, Food Stamp, and School Lunch Programs; medicare and medicaid. The full publication is available as a PDF file.

US State Chemicals Policy Database
This database is created and maintained by the Chemicals Policy and Science Initiative (CPSI), a project of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. It can be searched by state, region, chemical, year, status, and policy category. The records in the entire database may be searches as well by entering a keyword such as a bill number, word, or phrase in the box below the pull-down menus.

USA Counties
USA Counties provides data for the United States, 50 states and the District of Columbia, and counties. Some of the general topics covered include age, crime, earnings, education, health, housing, income, population, poverty, and vital statistics.

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