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Organizations and Agencies

American Society for Bioethics and Humanities
"The purpose of ASBH is to promote the exchange of ideas and foster multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and interprofessional scholarship, research, teaching, policy development, professional development, and collegiality among people engaged in all of the endeavors related to clinical and academic bioethics and the health-related humanities." Site includes a News section and some publications.

Canadian Bioethics Society
"The Canadian Bioethics Society seeks to: 1) bring together persons and organizations concerned and involved in bioethics; 2) forge links between them, and provide a forum for the exchange of views and ideas; 3) assist in solving the problems of daily practice, and; 4) develop long term solutions to broader social questions." The web site includes a newsletter and other publications.

Kennedy Institute of Ethics
The Institute produces bibliographic citations relating to bioethics for PubMed and the NLM Gateway, and publishes the Bibliography of Bioethics, the Encyclopedia of Bioethics, and more.

National Information Resources on Ethics and Human Genetics
Includes ETHX and Genetics and Ethics, both of which contain journal articles, analytics, bills, laws, court decisions, reports, news articles and more.

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Publications and Databases

To search for journal articles on this topic, use Indexes and Databases. To locate journals, use the Melvyl catalog, or the UC-eLinks Electronic Journals Search.

The Ethics of Research Related to Healthcare in Developing Countries
"This Report defines the ethical standards for healthcare research in developing countries. It will provide a framework for anyone who is designing or conducting such research. The Report's recommendations focus on standards of care, consent, ethical review of research and what happens when the research is over." From the Nuffield Council on Bioethics (London)

Ethics Updates by LM Hinman, University of San Diego
Meta-page for all types of resources on ethics. Some resources are classical works in moral philosophy, legislative information including court decisions, tables of contents for recent ethics journals, and a glossary of terms.

European Database on Literature of Ethics in Medicine
This database, produced by European Information Network — Ethics in Medicine and Biotechnology contains citations from journal articles, books, bills, court decisions, decrees, governmental publications, guidelines, law, parliamentary publications, dissertations, proceedings, surveys and questionnaires, and more. Some include links to full text. One may search using keywords, author, publication, year, etc., or by using subject terms from either MeSH or Thesaurus of Ethics in Life Sciences.

Human Cloning and Human Dignity: An Ethical Inquiry (July 2002)
This report attempts to "present clear arguments for the relevant moral and policy positions on multiple sides of the questions" surrounding human cloning. From the President's Council on Bioethics.

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Bioethics Resources on the Web (National Institutes of Health)
A comprehensive listing of annotated links in such catagories as government resources, research ethics, organizations, genetics, and health care. Also includes news updates.

National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature (Georgetown University)
Besides havings links to web resources and organizations, this site has extensive bibliographies on bioethics, and provides access to bibliographic databases of bioethics literature.

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