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Public Health 270B: Advanced Toxicology

Debbie Jan (djan@library.berkeley.edu)

Class Webpage: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/PUBL/SPH/PH270B_S10.html

Sheldon Margen Public Health Library
Location: 1 University Hall
Telephone: 642-2511
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Before you start:

  1. Identify your research topic question
  2. Gather your information

  3. Break your topic into individual concepts, listing each concept (with synonyms!)

  4. Find more background information

  5. Add information to your topic individual concepts

  6. Find the missing information to answer your research topic question

  7. Download the framework template

Understand your chemical/substance Find background information and books/reports
Identify the exposure you are looking for
  • Route: inhalation, oral, dermal, ocular, etc:
      » Try IRIS or HSDB
  • Location: occupational, home, school, etc.:
      » Try HSDB or Haz-Map or Tox Town
  • Exposure level: chronic, acute, sub-chronic, etc:
      » Try HSDB or TOXLINE
  • Exposure population: infant, child, adult, pregnant woman, fetus, etc.:
      » Try DART or TOXLINE or PubMed
Find other types of information

Finding California, Federal, and Other Organizations

Understand your chemical/substance:

Find books/reports on your substance:

Search for published research literature:

Search for other literature

Other resources of interest

Other useful Public Health topical webpages:

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