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Quick Search :
1. go to OskiCat    
2. Click on the Course Reserves Tab
     to find materials by COURSE: Select Department + Course Number
  Enter PHYSICS + Number. example = PHYS 8A
Enter ASTRONOMY+ Number. example = ATSTR 10
Once you have the call number of the item, request it in person at the circulation desk.
      to find materials by INSTRUCTOR:
  Select "Instructor Name"
Enter "Instructor's last name" example = Hellman

Request Reserve items with the call number at the Circulation Desk.
For Exams: enter keyword "exam" in OskiCat + add location "Physics-Astronomy Library"
Reserves Policies & Loan Periods: may vary per item.
Reserves are checked out as short term loans, and are No-Renewal.
Limit: 2 reserve items per borrower. Holds, recalls or renewals can not be placed on reserve items.

2-hour reserves are subject to late fees of $2.50 per hour that the library is open, up to a maximum of $60 per item. Fines are automatically generated to the Patrons account.

2-hour + Circulating: may be removed from the Library or overnight check out 2 hours before library closes.
2-hour + Library Use Only: the material may be used for 2-hour period in the Library.
1-Day Loan: the material may be charged out anytime for one-day.

Unreturned materials are subject to billing for replacement at a minimum of $150 per item. Additional fees may apply.
See the Main Library's website for further details on Billing, Blocks & Payments.
bSpace for electronic reserves (
1. Go to the bSpace website at
2. Log in with your CalNet ID.
3. Click on the tab on the top of the screen for your course.
4. Click on "Resources" on the left-hand navigation bar.
5. Click to open the appropriate folder for reserves materials for the course.
6. For more help on how to use bSpace, visit Educational Technology Services Training.
Permanent Reserves
- are in the Physics-Astronomy Library and available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.
Personal Copies & Photocopies: are cataloged in OskiCat.
See the University of California Copyright web site for information about the fair use of copyrighted materials.
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