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The Physics-Astronomy Library provides services to the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Physical Science, Division of the College of Letters & Science, the UC Berkeley campus, and the community. Our research-level collections include materials in all formats, in astronomy, physics, astrophysics, cosmology; atomic, molecular and optical physics; condensed matter; experimental particle physics; theoretical high energy physics, nonlinear dynamics; galaxies, planets, mathematical, chemical and biophysics; unique videos and DVDs of colloquia.

Samantha Teplitzky is the UC Berkeley Library liaison to the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, and provides information about policies, procedures and services, reference consultation, course-related instruction, course reserves, research guides, and manages the purchase of resources, journals, books and other library material. Please contact her with any questions or suggestions.

Current UCB faculty, students, staff and patrons in the library have system-wide access to licensed electronic resources such as scholarly journals, electronic books, print journals and books, abstracts, indexes, data and citation management software.

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   CITED REFERENCE SEARCHES: articles, books, & resources by authors, topics, identify top researchers, tenure & promotion decisions.
  Use Web of Science. Cited Reference Search.
1. Enter Author's Name: Budker, D*
2. Select cited references (or select all) and click "Finish Search". (Look for cited reference variants -different pages of the same article are cited or papers are cited incorrectly.
3. Results page. click on Create Citation Report or Analyze Results.

  DATA MANAGEMENT: review the NSH, NIH & other funding agencies data plan requirements
     • Use EZID to get your own DOI or identifier
     • UC Berkeley & UC Data management resources
     • NSF, National Science Foundation. Data Sharing Policy. Data Management Requirement & FAQ
     • NIH Mandate. National Institute of Public Health, Public Access Policy.
  Open Access (OA) is literature that is available to anyone. An open-access article has limited copyright and licensing restrictions and may be read, downloaded, copied, or distributed. As with any scholarly resource, authors should be properly acknowledged and cited. This usually does not mean free to the authors.
   • Open Access: defined & Scholarly Communication Resources, UC Berkeley Library
   • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) - Physics and Astronomy
   • OASIS. Open Access Scholarly Information Source book.
   • Timeline: Budapest Open Access Initiative (2001); Berlin Declaration on Open Access (2003);
     Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity. UC Berkeley Library +
  The compact for open-access publishing equity supports equity of the business models by committing each university to "the timely establishment of durable mechanisms for underwriting reasonable publication charges for articles written by its faculty and published in fee-based open-access journals and for which other institutions would not be expected to provide funds."

    Publishing Models:
  OPEN - freely available, no copyright transfer, = PloS, BioMed Central
FREE - after an embargo period, the publisher makes the article available, = PNAS, JBC and Highwire Press Publishers.
PAID or HYBRID - option to pay to make the article freely available on publication, = AIP Author Select, Oxford, Royal society.
PUBLIC - freely available as a result of a funding agency mandate, NSF or NIH. = PubMed as a result of the NIH mandate.

    Funding Open Access Article Publication
  BRII. Berkeley Research Impact Initiative. BRII funding will cover some of the costs of open access fees.
UC Memberships provide a reduced price.
HHMI support is available.

    Find Journals that use alternate forms of publishing:
  Directory of Online Journals (DOJA):
Publishers: check each for copyright & self-archivng policies

    Find Quantitative Information about Journals:
  Impact Factor from Journal Citation Reports:
Journal cost-effectiveness:

  UC Berkeley Resources
   • Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for Electronic Resource (pdf)
   • Copyright Resources at UC Berkeley
   • Copyright in Teaching, Research and Publishing. UC Berkeley Library
   • Creative Commons, Science. What is this?
   • PARC. Scholarly Publishing and Academic Research Coalition.
   • Manage Your Rights -- UC Berkeley Scholarly Communication. cover issues, proposed changes, & new models.
   • UC University of California Copyright information and links.
   • UC Office of Scholarly Communication. Reshaping Scholarly Communication
  Scholarly communication is defined as the system in which information or data are created (by scholars), distributed (by publishers), disseminated, preserved, and organized (by libraries). The soaring cost of published information has put this system at risk. At UC Berkeley Library, Scholarly Communication, you can learn more about how the crisis in scholarly communication, what you can do to support changes in the current system and how to take advantage of new technologies.

Visit the University of California's eScholarship repository to find out how you can have more direct control over the creation and dissemination of your scholarship.

The UC Libraries and campuses are involved in current scholarly publishing endeavors and events; new technologies, the escalating cost of digital resources, and market issues have all contributed to change the scholarly communication landscape.
Consult a Librarian and/or the links below for more information

   Collections: Find Ebooks. Use Uc-eLinks for holdings information and links to electronic text. UC eLinks
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