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Federal Funding Agencies: Data Management & Sharing Policies
The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-110 provides the federal administrative requirements for grants and agreements with institutions of higher education, hospitals and other non-profit organizations. In 1999 Circular A-110 was revised to provide public access under some circumstances to research data through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Funding agencies have implemented the OMB requirement in various ways. This table summarizes the data management and sharing requirements of primary US federal funding agencies.
DATA MANAGEMENT - use for planning lists, software, publishing requirements, sharing data.
 University of California Resources
   • UC3, University of California Data Curation Center - California Digital Library.
   • EZID - create a persistant DOI or ARK. ~understanding identifiers (CDL)
   • Manage Your Data - develope a Data Management Plan, use the DMPTool (Data Management Planning Tool) (CDL)
   • Scientific Data Services -- Science Libraries @ UC Berkeley
   • UC Berkeley Data Services Management, IST.
USEFUL sites:
   • Data Conservancy Organization, NSF. uses data curation to collect, organize, & preserve data. Will work with arXiv.
   • Many Eyes: data visualization tools from IBM.
   • MIT, Data Planning Checklist, MIT, Data Management & Publishing.
   • NSF, National Science Foundation Data Managment Policies & Procedures. Institutional Initiatives (utube video)
   • NSF FAQ -- Data Management & Sharing Frequently Asked Questions
   • NIH, National Institute of Health, Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance
   • NIPH, National Institute of Public Health, Public Access Policy.
   • BRII. Berkeley Research Impact Initiative, support for authors publishing in open access journals
   • Copyright Resources at UC Berkeley.
   • Copyright in Teaching, Research and Publishing. UC Berkeley Library
   • Creative Commons, Science. • What is this? - Science Commons - links to Open Data resources, PLOS.
   • OASIS. Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook.
   • SPARC. Scholarly Publishing and Academic Research Coalition
   • UC Berkeley Scholarly Communication. cover issues, proposed changes, & new models.
   • UC University of California Copyright information and links.
   • UC Office of Scholarly Communication. Reshaping Scholarly Communication.
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