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Borrowing & Circulation Information & Policies
      UC Berkeley students, faculty, staff and members of the public are welcome to visit the Physics-Astronomy Library.
Library Cards + Policies Renewals & Inventory
Loan Periods Returning Library Materials & Receipts
OskiCat Overdue Library material, billing, blocks, payments
Melvyl: UC system: use Request Replacement Bills & Overdue Fines
Recalls, Searches & Holds Reserves Policies
NRLF / OskiCat Request Lost or Damaged Library Materials
Interlibrary Loan, RLCP & Baker (non-UCB items) Guest Account Information
Library notifications by email  
 •  Current UC Berkeley students, faculty, & staff can borrow materials, access the internet, scan & print using your Cal 1 Card & CalNet ID.
 •  LBNL patrons use their current employee badge to check out library materials & access electronic library resources. For questions, visit or call the Library Privileges Desk. LBNL staff members check with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).
 •  Postdoctoral and Visiting scholars. Borrowing privileges and other services are offered to the Cal community of visiting scholars. After registering with Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA), take the valid registration card to the Library Privileges Desk to obtain a Library card.
See Library Services for Visiting Scholars for more information.
 •  Research access in the Library, is available to all visitors & includes use of catalogs, article databases and licensed library resources, to websites in the .edu, .gov, and .org domains (details).
 •  Others may obtain a library card at the Library Privileges Desk in Doe Library.
- Consult Borrowing for details on obtaining and using library cards.
- Consult "Connecting from Off Campus" for information on access to online collections.
 •  Responsibilities of Borrowers
Presentation of your library borrowing card when checking out materials signals an agreement on your part to abide by library rules and procedures for using and returning items. You will be held responsible for all materials until they have been returned to the library where they were borrowed. Library materials must be checked out at least 15 minutes prior to closing time.
 •  Policies for Library Users
The Library Code of Conduct & Library Computer Use Policy fully document the Library's standards for use of our facilities, collections and services.
 •  Note:
  1. Removing or attempting to remove library materials, equipment or property without proper checkout or other official library authorization. If the alarm sounds, your backpack or bags will be checked by the library staff.
  2. Failing to either renew or return library materials when due.
  3. Concealing library materials in the Library for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
  4. Mutilating library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding, removing electronic theft devices, using post-its and paper clips or in any other way damaging or defacing library materials.
  5. Eating and drinking in the Library.
  6. Smoking in buildings or near entrances and exits.
  7. Use of smokeless tobacco.
  8. Failing to adhere to copyright laws, including systematically downloading, printing, or disseminating content from UCB-licensed electronic resources in violation of copyright laws.
  For further questions contact: Privileges Desk in Doe Library, 510-642-3403, or see the Library's privacy policies for more information.
 •  Faculty, Library Staff: (UCB, Stanford, GTU): 1 month. (Limit: 300)
 •  Graduate Students, Visiting Scholars, Postdocs (UCB, Stanford): 1 month. (limit: 200)
 •  Undergraduate students, non-library staff: 1 month. (limit: 100)
 •  Non UC Borrowers (Alumni, CSU students, CA residents): (limit: 20)
Books 1 month, renewals 11 times.
Journals 1 week
Reserves 2 hours, 1 day or 1 week (no renewal)
Reference Library use only
Folios 14 days
Special Collection Library use only
 OskiCat (UC Berkeley)
 •  Use to borrow, check or renew your own inventory, request from NRLF, add search, recalls, holds...
 •  Login 2 ways to log into My OskiCat: use your Calnet ID & passphrase OR use the PatronID/Pin
        1. UC Berkeley CalNet ID Login. UC Berkeley faculty, students & staff enter your - CalNet identity & passphrase
      2. Patron /PIN Login: All Library & Cal 1 Card holders.
         1. Enter your first or last name.
         2. Enter the number on your Cal 1 Card, or on your Library card, or your Stanford University ID number.
         3. Enter your library PIN: birth month birth day. Reset your PIN if needed, go to My OskiCat login screen.
 •  Use My OskiCat - to renew your library materials; for request; to place holds; & manage your lists.
 •  OskiCat : Use Request for items stored at NRLF. For more information re: OskiCat CalNet login and pin.  
               • If your item is located at NRLF, the record will show the REQUEST link.
             • Click on REQUEST, Enter your name, CalNetID number, and PIN (birth month birth day).
             • Fill out the form completely; include your pickup location. • You will receive a successful notification.
             • [Requested books will normally be available for pickup at your entered location in 24-48 hours.]
    For more information go to: Help - My OskiCat.
 •  Use for searching for books, ebooks, journals, articles, proceedings, gov docs & more.
 •  University of California students, faculty, & staff use Request for items not available at your home campus.
 •  Click Request from the Item Details (full record) display of a Melvyl record.
 •  You can also click on the "Request It" link in the UC-eLinks menu. Use for single items or multiple records.
 •  UC alumni and users from other institutions wishing to obtain UC materials via Interlibrary Loan must initiate Interlibrary Loan requests from their local public library, their corporate library, or for those currently enrolled/employed at another academic institution, their current campus library.
 •  Recalls: Library cardholders with borrowing privileges may use REQUEST via My OskiCat to recall or hold items checked out by another borrower. Recalled items should be available within one week (7 days), you will be notified by e-mail when the item is available for pick up. More than one recall will be handled in the order placed. Recalled materials must be returned by the new requested due date. Items not returned may incur fines, blocked borrowing privileges and replacement fees.

 •  Searches: Search requests for materials not found on the shelf and not checked out may be placed at any circulation desk. Borrowers will be notified by e-mail when search requests have been located.

 •  Holds: May be placed at the library circulation desk, on items not available for circulation. Items will be held for 7-10 days, under patron name. Pickups, recall and overdue notices, bill warnings, and search notices will be sent via e-mail. More information about the e-mail notification service.
 •  NRLF is an off-campus storage facility. Many older books & journals in the Physics-Astronomy Library collection are in NRLF due to lack of space and infrequent use. Request material from storage/NRLF online via OskiCat, Melvyl or at the circulation desk. Retrieval usually takes 1-2 days, excluding weekends. Holders of valid UC library borrower's cards may visit NRLF in person. A shuttle bus service is available.
  For more information, see:

  UC Berkeley faculty, students, staff and LBNL patrons:
 •  Interlibrary borrowing: obtain materials from other institutions; *view My ILL Requests*; Tutorial; FAQ
 • BAKER: fee-based document & book delivery service for UCB faculty, staff, graduate students, and UCOP staff.
 • LBNL patrons may use Baker or Request in OskiCat or Melvyl to obtain materials.
 • Research Library Cooperative Program (RLCP): Borrow materials from Stanford & UT Austin. See RLCP for eligibility.
  non-UC Berkeley users and institutions
 •  Interlibrary Borrowing: for institutional borrowers in the US & Canada.
 •  Photoduplication services: for UC Berkeley Library items.
 •  Special Library Access document delivery services: provides access to the resources of UC Berkeley Libraries for libraries, information centers, corporations, and other organizations on a subscriber basis.
  Keep your email address up-to-date; library notifications are by EMAIL ONLY.
  Update your email address:
 •  Library materials can be returned to the Library Circulation desk or the hall book return during open hours.
 •  Reserve items should be returned, on time, to the Physics-Astronomy Library.
 •  Use the after-hours book return, when the Library is closed, located outside the south entrance of Le Conte Hall, between Le Conte & Birge.
 •  All borrowers are responsible for Library materials until the items are returned to the Physics-Astronomy Library.
 •  Library materials can be returned to any campus lbirary or boks retrun; borrowers are responsible until the item is checked in.
 •  Receipts for returned Physics-Astronomy Library materials may be issued on request at the time the materials are returned
 •  Patrons will receive a courtesy email 3 days before library materials are due. Library borrowers must return or renew items by their due date.
 •  When an item becomes overdue, borrowing privileges may be blocked until the item is returned. Billing at UC Berkeley.
Fines are automatically generated for overdue items.
 •  Immediately report lost materials and problems with overdue fines or replacement bills to the Physics-Astronomy Librarian or staff member.
 •  Unheeded overdue notices are followed by automatic blocking of library privileges and a bill for replacement.
The minimum standard replacement fee of $150 (more if the actual replacement cost is higher) is charged for each item, plus a non-refundable $10 processing charge for each item billed. Autoblocking prevents the borrower from borrowing materials from any library on campus.
Library fines are added to replacement bills for recalled items. Overdue accounts are charged interest.
 •  UC Berkeley Library Billing for more Information.
 •  Patrons with overdue reserve or recalled materials will have borrowing privileges blocked until the items are returned.
 •  Overdue 2-hour loan items incur a fine of $10 per day up to a maximum of $50. Any overdue 2-hour, library use, 1-day, or recalled item which is billed for replacement incurs a fine of $50, plus a non-refundable $10 processing charge for each item billed.
 •  Reserves are checked out as short-term loans, and are non-renewablel.
 •  Limit: 2 reserve items per borrower. Holds, recalls or renewals can not be placed on reserve items.
2-hour reserves are subject to late fees of $2.50 per hour that the library is open, up to a maximum of $60 per item. Fines are automatically generated to the Patrons account.
    • 2-hour + Circulating: may be removed from the Library or overnight check out 2 hours before library closes.
    • 2-hour + Library Use Only: the material may be used for 2-hour period in the Library.
    • 1-Day Loan: the material may be charged out anytime for one-day.
 •  Unreturned materials are subject to billing for replacement at a minimum of $150 per item. Additional fees may apply. See the Main Library's website for further details on Billing, Blocks & Payments.

  More information click on: Course Reserves
     Finding items on reserve for classes
     Placing items on reserve
    Permanent reserves are listed in OskiCat and are shelved behind the circulation desk.  
  To find course reserves:
 •  Go to My OskiCat -- Click on "Course Reserves" tab.
  To find material by course: Select: Department & Course Number
             Enter: PHYS [course] for physics
             Enter: ASTR [course} for astronomy
  To find materials by instructor's name: Select "Instructor Name" Enter: Hellman
 •  Bring the item call number to the CIRCULATION Desk, reserve items are checked out with a valid ID or library card (no exceptions). Most reserve items circulate for 2 hours, cannot be renewed, and must be returned to the Physics-Astronomy Library on time. Fines are automatically generated.
  *To place materials on reserve - see Course Reserves (separate page with online forms and links).
 •  If an item is damaged or lost, borrowers are liable for charges incurred to repair or replace the item. A borrower may replace lost or damaged materials with copies acceptable to the lending library. Arrangements should be made with the lending library before a replacement is purchased. The Library offers advice on how to find replacements for lost library books and serials.
 •  Replacement costs ($150 default/book or the actual cost of the item, which ever is higher) and processing fees are charged for overdue materials that are not returned. Unpaid bills are forwarded to a collection agency.
 •  Direct all questions about bills, and blocked or revoked privileges to the Privileges Desk (Doe Library, floor 1). Staff may be contacted by phone, 510-642-3403, or e-mail
  GUEST ACCOUNT INFORMATION:   Airbears Guest Account Services Policy, The Library. rev. October 2006
 •  It is UC Berkeley Library policy that Library staff, in the normal course of their work assignment, may NOT sponsor guest accounts on the UC Berkeley Airbears wireless network.
 •  The Airbears guest account service is not to be provided by individuals while on duty at reference or public service desks. Under the current campus guest account configurations, any negative behavior on the part of the guest will reflect on and possibly adversely affect the status of the Library staff member. With no ability to ensure compliant activity, The Library cannot support individuals providing AirBears guest accounts.
 •  Guest Account Services, The UC Berkeley Campus
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