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  Selected Titles:
Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium / National Research Council. QB61.N375 2001 PHYS
Chemistry of the Elements
Consolidated Lunar Atlas.
The Crystal Lattice / Arnold Kosevich. 2nd rev. ed.
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics / D. R. Lide, ed. QD65.C5 PHYS
Diffraction, Fourier Optics, and Imaging / Okan Ersoy. QC415.E77 2007 PHYS
Deterministic Chaos / Heinz Schuster. QC174.84.S381 2005
Econophysics and Sociophysics / Bikas Chakrabarti
Fermilab Technical Publications (1970- )
A field guide for science writers, 2nd ed. / Deborah Blum. T11. F52. 2006 PHYS
Fields / Warren Siegel
Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter/ Hagen Kleinert, 1989. QC175.4.K52 1989 PHYS
Vol. 1, Superflow and Vortex Lines
Vol. 2, Stresses and Defects
Handbook of Chaos Control / Heinz Schuster. QA402.35.H36 2008 PHYS
Handbook of Graphs and Networks / Stefan Bornholdt
Handbook of Mathematical Functions / M. Abramowitz, et. al. QA 47 A4 1964 2006 PHYS
HEPDOC - High Energy Physics Documents (CERN, Desy, KEK, SLAC)
Interactions in Ultracold Gases / Matthias Weidemuller. QC161.W45 2003 PHYS
International Tables for Crystallography (2006)
Volume A - Space-group symmetry
Volume A1 -Symmetry relations between space groups
Volume B - Reciprocal space
Volume C - Mathematical, physical and chemical tables
Volume D - Physical properties of crystals
Volume E - Subperiodic groups
Volume F - Crystallography of biological macromolecules
Volume G - Definition and exchange of crystallographic data
Journal Citation Reports
Kaye & Laby. Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants. QC61. K3 1995 Reference PHYS
Landbolt-Bornstein Online - USE -
Lecture Notes in Physics (2000)-(Springer) series books are cataloged by title.
Light and Matter series
Mathematical Methods for physicists, 6th ed. / George B. Arfken. QA37.3.A74 2005 PHYS
The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism / Henry William Watson, 1885-1889.
Vol. 1, Electrostatics
Vol. 2, Magnetism and Electrodynamics
Microoptics, 2nd rev.,enlarged ed. / Stefan Sinzinger, Jurgen Jahns. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, c2003.
Motion Mountain Textbook / (C. Schiller)
Numerical Recipes:
Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd ed
Numerical Recipes in Fortran, 2nd ed.
Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90
OnLine Books, University of Pennsylvania
Optics: principles & applications / by K.K. Sharma. Academic Press, c2006. QC355.3 S537 2002 PHYS
PLC/Polymers & Liquid Crystals. The Polymers & Liquid Crystals (PLC) covers polymer, liquid crystal science & device topics.
Quantum Theory of Optical Coherence / Roy Glauber. QC476.C6.G53 2007 PHYS
Quasicrystals: Structure and Physical Properties /Hans-Rainer Trebin Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, c2003. e only.
Radiative Processes in Atomic Physics / Krainov. e only.
Relativity: the Special and General Theory / Albert Einstein, 1920. Print: QC173.55 .E384513 2006 PHYS
Selected papers of Richard Feynman / Richard Philips Feynman. Print: QC3.F4513 2000 PHYS
Special Relativity and Motions Faster than Light / Moses Fayngold. QC173.65.F39 2002 PHYS
SLAC Publications. Stanford Linear Accelerator.
Solid-state sciences (Springerlink)
Springer proceedings in physics. (2003)--
Springer Protocols
Springer series in chemical physics
Springer series in surface sciences
Springer series on atomic, optical and plasma physics
Springer Tracts in Modern Physics (Springer) v.165 (2000)-book series.
Statistical Physics of Particles/ Kardar. via Cambridge University Press, 2007, ebook 2012.
Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants/ Kaye & Laby. QC61. K3 1995 Reference PHYS
Thermal Physics / Ralph Baierlein. via Cambridge University Press, 1999, ebook 2012.
Topics in Applied Physics (Springer) v.77 (2000)-
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