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  Tips for Importing Citations from Top Databases

recommended EndNote: is a bibliographic management program produced by Thomson/ISI. It may be purchased from UC Berkeley's Scholar's Workstation, Software Central. Citations saved in Refworks can be exported to EndNote.
New: My Endnote Web.

recommended UCB Only is a web-based bibliographic management program, licensed by The Library for current UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students. Refworks can be used independently or as a complement to EndNote. Create your own account at

recommended TeX is a typesetting language used for technical and scientific document preparation. LaTeX is the program that takes a plain text file and converts into TeX; BibTeX is a tool that is used with LaTeX to create bibliographies.
The TeX Users Group (TUG) includes a definition, FAQ, how to use TeX and lots of links.
Endnote has a Bibtex output style that will format your citations into TeX.

recommended Software for Science Reference Management. (good list of many free programs for the MAC & PC: BibDesk, Papers, Refworks, EndNote, CiteULink, Mendeley & more.

recommended Zotero: is a Firefox extension that works exclusively with the Firefox browser. Citations may be exported to EndNote.

Tutorials: Managing Citations & Documents: web guide for astronomy & physics.
           UC Berkeley Library Online tutorials:
directory on Public Health Library’s web site.
           EndNote X4 Class training document.
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Tips for Importing, Downloading and Exporting Citations from Top Databases
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           Apply the following Instructions to other indexes provided by each vendor. It may help to turn off popups.
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