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  Astronomy Research Guide

  AstroLinks: is a selected list of links to campus resources, institutes, societies, & laboratories.  Society links include the latest news, professional directories, job and grant information. Use the Astronomy Resources Guide for research links.
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Gateways, Resource Guides
Societies and Laboratories
UC Berkeley Campus
    Other Links:
eJournals: Electronic Journals & Book Series for Physics & Astronomy | eJournals A to Z (UC)
Indexes: Core Physics & Astronomy Databases
Books: OskiCat, Melvyl + Other catalogs
Gateways, Resource Guides
  ADS: includes three bibliographic databases: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, and arXiv e-prints.
  ASTRO 10: library research guide. Focused astronomy resources and general science writing guide.
  ARIBIB: Astronomisches Rechen-Institut BIBliographical Database for Astronomical References.
Includes Astronomy & Astrophysics Abstracts, 1969-2000.
  Popular Astronomy Links - UC Berkeley's Astronomy Department comprehensive list of links.
  Women in Astronomy: an introductory resource guide to materials in English. Astronomical Society of the Pacific
  Educational Resources. Links for teaching. Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
  Glossary / terminology
  StarDate online -- Astronomy Glossary with definitions. Maintained by the University of Texas.
UC Berkeley +
Astronomy Department - Other Resources (list of societies, indexes,
Departments: Earth and Planetary Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics
Office for History of Science and Technology, UCB
Radio Astronomy Lab
Society of Physics Students (National Organization), includes links to publications, current events, job information and more.
Space Sciences Laboratory - Research
Theoretical Astrophysics Center
The Miller Institute

Institutes, Societies & Laboratories +
American Astronomical Society (AAS) - AAS Membership Directory (members-only website)
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) -
Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)
CERN: European Laboratory for Particle Physics (Switzerland)
European Physical Society (EPS)
Fermi National Accelerator Lab (FERMI)
Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi)
International Astronomical Union - IAU
Institute for Nonlinear Science (UCSD)
Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Germany)
Royal Astronomical Society, founded in 1820, London.
Nobel Prize Winners - Gateway to selected science information by U.S. Government agencies.® commercial site with space, astronomy and technology content.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center  (SLAC)
  - HEP Names World-wide directory of persons related to particle physics
  - Particle Physics Information
  - SPIRES HEP Jobs Database (SLAC and Fermilab libraries)
UC Naval Observatory: Oceanography Portal. includes time, earth orientation, astronomy, meteorology, oceanography and ice sites and data.
Yahoo Science - Astronomy - includes many links to resources for Astrophysics, Cosmology, Dark Matter, and more
4000 Years of Women in Science
History of Astronomy. huge list of links to many site on the history of astronomy.
Journal for the History of Astronomy. Print in Physics-Astronomy Library, QB15 .J68
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