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Optometry and Health Sciences Library

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Placing Items on Reserve

When requesting that items be placed on reserve, please follow the guidelines below.

Please provide the following:

Reserve lists should be submitted as soon as possible to allow adequate time for processing. It can often take as much as a month to have all the items returned by patrons and received back in the library. Lists are processed in the order they are received. Those requests arriving late may not be processed in time for students to have access to the material when they need it.

You can send your course reserve request to Jenna Kreiss ("jkreiss" [at] "library.berkeley.edu").

Personal Copies and Photocopies

Instructors may put personal copies of books and photocopied articles on reserve.

We encourage "batching" of photocopied articles. (e.g. "First Week's Readings" or "Readings for October"). They can be processed more quickly as a unit and are easier for students and staff to identify. Provide an adequate number of copies for the size of your class.

To place your request please contact Jenna Kreiss ("jkreiss" [at] "library.berkeley.edu") in the Optometry Library.

Note: The Copyright Law of the United States governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. In accepting photocopies for reserves the UC Berkeley Library assumes that the copy or copies have been made in compliance with the fair use provisions of section 107.

Electronic Course Reserves

Faculty have the option of making many of their course reserve items accessible to their students online. bSpace is the UC Berkeley collaborative learning environment, which can be used to house electronic course reserves.

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