Cumulative Deposits at NRLF as of 6/30/2009
for UCI, UCLA, UCSB, UC Libraries (Shared Print),
Secretary of the UC Regents, & California State Library
Owning Item  Volume Manuscript
Location Form/Format Packaging Count Equivalent Units
UCI Conservation Microfilm Reel Cabinet 796 216.31
UCLA Conservation Microfilm Reel Cabinet 842 228.81
UCSB Conservation Microfilm Reel Cabinet 4 1.09
UC Libraries  (a) Volume Volume 1,876 1,876.00
Secty. of The UC Regents UC Archival Mat'l Slipcase 218 684.15 72.90
Secty. of The UC Regents Volume Volume 32 32.00
California State Library Volume Volume 17,391 17,391.00  
Total 21,159 20,429.36
(a)  IEEE Shared Print Collection: Contributors are: UCB Engineering Library (613 vols), UCB Main Library (2 vols), UCB Physics Library (54 vols), UCD Physical Sciences & Engineering Library (1108 vols), and UCSF General Library (99 vols).