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Traditional Course Reserves policies are consistent across campus libraries. In the Music Library there are several additional classes of materials on Reserve:

Permanent Reserves. Certain Music Library materials under heavy demand are placed in the Permanent Reserve Collection, where they circulate for shorter periods of time. These materials are identified in the OskiCat online catalog and can be retrieved at the Circulation Desk by requesting the item by call number. The loan period for items on Permanent Reserve is two hours; items are restricted to building use only.

Online Audio Course Reserves. The Digital Music Network, also called MusiLAN for Music Local Area Network, is also used for listening reserves in several music courses. DMN is a virtual library of recordings that faculty and instructors have placed on reserve for their classes in a given semester. This on-demand depository provides CD-quality streamed audio, and can also display listening notes and musical scores, to users from computer workstations in the Music Library.

Online music reserves are not found by searching UCB catalogs, but are listed online by course on the DMN homepage. Students can access streamed audio files and the related accompanying materials at stations 1-39 (excluding 21-22 and 31) of the Listening & Computer Room (106) by selecting the "MUSILAN ( Music Listening Reserves)" icon on the computer desktop. Headphones are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. Downloading of music and printing of listening notes and/or pamphlets are not permitted.

Information for Instructors. Most material in Music Library collections is available for use in traditional course reserves. Monographs and some journal titles found in other UC Berkeley Library collectionsówith the exception of material owned by Graduate Services Library, The Bancroft Library, and other library rare book collectionsócan also be put on reserve in Music, as can personal copies of items and duplicated materials.

There are two ways to submit/request items for course reserves:

NB: Do not bring materials checked out to you from other libraries to music reserves processing. Items from other UC library collections should be returned to the owning library and instead a citation provided to the Music Library reserves processor, Cheryl Griffith Peel.
  • Bring course syllabi, bibliographies or lists of items to the reserves processor, who will assemble the materials. Informal notes on scratch paper or print-outs of catalog records are accepted when accompanied by course/instructor information. Lists may also be submitted through campus mail or email.

If you have any questions about placing materials on course reserve in the Music Library, please contact Cheryl Griffith Peel, Music Library Reserves, M, Tu, Th or F between 11am and 4pm, or call 643-5556.

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