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Musical quote of J.S. Bach, Musical Offering

from J.S. Bach's "Musical Offering"

Chapter Officers

Patricia Stroh
San Jose State University
Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0171

Vice Chairs/Chairs Elect
Veronica Alzalde Wells
Tom Bickley

Past Chair
Nancy Lorimer
Stanford University
Braun Music Center
541 Lasuen Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-3076

Allison Rea
Hargrove Music Library
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000


Web/Newsletter Editor
Manuel Erviti
Hargrove Music Library
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

The Northern and Southern Chapters of the Music Library Association merged at the beginning of 2013 and the website of the new California Chapter MLACC is live!

For the latest Chapter information please direct your browser to MLACC Web Committee members James Soe Nyun (chair), Jonathan Manton, and Stephanie Hartono are to be thanked for their dedication and hard work to get the site running!


MLA logo   The Music Library Association (MLA) is a professional organization in the United States devoted to music librarianship and all aspects of music materials in libraries. Local chapters promote cooperation among music librarians and among libraries within a given region and provide a forum for discussion of library matters.

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The Northern California Chapter (NCC) is open to anyone interested in music and libraries, specifically addressing the work of librarians and support staff from many kinds of institutions—public libraries, academic libraries, conservatory libraries, performing organizations, etc.—as well as that of musicologists and music vendors in Northern California.

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The Northern California Chapter: A History and Chronology, Mimi Tashiro

How To Join

Membership is a great way to network with others who do the kind of work you do and a great resource for sharing ideas. Please note that membership in national MLA is not a requirement for joining the Northern California Chapter.

MLA/NCC Annual Membership Form

The membership year runs from September 1 to August 31. Dues are $10 per year, payable in person at the regular fall meeting of each year or by mail sent to the chapter Secretary/Treasurer.


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