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  1. NAME
    This organization shall be known as the Northern California Chapter of the Music Library Association.
    1. The purposes of this Chapter shall be:
      1. To promote the purposes of the national Music Library Association as set forth in its constitution;
      2. To bring together all persons in the region interested in music libraries and collections;
      3. To establish communication with libraries not affiliated with the Music Library Association, and to determine how the Chapter may be helpful to the individual library;
      4. To stimulate professional activities among the members by exchanging ideas, discussing problems, and other means;
      5. To initiate and encourage studies to. improve the organization, administration, and scope of music collections in the libraries represented by members.
    2. The Chapter is a non-stock, non-profit organization organized and operated exclusively for said purposes. No part of the net earnings of the Chapter shall inure to the benefit of any individual. No officer, member, or delegate of a member shall, as such, receive compensation except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services of the employees of the Association.
  3. MEMBERSHIP top of page
    1. Qualifications for membership.
      1. Any person who is interested in the purposes of the organization is eligible for membership.
      2. Eligible persons shall be considered regular members upon payment of the annual dues.
    2. Privileges of members.
      1. Only regular members shall be entitled to vote at business meetings or through mailed ballots.
      2. Regular members shall receive all mailings issued by the organization.
    3. Dues
      1. Amount of dues
        1. The amount of the annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Board, subject to approval by a majority of the regular members, provided there is a quorum and provided that such approval occurs after no fewer than thirty days' advance notice. Changes may also be proposed by any regular member.
        2. Approved changes in dues voted upon shall be effective at a time determined by the Executive Board, subject to approval by a majority of the regular members, provided there is a quorum.
      2. Dues shall be payable in person or by mail to the Secretary- Treasurer at the regular fall meeting of each year.
      3. If a member's dues remain unpaid for one year, the membership will be considered terminated and the member's name withdrawn from the membership roster.
      4. The categories of membership shall be:
        1. Regular active
        2. Student
        3. Retired
    4. The membership year shall be from September 1 to August 31.
    5. Outreach.
      1. First-time attendees grant.
        In order to encourage new membership, MLA/NCC may provide monetary compensation for travel and meal expenses to one or more first-time attendees to a chapter meeting. Applications are encouraged from music librarians, paraprofessional staff, library and/or music students, and others who are not necessarily music librarians but work in a related field. The Executive Board will review letters of application submitted prior to the chapter meeting. More than one grant may be awarded.
  4. OFFICERS top of page
    1. Eligibility for office.
      1. Any regular member is eligible for election to office.
      2. During their terms of service, the officers shall be members of the national Music Library Association.
    2. The elected officers of the Chapter shall be:
      1. a Chair
      2. a Vice- Chair/Chair Elect
      3. a Past Chair and
      4. a Secretary-Treasurer. The elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board and shall be the governing body.
    3. Duties of the officers.
      1. The Chair shall:
        1. Call and preside at all Chapter and Executive Board meetings.
        2. Appoint the newsletter editor, heads of committees, and other individuals as needed.
        3. Act as ex-officio member of the Program and Membership Committees.
        4. Act as liaison between the Chapter and the national Music Library Association, Inc.
        5. File an annual report of Chapter activities and a list of Chapter officers with the Music Library Association, Inc., as required in its constitution.
        6. Perform other duties as customarily pertain to the office of Chair.
      2. The Vice-Chair/Chair-elect shall serve as Chair of the Program Committee and shall act as temporary chief executive officer in the event of the Chair's inability to serve.
      3. The Past Chair shall act as temporary chief executive officer in the event that both the Chair and the Vice-Chair/Chair-elect are unable to serve.
      4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:
        1. Keep a record of the proceedings at each Chapter meeting, to be read at the following regular meeting.
        2. Issue notices and agenda of meetings, after consultation with the Executive Board.
        3. Conduct correspondence relating to finances, and other correspondence as directed by the Chair.
        4. Handle all financial accounts and keep an accurate record of all income and expenditure, to be reported at each regular meeting.
        5. Collect dues.
        6. Record the minutes of the Executive Board meetings.
    4. Terms of office.
      1. The term of office of the Vice-Chair/Chair/Past Chair shall be one year as Vice-Chair, one year as Chair, and one year as Past Chair.
      2. The Secretary-Treasurer shall serve a term of two years.
      3. There is no limit to the number of times a person may be elected to the same office, but no one may be elected to two successive terms.
    5. E. Election procedure.
      1. A Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect shall be elected annually at the spring meeting. The current Vice-Chair shall become the new Chair. The current Chair shall become the Past Chair.
      2. A Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected every other year at the spring meeting.
      3. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of qualified candidates for officers to the Chapter Chair in time to be submitted to the membership at least two weeks before the spring meeting. Nominations may also be accepted from the floor at the spring meeting.
      4. The newly elected officers shall take office at the end of the meeting in which the election is held.
    6. Vacancies
      1. In the event of any vacancy in office, The Executive Board shall fill such vacancy by appointment before the remainder of the term.
      2. If an Executive Board position becomes vacant, an interim appointment shall be made by the remaining members of the Board.
  5. MEETINGS top of page
    1. Time and place.
      1. A minimum of two regular meetings shall be held each year, one in the spring and one in the fall, at the institution of one of the regular members, or in any other location suitable to the purpose of the meeting. The date and time shall be determined by the Executive Committee and the host.
      2. Members shall be notified no fewer than 30 days in advance of all regular meetings.
      3. Special meetings may be called by the officers for any emergency or any special event deemed of especial interest to the members. Members shall be given as much advance notice as possible.
    2. A business meeting shall be conducted at each regular Chapter meeting.
    3. Quorum. At any meeting, a quorum shall consist of twenty percent of the regular members.
  6. ORGANIZATION top of page
    1. Executive Board.
      1. The Chair, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Past Chair shall constitute the Executive Board.
      2. Duties. The Executive Board shall:
        1. Act in the name of the Chapter between the regular meetings of the Chapter;
        2. At its discretion represent the Chapter at meetings of organizations in related fields;
        3. Fill by appointment any vacancy in office for unexpired term, as specified in Article IV, Section F;
        4. Authorize non-routine expenditures;
        5. Perform such other duties as are specified in this Constitution and By-laws.
      3. Meetings.
        1. The Executive Board shall meet at least twice a year.
        2. The Chair may call special meetings of the Executive Board with at least two weeks' notice.
    2. Committees.
      1. Only regular members of the Chapter shall be eligible for appointment to committees.
      2. The Chair of each committee shall recommend the members of his or her committee, for appointment by the Chapter Chair.
      3. Nominating Committee.
        The Nominating Committee shall consist of two members, each serving terms of two years, the second year as Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Chapter Chair shall appoint one member ad hoc each year at the fall meeting so that the terms overlap. This Committee shall present a slate of candidates for officers to the Chapter Chair in time to-be submitted to the membership at least two weeks before the spring meeting.
      4. Other standing committees.
        1. The terms of office of members of standing committees shall be for two years.
        2. The standing committees and their duties shall be as follows:
          1. Membership Committee.
            Under the leadership of its Chair, this Committee shall be responsible for initiating plans for attracting new bets to the Chapter and shall be responsible for their implementation.
          2. Program committee.
            Under the leadership of its Chair (i.e, the Vice Chair of the Chapter), this Committee shall be responsible for preparing the programs for regular meetings and for conducting all business concerning these programs.
      5. Special committees.
        All other committees shall be appointed by the Chair as the need arises, and only for the duration needed.
      6. 6.  A quorum of a committee shall consist of a majority of its members provided the committee Chair is present.
    3. Web/Newsletter Editor
      1. The Web/Newsletter Editor shall serve for one year. An incumbent may be reappointed.
      2. The Web/Newsletter Editor shall publish the newsletter at least twice a year.
      3. The Web/Newsletter Editor shall ensure that the information on the chapter webpage is timely and up-to-date.
    Amendments or by-laws to this Constitution may be proposed by the Executive Board, or by any regular member at any regular meeting, to be voted upon at the following regular meeting. A special committee may be appointed by the Chair to study the amendment(s) or by-law(s). A copy of the proposed amendment(s) or by-law(s) must be submitted by mail or electronically to all of the regular members no fewer than 30 days prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken. Such amendments may be adopted by a majority of the regular members present, provided there is a quorum.
    Should future exigencies make the dissolution of this Chapter necessary, the properties of the Chapter shall be disposed of by gift to the Music Library Association, Inc.

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