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M Music
	M 1-5000  Music

	M 1-3.3    Collections
		M 1.A1-.A15 Music printed or copied in manuscript, US before 1860
		M 2-2.3     Collections of musical sources
		M 3-3.1     Collected works of individual composers
		M 3.3       First editions
	M 6-1490  Instrumental Music
		M 6-175         Solo instruments
		M 176           Instrumental music for motion pictures
		M 176.5         Instrumental music for radio and television
		M 177-990       Two or more solo instruments
			M 180-298.5     Duets
			M 300-386  Trios
			M 400-486  Quartetes
			M 500-586  Quintets
			M 600-686  Sextets
			M 700-786  Septets
			M 800-886  Octets
			M 900-986  Nonets and larger chamber combinations
			M 990      Chamber music for instruments before 1900
		M 1000-1356.2  Large ensemble music
			M 1000-1075   Orchestra
			M 1100-1160   String orchestra
			M 1200-1269   Band
			M 1270        Fife, bugle and drum music, field music, etc.
			M 1350-1353   Reduced orchestra
			M 1356-1356.2 Dance orchestra and instrumental ensembles
		M 1360-1490    Miscellaneous Instrumental
			M 1360        Mandolin and similar orchestras of plectral instruments
			M 1362        Accordion band
			M 1365        Minstrel music
			M 1366        Jazz ensembles
			M 1375-1420   Instrumental music for children
			M 1450        Dance music
			M 1470        Chance compositions
			M 1473        Electronic music
			M 1480        Music with color apparatus, etc.
			M 1490        Music, printed or copied in manuscript, before 1700
	M 1497-5000  Vocal Music
		M 1497-1998     Secular vocal music
			M 1500-1527.8   Dramatic music (opera, incidental, ballet, etc.)
			M 1528-1529.5   Duets, trios, etc., for solo voices
			M 1530-1546.5   Choruses with orchestra or other ensemble
			M 1547-1600     Choruses, part-songs, etc., unaccompanied or accompanied 
			M 1608          Choruses, etc, in tonic sol-fa notation
			M 1609          Unison choruses with or without accompaniment
			M 1610          Cantatas, choral symphonies, etc., for unaccompanied chorus (secular and sacred)
			M 1611-1624.8   Songs for one voice
			M 1625-1626     Recitations, gesprochene Lieder, with accompaniment
			M 1627-1853     National music
			M 1900-1980     Songs (part and solo) of special character
			M 1985          Musical games
			M 1990-1998     Secular music for children
		M 1999-2199     Sacred vocal music
			M 1999          Collections
			M 2000-2007     Oratorios
			M 2010-2017.7   Services
			M 2018-2019.5   Duets, trios, etc. for solo voices
			M 2020-2036     Choruses, cantatas, etc.
			M 2060-2101.5   Choruses, part-songs, etc., unaccompanied or accompanied 
			M 2101-2114.8   Songs for one voice
			M 2115-2146     Hymnals
			M 2147-2188     Liturgy and ritual
				M 2147-2155.6   Roman Catholic
				M 2156-2183     Protestant churches
				M 2184          Other Christian churches
				M 2186-2187     Jewish
				M 2188          Other non-Christian religions
			M 2190-2196     Sacred vocal music for children
			M 2198-2199     Gospel, revival, temperance, etc., songs
		M 5000          Unidentified compositions		

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