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UCB Teaching Library Guides to catalogs, databases, and research provide an excellent place to get general assistance in finding and using library resources. The following guides address unique problems encountered, and search strategies recommended, when looking for scores, recordings, and other materials commonly used in music research.

Local Indexes: Liszt Hyperion Edition · Schubert Hyperion Edition

Selected Web Links

Copyright Guides
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and University of Maine law school clinics · Computer Policy & Law: Computer Policy Collection, Cornell Institute for Computer Policy and Law · Project NEThics, University of Maryland · Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University Libraries · Copyright, ALA · Copyright and Intellectual Property, ARL · Copyright for Music Librarians, MLA · Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights, and Licensing Issues, University of California, Berkeley Digital Library SUNSITE · Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the US, Cornell University Copyright Information Center · Copyright Resource Center, Music Publishers Association · Copyright Crash Course, University of Texas System · CyberSpace Law, FindLaw · · Information Policy: Copyright and Intellectual Property, IFLA · Music Copyright Pages, University of Washington Libraries · UC Copyright, UC Copyright Education Web Site

Internet Guides, UCB Teaching Library
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial

Librarianship Resources
AcqWeb, Vanderbilt University · Bookfinder · Internet Scout Project · Library of Congress Authorities · MLA-L Archive · MLA Clearinghouse · MPA, Music Publishers' Association · Music and Film Web Resources for Librarians, Yale University · Music Cataloging at Yale · Music Libraries and Catalogs · Music Publishers and Dealers, University of Washington · PubList Periodicals Directory · Tools for Catalogers, Vanderbilt University

Local San Francisco Bay Area Music Resources
(Mostly) Bay Area Classical Music, KZSU, Stanford University · San Francisco Arts Online · Community Resource Guide, Oakland East Bay Symphony

Scholarly and Professional Societies
AMS, American Musicological Society · CMS, College Music Society · IAML, International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres · MLA, Music Library Association · Music Organizations and Professional Societies, Indiana University, Music Library · Professional Associations in the Information Sciences, San Jose State University, SLIS · Scholarly Societies Project, Music · SAM, Society for American Music · SEAMUS, Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States · SEM, Society for Ethnomusicology · SMT, Society for Music Theory

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