Warner Brothers and MGM Animated Shorts

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The following cartoons are included as supplements on various DVD releases of classic Warner Brothers and MGM features.

Acrobatty Bunny (1946)
Directed by Robert McKimson. When the circus arrives they put the lion's cage right over Bugs' rabbit hole. Included on DVD 2663

Ain't We Got Fun (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. ""When the cat's away, the mice will play." The cat is taking a nap, so the mice invade the pantry and start having the time of their lives. The cat soon wakes up, however, and the mice must act quickly to keep from being eaten. Will they just run and hide, or will they stand up for themselves?" [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 6805

The Alley Cat (1941)
Directed by Hugh Harman. MGM. An alley cat spits a high-class female cat on her balcony and falls for her. Her butler sends the family bulldog to deal with the alley cat, but the cat's too clever. Included on DVD 9066

Bars and Stripes Forever (1939)
Directed by Cal Dalton and Ben Hardaway. "Shenanigans in (and out of!) prison. The prisoners are all dogs, and they resort to all means possible to attempt a prison breakout. When the dogs in prison make a break for it, the canine cops are on their heels. The prisoners are really in the doghouse with the warden when they attempt to escape from "Alcarazz," where "stone walls do not a prison make... but they sure help!" [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X513

Bear Raid Warden (1944)
Directed by George Gordon. MGM. Barney takes his air-raid warden post too seriously, telling first an owl (shining eyes) and then a firefly to put their lights out. The firefly isn't at all happy and keeps pestering Barney. Then Barney finds a huge offender: a cabin that's all lit up. Looks familiar... [IMDB] Included on DVD 9130

Big Man From the North (1931)
Directors: Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising. Bosko is a Mountie in the cold, snowy north. His sergeant demands that he get his man: a peg-legged villain wanted dead or alive. Bosko rides his dog sled to the local saloon. He joins Honey in some impromptu music-making. The villain strides in; Bosko timidly tells him he's under arrest. The villain only laughs at him; but Bosko will get the last laugh. Included on DVD X134

The Big Snooze (1946)
Elmer Fudd walks out of a typical Bugs cartoon, so Bugs gets back at him by disturbing Elmer's sleep using "nightmare paint." Included on DVD 8216

Billboard Frolics (1935)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "Billboards come to life. Eddie Camphor and his "wioleen" player Rub-Him-Off do a song and dance to "Merrily We Roll Along" with new lyrics. A dancer on a Cuban tourism poster does a dance. Pancho's Tamales sing in Spanish; the Old Maid cleanser girls dance. Some Russian Rye bread dances to a Russian arrangement. The penguins for Old Colds cigarettes dance and skate, too. Two union suits do a dance, with their drop panel beating time on washtubs, as a set of lingerie dances and a Jell-O mold shakes. The My Ami chick goes after the worm in an apple, but catches the hose of an air pump instead and gets inflated. A cat comes after the chick. The bellhop for Philmore cigarettes calls out the support: A Police Chief gasoline car, the RCA dog (fake brand not visible), and finally the arm and hammer from a baking soda poster which clubs the cat on the head." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 4016

Bingo Crosbyana (1936)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Various insects have taken over a kitchen. After some playing with the food, one bug croons like Bing Crosby, then does some very showy flying which gets him all the girls. A spider drops down, and he runs in fear, leaving his girlfriend vulnerable. The other bugs manage to get the spider, eventually trapping it on flypaper. Included on DVD 4254

Blackboard Jumble (1957)
Directed by Michael Lah. A wolf with a Southern accent walks by just as a teacher is getting fed up with his class and walks out. Unfortunately, the class consists of three junior clones of Droopy, who manage to try his patience. Included on DVD 3821

The Bookworm (1939)
Directed by Friz Freleng and Hugh Harman. "Three witches need a worm to complete their potion; they dispatch a raven to catch one, and he goes after a bookworm. He chases the worm into the horror section, where the monsters attack but soon, Paul Revere rides Black Beauty to the rescue, along with the Police Gazette, and other assorted war heroes; eventually, the Boy Scouts build a match-stick bridge, leading the worm to safety." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 4156

Boom Boom (1936)
Directed by Jack King. "World War I, apparently. There is a series of quick blackout gags, including a soldier that throws the pin, is blown sky-high by the grenade, and is caught in a net by an ambulance driver; one soldier's encounters with very smart bullets; a machine gunner with the jitters. Porky leads a charge, but with no support from his company, he runs back and dives under Beans' bunk. After a quick chorus of "You're in the Army Now," a messenger pigeon drops in with news that General Hardtack is being held prisoner. They dash off in a motorcycle/sidecar, chased by another smart bullet, and arrive in the nick of time to dispatch the general's captors. They fly off in a plane and get shot down to end up together in the hospital." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 8051

Bosko's Parlor Pranks (1934)
Directed by Hugh Harman. The first Bosko cartoon in color. Bosko keeps Wilbur occupied with tales of his past exploits while Honey steps out on an errand. Included on DVD X1427

Bottles (1936)
Directed by Hugh Harman. A dark and stormy night in a drugstore. The druggist mixes a potion and falls asleep. The skull-and-crossbones on the bottle comes to life and drips the potion on the druggist, shrinking him. The baby bottle start crying (in three-part harmony). The druggist lights a lantern, then plays a perfume atomizer like bagpipes, bringing a bottle of Scotch Whiskey to life. Other bottles that come alive include smelling salts, bath salts, Listerine, perfume, india ink (doing a snake charmer bit with some Cobra toothpaste). A Dutch boy and girl go figure skating on a mirror, with help from some talcum-powder snow. The druggist wraps a pipe around himself and plays it as a tuba. The skull and crossbones hatch a nefarious scheme, helped by the witch hazel and spirits of ammonia ghosts. He gets sent through distilling apparatus and is otherwise mangled and then he wakes up." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 5729

Buddy the Gee Man (1935)
Directed by Jack King. Warner Brothers. "Buddy, the Federal Agent, is asked to secretly investigate prisoner treatment at Sing Song Prison. He judges the warden to be too harsh in his report. The warden is replaced by Buddy, whose new policies turn the prison into a place where the prisoners are so coddled that people clamor to get in." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 5832

Bugs and Thugs(1954)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "Sophisticated, urbane Bugs Bunny calls a cab that he doesn't realize is actually the getaway vehicle for the notorious Mugsy and Bugsy. Bugs accidentally gets into the car driven by the pair after a bank robbery. They "take him for a ride" (Warner Bros. seems to have loved that line) because he knows too much, and it's up to Bugs to find a way to survive! They kidnap him and bring him to their hideout, where he proceeds to pulverize them with all sorts of great attacks based on their stupidity. There's a great ending with the stove: "Would I throw a lit match if my friend Rocky was in there?", asks Bugs. Mwaaa, could be!" [Big Cartoon Database]. Included on DVD X515

Busy Bakers(1940)
Directed by Cal Dalton and Ben Hardaway. Swenson the baker is down to a single donut in his shop, which he willingly gives to a blind man who comes in. Unknown to him, that was really an elf, who enlists his friends to fill the shop with all manner of baked goods while the baker sleeps. Included on DVD X136

The Calico Dragon (1950)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. A little girl reads a story about a dragon; as she falls asleep, her doll rides off on his calico horse through a calico land to do battle with a three-headed singing calico dragon. Included on DVD 6743

Caption Hareblower (1954)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "Bugs and pirate Sam are on rival ships, with "Seagoin' Sam" (as he calls himself) trying to capture and board Bugs' ship. Sam takes lots of cannonball shots from Bugs. Says Sam: "Surrender, rabbit! I've got ya outnumbered one to one!" Bugs outwits Sam as he throws matches down into the powder room where Sam must race to get it before the ship explodes. You know the bit!" [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 7370

Cinderella Meets a Fella (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. A modernized Cinderella story with a drunken fairy godmother (Egghead is Prince Charming). Included on DVD X177

Confusions of a Nutsy Spy (1943)
Directed by Norm McCabe. n one of the many WWII-themed Warner Bros. cartoons, Porky Pig is a cop working for Ye Towne Cooler (where the Long Arm of the Law is just that, and the "Wanted" photos include a pin-up girl). On this particular day, Porky and his dog have to look for a lynx - named Missing Lynx - spying for Germany and ready to plant a bomb (titled "Hallelujah, I'm a Bomb"). Included on DVD X818
Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Count Me Out(1938)
Directed by Ben Hardaway, Cal Dalton. "Country bumpkin Egghead receives some junk mail from ACME Correspondence School of Boxing. He sends for the lessons via air mail and receives an immediate response: boxing equipment and 10 recorded lessons on how to fight. After earning his diploma, Egghead challenges champ "Biff Stew" in the ring. He takes along his record player with the final lesson so that he will be sure and win. Biff Stew proceeds to beat him to a pulp." [Big Movie Database] Included on DVD X514

The Cuckoo Clock (1950)
Directed by Tex Avery. A cat is driven up the wall by the inhabitant of the cuckoo clock, so he spends the film trying to catch him. Included on DVD 5690

Curtain Razor (1949)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Porky Pig is a talent agent auditioning various corn ball performers. A fox keeps interrupting and promising Porky the act of the century. Unfortunately, the act is fatal and can only be done once. Included on DVD X1006

The Daffy Doc(1938)
Directed by Bob Clampett. "Doctor Quack is doing an operation, and Daffy is his assistant. Things start out sedately enough, with Daffy asking for quiet in various ways. Then the operation starts, and after handing over instruments at a ever-increasing pace, Daffy loses it and is ejected. He gets his head stuck in an iron lung, and feels the effects for a while. Daffy goes in search of a patient of his own, and Porky happens to walk by in time to fall victim to Daffy's mallet. Daffy hits himself on the head and has a consultation with the second and third image of himself. They agree to operate; Daffy chases Porky, and they both get stuck in the iron lung." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 2665

Daffy Doodles (1946)
Director, Robert McKimson. "In a large eastern American city, a fiend is loose, painting mustaches onto the faces shown on billboards and posters. This fiend is a wacky Daffy Duck whose compulsion to paint mustaches has no bounds. He is chased by police officer Porky Pig on the city walkways, in a subway station, and atop a building with a large billboard. Daffy manages to paint a mustache on anyone he encounters. He takes special delight in doing so to Porky, as many times as he can. Porky finally catches Daffy, and the mischievous mallard is brought to court, where he is acquitted by a jury of mustached Jerry Colonnas!" [IMDB] Included on DVD X3401

Dance of the Weed(1941)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. A clumsy weed tries to court a ballerina by trying to dance with her. Included on DVD 8479

Discontent Canary(1942)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. MGM. A canary is frustrated by being caged, particularly with a parrot taunting him when humans aren't watching. One day, he tricks the kind old lady that owns him into opening the window, and she also leaves the door to his cage open. Freedom! But it's not all it's cracked up to be; the other birds are either cuckoos (complete with Napoleon hat) or shun him, the rain comes and there's no shelter, and a cat is skulking around. After a series of narrow escapes, the canary is more than happy to dash home to the nice warm fire. Included on DVD 9066

The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon(1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. "Dishes and utensils wash, dry, and stack themselves. A duster plays a silverware box like a piano while a salt-pepper-and-sugar set sings. The spoon proposes to the dish (interrupted by a cry from a baby spoon), then plays percussion on some pans and jam jars. Some teacups do a can-can, then a centipede-like conga line. The Swiss cheese yodels. The blueing sings "Am I Blue?," joined by a potato crying from all its eyes. An egg dances, slips on some lard, hatches, and sings "Young and Healthy." A lump of dough rises like a ghost and dances over to a packet of yeast, which it mixes into water and drinks, then grows, a la Jekyll and Hyde. It threatens the dish; some utensils fight back, lobbing canned goods from a spatula catapult. More attacks with cheese graters, popcorn, a rolling pin, and an electric fan, turn the dough into muffins, a bundt cake, a pie, and waffles." [IMDB] Included on DVD X510

The Draft Horse(1942)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. A farm horse tries to enlist in the army, but despite his virtuoso display of wartime histrionics, he's rejected when he flunks the physical. Dejected, he wanders into a mock battlefield, which tells him what war is really like. Included on DVD 6276

The Early Bird and the Worm (1936)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. "A sprightly young bird gets up early, the better to get the jump on his neighborhood worm, but he finds his quarry elusive. The worm, for his part, sets off with a flute and jazzes along happily, outfinessing the bird repeatedly. Then a pair of shiftless crows debate the virtues of early rising and decide that no worm is worth it (clearly, these are shiftless "Negro" stereotypes, though the ethnic angle isn't stressed here so much). Finally, a rattlesnake practises some hypnotic moves on both bird and worm before getting tied up in knots." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 4155

The Early Bird Dood It (1942)
Directed by Tex Avery. The early worm barely escapes the bird, again. In search of a way to get rid of the bird, he enlists the help of a cat, but the bird is too smart for the cat. Included on DVD 8479

Egghead Rides Again (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. "City dweller Egghead dreams of being a cowboy, but his bouncing around gets him kicked out of his boarding house. He sees an ad for a ranch looking for a cowboy and applies. His tryout includes tests of marksmanship and use of a branding iron, but most of it consist of chasing down and roping a troublesome little calf. He passes the test, but the job isn't exactly what he dreamed of." [IMDB] Included on DVD X512

8 Ball Bunny(1950)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Bugs helps a penguin go home via New Orleans, Martinique, the Panama Canal and finally the South Pole. But the penguin's home is in New Jersey. Included on DVD 4906

Fallen Hare (1943)
Directed by Robert Clampett, Warner Brothers. "Falling Hare is a 1943 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert Clampett, starring Bugs Bunny. The title is another play on "hair", as "falling hair" refers to impending baldness, while in this cartoon's climax, the title turns out to be descriptive of Bugs' situation. Within the cartoon are several contemporary pop culture references, including to Wendell Willkie, John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men and the folk songs "Yankee Doodle", "I've Been Working on the Railroad", and the Russian folk song "Dark Eyes. In addition, the Gremlin's behavior is possibly a homage to Bob Clampett's version Daffy Duck (for example, he is seen in one scene riding an invisible bicycle, one of Daffy's old trademarks, among other acts.)" The Gremlin holds the distinction, along with Cecil Turtle,the unnamed mouse from "Rhapsody Rabbit" and the fly from Baton Bunny, of being one of the very few antagonists to actually outsmart and rattle Bugs." [Wikipedia] Included on DVD X817

Field and Scream (1955)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. A collection of very brief cartoons, mostly revolving around sight gags and puns, on the subject of hunting and fishing, and the men who are addicted to them. Included on DVD 9891

The Fighting 69 1/2th (1942)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "A picnic; no humans in sight. Both the red and black ant colonies spot it at the same time. Their scouts get into a fight over the first olive, and of course you know, this means war. The war features such gags as limburger stink bombs, commando raids on the cake, and a bucket brigade building a sandwich. But the human returns, gathering up everything but one cake. The generals get into another fight trying to divide it." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X4188

The Fifth-column Mouse (1942)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "In this parable for the failure of appeasement before World War II, house mice are targeted by a hungry cat, who intrudes upon their idyllic life. When all but one of the mice successfully take refuge in a wall hole, the cat promises to the one mouse who didn't manage to escape, that he won't hurt anyone, provided he's placated with pampering by every mouse in the pack. Acting as the cat's quisling, the mouse speaks to his rodent brothers, telling them to appease the cat, to give the cat all the comforts he wants, and in turn the cat will live in peace with them. The mice are wary of the cat but agree to his terms. Not surprisingly, the cat's appetite isn't assuaged, and he soon craves a mouse dinner. He chases the mice back into their hole, and the mice reject appeasement and decide to fight against the cat. They go through military prep and manufacture an ultimate weapon, a wooden dog with mechanical gears and biting teeth, to combat the cat." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X540

The Film Fan (1939)
Directed by Bob Clampett. Warner Brothers. "Porky Pig is on his way to the store to pick up some groceries for his mother when he walks by a sign saying that the local movie theater is having a "kids admitted free" day. The excited Porky rushes in and views a series of spoofs of newsreels, movie trailers, feature films, and even the Lone Ranger!" [IMDB] Included on DVD X344; also on DVD 4875 and DVD 8900

The First Bad Man (1955)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. The story of life in Texas one million years ago, when cave-cowboys rode through the land. When the first bad man rides into town and robs the cave-bank, the good citizens saddle up their dinosaurs to bring the varmint to justice. Included on DVD 9894

The Fishing Bear (1940)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "Barney's going fishing, but just as he's getting ready to hook a whole school of trout, a rather persistent duck keeps getting in the way." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 5832

Foney Fables (1942)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "A collection of brief vignettes. Within the Book of Fairy Tales, we find much-loved stories like these: Sleeping Beauty (chewed out by Prince Charming for sleeping in), Tom Thumb, the Grasshopper and the Ant (the grasshopper can afford to be lazy because he has war bonds), the Boy Who Cried Wolf, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ("the fifth columnist of his day"), Aladdin and His Lamp, the Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs (only they're aluminum for the war effort), Old Mother Hubbard (but her cupboard isn't bare; she's a "food hoarder"!), and This Little Piggy. The Boy Who Cried Wolf gets his comeuppance." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 8054

Fox Pop (1942)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. "A little red fox misunderstands the message when he hears a fur commercial on the radio saying that silver-furred foxes are in demand. He paints himself silver and turns himself into the Silver Fur Fox Farm, where he stays until he learns that the farm intends to skin him and remove his fur. He then takes part in a dangerous jailbreak. The story is told via a flashback and begins and ends with the fox destroying radios." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 5962

Gallopin' Gals (1940)
Directed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. "Time for the big horse race. We drop in on the fillies, who gossip in New York accents. That's followed by a pre-race fashion parade. In both of these, Maggie doesn't join in; she runs every year, but suffers from hay fever. The actual race is run, and Maggie is far back in the field. The other horses hear it's going to be a photo finish, though, and they all come to an abrupt stop and pose except Maggie, who keeps running and wins the race." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 2661

Gold Diggers of '49 (1935)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. "Amidst a small town's frantic gold rush, Porky Pig's daughter (played by Little Kitty) is kidnapped. Beans to the rescue! Tex Avery's 1st Warner Brothers cartoon." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 5317

Greetings Bait(1943)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Warner Brothers. A worm reminiscent of Jerry Colonna is lowered into the water and uses various guises to lure fish. He also tangles with a crab. Included on DVD 6275

Hare-um scare-um (1939)
Directed by Cal Dalton and Ben Hardaway. "When a hunter learns of higher meat prices due to a meat shortage, he goes off gunning for a crazy, proto-Bugs rabbit- but runs into constant obstacles. This early incarnation does what Bugs does best: outwitting hunters, getting the better of dogs, and singing about how crazy he is. The rabbit opens an elevator door in the side of a mountain, announcing the floors' merchandise as if he were an elevator operator." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X513

Henpecked Hoboes(1946)
Directed by Tex Avery. George and Junior are two hungry bears who try to make a meal out of a not too bright barnyard chicken. Included on DVD 5682

Hey, Hey Fever(1940)
Directed by Hugh Harman. "In this musical extravaganza, Bosko goes to Mother Goose Land and advocates a back-to-the-land cure for the Depression! Bosko and Bruno have had a hard day fishing, and they are tired and hungry. Bosko gives Bruno his last scrap of bread, and he lies down to take a nap. A billboard behind him comes to life, and out steps Mother Goose. She pulls Bosko into fairytale land, and she wants Bosko to help find food for all of the storybook characters! They all march along together to Old King Cole's castle, and he feeds the populace as they sing "Hey-Hey Fever." [Big Movie Database] Included on DVD 6397

Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt (1941)
Directed by Directed by Friz Freleng. "Due to pressure from Warner Bros., this cartoon was one of 11 pulled from rotation by the Cartoon Network for its 2001 "June Bugs" marathon, which was to show the complete chronology of Bugs Bunny cartoons. This is in addition to the "Censored 11" that have been withheld from distribution since 1968. The reason given was its purportedly offensive depiction of Native Americans." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 9503; also on DVD 6283

The Hick Chick(1946)
Directed by Tex Avery. Clueless country rooster Clem's plan to marry his sweetheart Daisy are ruined when city slicker Charles sweeps Daisy off her (hen's) feet. When Charles takes Daisy to the big city, Clem follows and tries to win her back (while get punched a lot by Charles). Included on DVD 5681

Hollywood Daffy(1946)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Animated short. "Newly arrived in Hollywood, Daffy sneaks onto the Warmer Brothers lot, disguising himself as an Oscar statuette and eventually posing as a tour guide. Daffy spoofs a number of contemporary stars, and others appear as "themselves." He also has a number of run-ins with a Keystone Kop-like gate guard. He refuses to leave until he sees stars." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X346

Home on the Range(1940)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. "To the sound of the title song being sung by a campfire, a steer and her calf are bedding down for the night. The calf is frightened by a shadow, until it's revealed to be a jackrabbit. He follows the rabbit deep into the woods, but neither of them notices the wolf following until it's too late for the calf. The calf is trapped in a niche under some rocks, which the wolf quickly digs out. The wolf is closing in on the calf when the rabbit tries to distract him, to no avail. The rabbit bounds off in search of the calf's father, while the other animals use a porcupine like a battering ram. This buys enough time for the calf to run for home, just as the rabbit and steer are closing in. One look and the wolf runs off, and everyone heads home, with the calf looking back to thank the rabbit, whose ears clasp together above his head in victory." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 5732

The Homeless Flea(1940)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. A hobo flea finds an unoccupied dog and settles in, chopping down hairs, stringing a hammock, and building a fire. This forces the dog to take comfort in a fish-bowl, and to go after the flea. Included on DVD 3635

Homeless Hare(1950)
Directed by Chuck Jones. "It's morning and Bugs Bunny is awake. It doesn't look like he had enough rest though. He looks around and sees he is high up in the sky. Bugs' hole has become part of an construction site and a bulldozer is ready to move his hole to destruction. Bugs makes an emotional plea to move his home back to it's original place and the construction worker seems touched. But his intentions aren't that well. Bugs Bunny swears revenge." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 3513

Directed by Rudolf Ising. An MGM Happy Harmony cartoon in which a group of industrious bees, working to make honey among other products, attempt to outwit a spider who's chasing two of the bees. Included on DVD 6397

Honeymoon Hotel (1934)
Directed by Earl Duval. Warner Brothers. "A pair of "Bugtown" newlyweds spend their wedding night at the Honeymoon Hotel, where all guests sign in (by rubber stamp) as "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith," and where all the staff seem to take their tips in Peeping Tom perks. ("I'm the one who carries all the luggage/I work at the Honeymoon Hotel/I see all the kissing and the huggage/Lots of other things as well.") The porter, the maids, the house detective, and even the Man in the Moon spy on the amorous honeymoon couple, whose combustible chemistry is apparently what sends the joint up in flames by cartoon's end!" [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 6713

The Hound and the Rabbit(1949)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. MGM. "A dog chases a rabbit, ultimately cornering him against a tree. But the dog doesn't want to eat the rabbit, just make friends. The rabbit takes his new friend (who he names Sniffy) to where the rest of the rabbits are playing football, and after introductions, they join in. A fox happens along. Realizing he can't attack while the dog is present, he calls the dog away. The opposing team asks the fox to join them, but he proves to be an awful football player. The dog starts to return, and the fox starts rounding up rabbits, with help from a carrot-baited fishing pole. The dog returns and chases fox; the rabbits are set free, and the fox is catapulted far away by a tree. The rabbits carry Sniffy off on their shoulders." [IMDB] Included on DVD 9066

The House of Tomorrow (1949)
Directed by Tex Avery. A narrator takes us on a tour of the dream house of the future, and its many innovative appliances. Included on DVD 8219

Hyde and Hare(1955)
Directed by Friz Freleng. MGM. "Bugs Bunny comes to a city park to be daily fed carrots by a meek, little man. Bugs proposes that the man adopt him as a pet. The man accepts and takes Bugs home, where he states he is a doctor - and the name on his shingle is Dr. Jekyll. Unbeknownst to Bugs, Jekyll gives into the temptation to drink his potion that changes him into Mr. Hyde. Bugs keeps fleeing Hyde and running to the re-transformed Jekyll for help, but behind Bugs' back, Jekyll involuntarily changes back into Hyde. Bugs helps himself to some of Jekyll's potion before leaving to return to the park, where he changes into a shaggy, green rabbit that scares everyone away." [IMDB] Included on DVD 2231

I Like Mountain Music (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "The magazines and books in a drugstore come to life and sing the title song, among others. Some celebrities shown: 'Will Rogers' , Sonja Henie, Kay Kyser; like most of this genre, there's an extended crime sequence, with bad guys breaking into the cash register and Sherlock Holmes on the case." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 6713; also on DVD X515

I Only Have Eyes For You (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. "The iceman is in love with a pretty girl, and an old spinster is pining and cooking for him. But his dreamgirl prefers crooners like bing Crosby, Rudy Vallee or Eddie Cantor. After leaving her, he spots a sign of an imitator, and thinks he could ask him to do the crooning for him while he is trying to date his girl. The imitator accepts, and at first the trick is working, until the imitator gets to cold among the ice in the back of the van and the girl gets suspicious." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X512

I Wanna Be a Sailor (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. "Momma parrot is teaching her young-uns to say "Polly want a cracker" but little Peter doesn't want a cracker, he wants to be a sailor like dad. Mom tells him what a no-account his dad really was, setting sail for Hawaii ("no, Maw, it was Catalina") right after the kids were born. Peter is unswayed, and takes off. He turns a barrel into a boat, and crews it with an annoyingly talkative duckling, then sets sail on a lake. They get caught in a thunderstorm (the duck loves it). Peter calls for help and momma comes running, but the duck has already saved him. But he still wants to be a sailor." [IMDB] Included on DVD 5320

Into Your Dance (1935)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Leon Schlesinger Studios. Included on DVD X3400

I've Got to Sing a Torch Song (1933)
Directed by Jack King; Frank Tashlin. Warner Included on DVD 5317

Jerry and Jumbo(1953)
Directed by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera. Featuring cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. A baby elephant rolls off the circus train and right into Tom's bed. He quickly allies himself with Jerry, and with a rolled-up trunk and some paint, passes himself off as a giant mouse. The two then keep trading places to the bafflement of Tom. Included on DVD 8878

Jitterbug Follies(1939)
Directed by Milt Gross. "Count Screwloose and J.R. the Wonder Dog are promoting a $10,000 swing contest. They plan to skip town with the entry fees, but a menacing thug from the "Citizens for Fair Play" convinces them otherwise. The contestants: A singing hippo, "Mother Goose" who starts out as an old woman, then sheds her disguise to reveal a pretty girl, and a fan-dancing ostrich. Throughout, a couple of penguins are heckling. The ostrich proves wildly popular, and Screwloose fears he'll have to give the prize to her, when he gets an idea. He dresses J.R. up as the ostrich and sends him out, but the penguins use a box of sausages to expose the dog. The crowd runs Screwloose and J.R. out, and they grab a ride on a train where the penguins are waiting for them." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 2665

Johann Mouse (1952)
Directed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. "At the home of Viennese composer Johann Strauss, lived Johann Mouse. Whenever the composer played his waltzes, the mouse would dance to the music, unable to control himself. One day, when Strauss was away, the housecat played his master's music. This forced the mouse to dance, providing the cat with a chance to pounce on him. When word got out about a piano-playing cat and a dancing mouse, they were commanded to perform for the emperor." [IMDB] Winner, Academy Award Best Short Subject, Cartoons, 1953. Included on DVD X344

Kristopher Kolumbus (1939)
Directed by Bob Clampett. Warner Brothers. "Porky Pig is Kristopher Kolumbus, who sets off to discover the New World carrying Queen Isabella's treasures (including her jewels, a slingshot and a Jr. G-Man badge). Porky is met by some weird-looking Indians, some of whom he takes back to the Old World to introduce to the court of Queen Isabella. A hush falls over the hall as the natives prepare to demonstrate their native dance. True to the Warner Bros. tradition, a wild jitterbug scene ensues with music from the studio orchestra." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X344

Lady Play Your Mandolin(1931)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Foxy rides into a bar, has a beer, and watches the stage show: Lady Foxy performs the title song, while various patrons join in. Meanwhile, Foxy's horse finds ways to get increasingly tipsy until he spontaneously combusts. Included on DVD 3511

Let It Be Me(1936)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "Rooester Bingo, a popular radio crooner, takes a girl, to whom her boy-friend was just about to propose, for a ride to the city. But Bingo soon gets bored of her and when she makes a scene at a night club, he has her thrown out. Pennyless she's now struggling to survive in the big city. But her boyfriend hasn't forgotten her, after interrupting and beating up Bingo on one of his radio broadcasts he accidently bumps into her and takes her home. But after the marriage they notice the strange behaviour of one of their children." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 4253

Lights Fantastic(1942)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Animated short. Warner Brothers. A tour of the bright lights of New York City, where the various advertising signs come to life. Included on DVD 6274

Little Cesario (1941)
Directed by Bob Allen. "A family of St. Bernard dogs lives high in the Alps; all have saved many lives, except for the diminutive and not to bright Little Cesario. We see the dogs set out to work; the hapless Cesario keeps getting in the way of the top dog, Big Alexander. A blizzard hits, and Cesario runs back to the monastery as Big Alexander trudges on. From the monastery, he can see Big Alexander trapped on a ledge. He rushes to the rescue, turning into a giant snowball that knocks Big Alexander from his perch just as a landslide crushes the location. Little Cesario finally has a saved life to his credit." [IMDB] Included on DVD X1006

Little Johnny Jet(1942)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. "An out-of-work B-29 has problems finding work in modern peacetime aviation. His offspring turns out to be a jet. The baby jet plane steps in to help his bigger prop plane father win the day." [http://www.bcdb.com/cartoon_synopsis/3091-Little_Johnny_Jet.html] Included on DVD 6165

Little Tinker(1948)
Directed by Tex Avery. MGM. B.O. Skunk finds himself attracted to various other animals, but one whiff and they run away. He tries some extreme techniques, including a Frank Sinatra impersonation; that gets the stage mobbed, but they still run away. Finally, he tries camouflaging himself as a fox, only to meet and fall for another skunk disguised as a fox. Included on DVD 8218

The Lonesome Stranger (1940)
Directed by Hugh Harman. "The Killer Diller Boys, three nasty banditos, come to town and kill the sheriff. The Lonesome Stranger (and his horse, Sliver), get a telegram, delivered by an Indian from Western Onion, telling them. (The Indian has "The Vanishing American" printed on his back, so of course, he vanishes.) They ride into town, where the gang is shooting up the bar. Stranger tries to sneak in, but they sneak behind him and steal his guns; he ends up tied to a barrel of gunpowder as the bad guys ride off to rob the stagecoach (announced by another telegram). Lonesome keeps calling for his horse, who is also tied up; the gunpowder goes off like a rocket, sending him crashing right into the gang (and stripping off his pants)." [IMDB] Included on DVD X1006

Love and Curses (1938)
Directed by Ben Hardaway, Cal Dalton. Parody of the Boy rescues Girl from Evildoer melodramas of the 1890s. Included on DVD X177

The Mad Maestro (1939)
Directed by Hugh Harman. The maestro is conducting his orchestra of assorted animals. Some of them aren't particularly good at following his direction. Included on DVD 8479

Malibu Beach Party (1940)
Jack Bunny (a spoof of Jack Benny) invites Hollywood celebrities to his Malibu house for a party. Included on DVD 8232

Mama's New Hat (1933)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "The boys buy mama a new hat for Mother's Day, but on the way home, fall in the mud and ruin it. They swap the bad hat with one that a nearby horse is wearing and head home, with the horse in pursuit. Mama loves her new hat, and sets out to show her friends, but encounters the horse, who goes after the hat. The horse chases her home, where the kids divert it into a room and try on several different hats. The horse tires of this, and ends up in the basement, where a gluepot spills, attaching a fan to its rump, which gets switched on and, combined with a drop-leaf table, turns the horse into an airplane. It collects the entire family, flies outside, and eventually crashes into a circular clothes rack, which turns into a merry-go-round with everyone grabbing for the hat like a brass ring." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 2661

The Milky Way (1940)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. MGM. "The three little kittens have lost their mittens and are sent to bed without dinner. From their room, they see the Milky Way and sail up to it, using a basket and helium balloons, passing through some fanciful astronomical bodies, until they reach a Milky Way filled with every conceivable form of milk, including milkweed and Milk of Magnesia." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 2664

Moonlight for Two (1940)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. MGM. "A long, lanky hillbilly dog is courting a cute little canine. One night, they meet and sing "Moonlight for Two" together. Their fun turns to fright when they jump on a buckboard that goes careening down the hillside, out of control. They smash into a log cabin and turn it into a pile of firewood. Finally, they hit a tree that turns the buckboard into a wheelbarrow. Unperturbed, the lanky dog uses the wheelbarrow to cart his sweetie over to the big barn dance, which is taking place at that very moment. The barn dance is fun for all, even an animate coal-burning stove. It's fun, that is, until a villainous bear with a shotgun enters and causes trouble." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X1427

Mouse Menace (1946)
Directed by Arthur Davis. Warner Brothers. "Porky has a particularly menacing mouse in his house; after his traps, and an increasingly nasty set of cats all fail, Porky builds a robot cat. This cat proves to be a much bigger challenge for the mouse, who ultimately builds a robot mouse packed with explosives." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X339

Night Watchman (1933)
Directed by Chuck Jones. "A little cat must take his sick father's place as nightwatchman, but is bullied by a tough mouse and his gang, leaving the rest of the mice free to eat all the food and stage a musical floor show." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 5837

Officer Pooch (1941)
Directed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Officer Pooch is called out to rescue a kitten that is repeatedly chased up telephone poles and trees by an aggressive little dog. Included on DVD 2664

Old Glory (1939)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Porky falls asleep after refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Uncle Sam comes to him in his dreams and explains to him what the pledge means, and how it honors those who gave their life for the nation. Porky sees the error of his ways. Included on DVD 4020

The Old Pioneer (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. MGM. In this first entry in MGM's Happy Harmonies series, an old man tells a newsboy about his adventures with Native Americans in the Old West. Included on DVD 9066

Old Smokey (1933)
Directed by William Hanna [uncredited]. MGM. "Engine Co. No. 1 is replacing faithful fire horse Old Smokey with a new engine, which Der Captain is very proud of. He soon gets a chance to test it, when his panicked wife calls; unfortunately, he's still learning how to use it. As he arrives, the ladder extends to its full range, with the Captain on top and most of the rungs missing. Fortunately, Old Smokey and the Inspector are plodding along nearby; Smokey smells the smoke, which whips him into action. Smokey saves the house, Mama, the Captain, and, in the process, himself." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 2661

One Step Ahead of My Shadow (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "Several Chinese residents play music. A dragon frees himself from a cage and goes after them, but fireworks are shoved down the dragon's throat. This causes him to explode and turn into a walking dragon skeleton." [IMDB] Included on DVD X1427

The Organ Grinder. (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "An organ grinder and his monkey make their way down a New York streetscape. The monkey climbs up several stories to get tips from a couple of women. It does a little dance for a group of kids, then uses some props to impersonate Harpo Marx, Stan Laurel, and Oliver Hardy. It then sits down at a couple of pianos and begins playing, first, the title song, then 42nd Street. It gets caught in a runaway car, and after running into a fruit cart, crashes into a music store and comes out as a one-man band with the organ grinder in the rear." [IMDB] Included on DVD X135

Out-foxed (1949)
Directed by Tex Avery. Droopy is an unlikely fox-hound, but the highly civilised (and resourceful) English upper-class fox makes even more unlikely prey... Included on DVD 7369

Page Miss Glory (1936)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. "A bellhop in the No 1. hotel of a smalltown awaiting the arrival of Miss Glory dreams he has to page Miss Glory at a first class hotel in New York, and this turns out to be a nightmare. Finally he is awakened by the manager, because Miss Glory's car has arrived, but instead of a beautiful lady, a child star a la Shirley Temple steps out." [IMDB] Included on DVD 4255

Pettin' in the Park (1933)
Directed by Bernard Brown. Warner Brothers. "Love in the springtime is in evidence, as performed mostly by bird characters. Halfway through, the theme switches to lake swimming and a boating contest, with all kinds of visual bird puns." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 5317

Pilgrim Porky (1942)
Directed by Bob Clampett. "The Pilgrims, led by captain Porky Pig, set sail from Plymouth for America. We get a series of ocean sailing blackout gags, including a running bit between our narrator and the cook, looking for a fish suitable for dinner, a singing trio interrupted by seasickness, flying fish (in airplanes). Then, The Rains Came. A collision with an iceberg is narrowly averted. Land is sighted. The pilgrims are welcomed by Chief Sitting Bull." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X4188

Plenty of Money and You (1937)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Warner Brothers. "When a hen somehow hatches an ostrich with her chicks, antics ensue in the farmyard. The baby ostrich then sets to eat anything that it sees. A comedic encounter with a hungry weasel adds a climactic touch." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X176

Poor Little Me (1935)
Directed by Hugh Harman and Rudlof Ising. MGM. An unwanted skunk sings "I Ain't Got Nobody" until he meets a girl. Then the villain comes along. Included on DVD 6400

Porky and Daffy (1938)
Directed by Bob Clampett. "Daffy is a looney boxer and Porky is his manager. Porky arranges a big bout for Daffy for a $500 prize at a packed arena. His opponent, the Champ, appears to be a tall, wimpy chicken. However, when the chicken disrobes, he displays powerful drumsticks. Daffy turns chicken and runs for his life. The killer chicken decks him, but Porky clamps a metal lid on his head and rings his bell. Daffy becomes a tiger and defeats the chicken." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 3512

Porky's Baseball Broadcast(1940)
Directed by Friz Freleng.. Warner Brothers. Animated short. It's the Giants vs. the Red Sox in the final game of the World Series, and Porky's doing play-by-play for the radio audience. The umpire is blind; the bat boy is, literally, a bat, and the catcher's a fast-talking turtle. The Giant's pitcher is literally a giant. And of course, as with any New York-Boston matchup, the Giants win. Included on DVD X200

Porky's Double Trouble(1937)
Directed by Frank Tashlin. Warner Brothers. Animated short. Public Enemy #1 wants to wreak havoc again, but he is on the most wanted list in the newspaper. He then notices that there's somebody who looks similar to him: Porky Pig. He kidnaps Porky and disguises himself as the bank teller that Porky is and uses his position to steal. When the police find where Porky has been, and his love captured, Porky's love decides to go out with the criminal instead of him! Included on DVD 5838

Porky's Five & Ten(1937)
Directed by Bob Clampett. Porky decides to sail to a tropical island to open a store. The fish try to rob him. Included on DVD X178

Porky's Hero Agency(1937)
Directed by Bob Clampett. Warner Brothers. Animated short. Porky is reading the myth of the Greek gorgon, who turned everyone she looked at into stone. Mother tells him it's bed time; he dreams of being the hero that saves Greece, Porkyakarkus. The Gorgon runs a photo studio; Porky sneaks in and grabs her life-restoring needle, saving civilization just before he wakes up. Included on DVD 7585

Porky's Last Stand (1940)
Directed by Bob Clampett. "Porky and Daffy run a diner. The eggs come from chickens kept on the premises. A customer orders a hamburger, and Daffy discovers the mice have gotten to the meat first and left a note. He spots a calf outside and goes after it but ends up having to fight off a large bull. Meanwhile, Porky is preparing an order of two eggs, but one of them is actually a baby chick, who runs away. Daffy manages to sic the bull on Porky, who does some acrobatics to escape until Daffy lures the bull back to him. The bull finally crashes into the diner." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X346

Porky's Pastry Pirates (1942)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "Porky owns a bakery. A hungry fly stares in through the window, as a bee shows up and tells him he should just go for it. The bee enters and at first intimidates Porky; when Porky finally gets angry enough to try swatting the bee, the bee electrifies the flyswatter. The bee then coaches the fly: with a little help from the trash bin, the fly is soon disguised as a bee himself. But the costume falls off the first time the fly faces Porky, and the fly finds himself on the wrong end of the swatter. The bee returns for a dinner snack, only to find the angry fly wielding the swatter." [IMDB] Included on DVD X511

Porky's Pooch(1941)
Directed by Bob Clampett. Warner Brothers. Animated short. "A dog named Rover explains to a black, down-on-his-luck shaggy dog named Andy how he got his master. He went into a hotel room and bothered someone taking a bath--Porky Pig. Porky doesn't want Rover as a pet, no matter how many times Rover tries to make Porky adopt him." [IMDB] Included on DVD X337

Porky's Preview (1941)
Directed by Tex Avery. "The audience enters Porky's movie theater, with a collection of quick gags: A firefly acting as usher, a kangaroo taking tickets and putting the stubs in her pouch, a chicken buying child tickets for her eggs. A skunk tries to buy a ticket, costing a nickel, but he only has one scent. He looks for a way to sneak in. Meanwhile, Porky introduces the show: a collection of cartoons, drawn as stick figures. At the end, the audience is all gone because the skunk managed to sneak in. Porky's cartoons include: Circus Parade, Choo-Choo Train, Soldiers (Marchin), Horse Race, and Dances (hula, Mexican hat, and ballet). All accompanied by a self-parody musical score." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X550

Porky's Super Service (1937)
Directed by Ub Iwerks. "Porky owns a full-service gas station; he deals with a wide variety of problems, like a bump that migrates to different parts of the car. But his real nemesis is a supposedly sleeping baby in a car whose tire needs changing; in fact, the baby is wide awake and a real brat. Both Porky and the brat end up covered in grease; the irate mother drives off, but the child has tied a pump to a tire, which ends up pulling the whole station into the ground. ." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X512

Puss Gets the Boot(1940)
Directed by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera. Featuring cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. Feline "Jasper" (Tom) is given an ultimatum by his master: break one more thing and you're out! Rodent Jerry does his best to make sure that his tormentor "gets the boot". Included on DVD 6745

Quiet Please!(1945)
Directed by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera. The bulldog wants to take a nap. Tom wants to chase Jerry around the house. Naps and noise don't mix, and so the bulldog threatens Tom to keep quiet or else. Academy Award winner , 1946 Best Short Subject, Cartoons. Included on DVD X920

Racketeer Rabbit(1946)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Edward G. Robinson and Peter Lorre make it home to their hideout only to find Bugs already settled down there for the night. Included on DVD X515

Red-headed Baby(1931)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers.
"This early Merrie Melodie is fairly lively, concerning a room of toys who dance and sing along to the radio while their creator (Santa Claus?) is asleep. The song 'Red Headed Baby' is first squeaked by a rosy-cheeked doll with the requisite big eyes (one would assume they are blue), and later by a Napoleon clone. It isn't a memorable song, and these aren't memorable characters, but there's a villain (a spider), a chase, and a bit of derring-do before the song plays out." [Internet movie database] Included on DVD 5091

Romeo in Rhythm(1940)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. "...this is a subdued, one might even say sweet, tribute to black music and culture. A sort of animated CARMEN JONES, if you like. While the principal players being caricatured as crows might bring howls of "racism" now, one can easily forgive such a practice in this cartoon--indeed, it seems perfectly logical. One would expect crows, if they could talk, sing and dance, to put on a show such as this." [Home For Orphan Toons ] Included on DVD 8479

Scrap Happy Daffy (1943)
Directed by Frank Tashlin. "During World War Two, Daffy Duck owns a junkyard which collects scrap metal to use in building weapons to continue the Allied fight against the Axis powers. Hitler reads about Daffy's scrap pile and about Daffy's stated intent to win the war with junk and, after throwing a fit and chewing a carpet like a mad dog, orders Daffy's scrap pile destroyed. The Nazi weapon for achieving this task is a goat that begins eating the metal in Daffy's junkyard. Inspired by spirits from America's patriotic past, Daffy soars into the air and becomes a "Super American" to defeat the goat and fight back against the German submarine that dispatched it. He awakens, thinking this was all a dream, and finds the German submarine at the top of his scrap pile, with a chorus of German soldiers who say, "Next time you dream, count us out!"." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X540

The Screwy Truant(1945)
Directed by Tex Avery. "It's school time at the Little Red (Red is scratched out because the building is blue) Schoolhouse. The truant officer dog finds Screwball at the fishing hole and goes through a bunch of antics trying to find out why Screwball is a truant today." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X4460

Señor Droopy(1949)
Directed by Tex Avery. "Droopy and the wolf compete in a bullfight; the winner can get anything they want from all of Mexico. Both are inspired by the photo of Lina Romay on the cover of a magazine. The bull at first finds Droopy laughable. Of course, the bullfight is anything but boring and traditional." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 8294

September in the Rain(1937)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "The rain is outdoors; the action is indoors, in a grocery store, where the characters on product labels come to life (along with one real worm). While much of the picture features characters in blackface, and hence is usually censored, the remaining part includes a bottle of blueing singing "Am I Blue", a snake charmer from a coffee can playing for a tube of toothpaste, an elegant dancing couple from cigarette packs, the umbrella girl on a salt box under a waterfall, and some baby chicks from cleanser cans chasing the aforementioned worm." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 6744

Shake Your Powder Puff (1934)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Warner Brothers. Three rabbits- Honey, Bunny and Floe- perform a vaudeville act about catching a boyfriend. A vast ensemble of early cartoon characters attends an evening of orchestra music, singers and other acts. Included on DVD 6715

The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "Christmas Eve. A poor orphan boy trudges through the snow, pathetically. He finally arrives at his miserable cabin. While he is crying, Santa arrives and, singing the title song, offers to take the boy to his workshop. They arrive, and the toys go wild (in the full version, they sing the title song, but this has been censored in some versions due to outdated stereotypes). He plays with a few toys. A candle falls off the tree and starts a fire. The toys try in vain to fight the fire; the boy hooks up a hose to a set of bagpipes and takes care of it.." [IMDB] Included on DVD X128

She Done Him Right (1933)
Directed by Walter Lantz. Poodles (Mae West) comes to town and everyone is in love. Included on DVD 9581

She was an Acrobat's Daughter (1937)
Directed by Friz Freleng. "An evening at the local movie theater, including a sing-along led by Maestro Stickoutski at he Mighty "Fertilizer" organ, a "Goofy-Tone" newsreel, and the feature, "Petrified Florist," a spoof of 'The Petrified Forest (1936)' featuring caricatures of Bette Davis and 'Leslie Howard'." [IMDB] Included on DVD X515

Shuffle off to Buffalo (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "An inside look at the stork's baby factory. As an inside joke, the animators included a note in Yiddish to the stork (who, presumably, can read it). Translated into English, it says: "Send me five children. Mrs. Ginsberg." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD 5317

Sittin' on a Backyard Fence (1933)
Directed by Earl Duvall. "It's the middle of the night, and everyone's asleep except for the house cat (a girl) and alley cats (boys) on the fence competing for her attentions. A bull and three cows from ad posters on the fence sing "Sittin' On A Backyard Fence" and a cat band, using junk instruments play. Two boy cats, one drunk on catnip, fight each other over the girl, and get chased and knocked out by a dog. The girl cat leaves with another male cat, followed by kittens that are obviously theirs. The two fighting cats then shake hands." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X1427

Slap Happy Pappy (1940)
Directed by Bob Clampett. Warner Brothers. "A chicken on Porky's farm named Eddie Cackler gets all daughters and wants to have a boy baby, which the hens are "eggspecting." A Bing Crosby chicken gives him some crooning advice, as that is how he was able to have all boys.." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X136

Slick Hare (1947)
Directed by Friz Freleng. In a slick New York club for the rich and famous, Mr Humphrey Bogart orders rabbit. Waiter Elmer Fudd is at a loss where he'll get fresh rabbit at that time of night until he finds Bugs Bunny feasting on carrots. With time running out, Fudd tries to get Bugs into the pot. 7 min. Included on DVD 3485

Solid Seranade (1946)
Directed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Tom's love song (Is You Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby) to his girlfriend Toots wakes up Jerry, so he unties Spike (Tom had tied him up). 7 min. Included on DVD 5681

Speaking of the Weather (1937)
Directed by Frank Tashlin. Warner Brothers. "Famous Hollywood celebrity caricatures come to life from magazine covers in a neighborhood drugstore magazine rack late at night. The humorous plot includes an escaped crook (from "The Gang" magazine) fleeing for his liberty." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X176

A Star is Hatched (1938)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Emily the chicken, lives in Hickville but dreams of Hollywood. Her chance comes when director J. Megga-Phone happens to drive past and gives her his card. She makes her way to Hollywood, and Megga-Phone's office, where she discovers a whole flock of hens with the same card and a completely uncaring Megga-Phone. She returns home to faithful Clem, and a chick with foolish notions. Included on DVD 3636

Tabasco Road (1957)
Directed by Robert McKimson. Warner Brothers. Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all Mexico, runs to the rescue of his two drunken rodent friends, Pablo and Fernando, who keep wandering into the hungry clutches of an alley cat. Included on DVD 6167

Those Beautiful Dames (1934)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Warner Brothers. "A pitiful girl trudges through the snow to her pathetic shack. As she sleeps, a group of toys sneaks in and completely redecorates, with a toy fire engine spraying paint and various toys hanging wallpaper; they also build a fireplace and bring in nice furniture, and apparently build a large addition. When the girl awakes at midnight, the toys sing and dance for her. Finally, everyone adjourns to the new addition where a massive table is set for a party, and all enjoy cake and ice cream." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 5320

Tale of the Vienna Woods (1934)
Directed Hugh Harman. The delightfully animated adventure of a faun and a satyr who is only animate during daylight. Included on DVD 6396

Thugs with Dirty Mugs (1939)
Directed Tex Avery. Killer and his gang are robbing every bank in town in numerical order, except they skip the 13th National Bank. The police are unable to catch them, despite their predictability (and their endless sight gags). Finally, they get help from an unlikely source: the guy in the front of the theatre who sat through the picture before. They capture Killer, and he gets a long sentence, which he has to write on the blackboard 1,000 times. [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 3509

Tom Turkey and his Harmonica Humdingers (1940)
Directed by Hugh Harman. MGM. Tom and three of his friends play harmonicas continuously, and vigorously so vigorously that they wreck the local general store. And despite the attempts of one bird to keep playing "Dixie" on the flute, no matter what else is being played. Included on DVD 9066

Toyland Broadcast (1934)
Directed By Rudolf Ising. "Station ABC broadcasts the Toyland Revue. All the toys in the nursery have come to life to entertain the listeners. A toy soldier is now a radio broadcaster. Baby dolls sing "Mississippi Moon." They are joined by a crooning Bing Crosby-like jack-in-the-box. A Kate Smith-like doll interrupts to sing a brief rendition of "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain." A roly-poly toy, which looks like Paul Whiteman, cranks a Sambo Jazz Band music box. A bead man dances on a xylophone. A floppy-eared stuffed toy dog, which looks like Rudy Vallee, plays the saxophone. A duck pull toy rolls across the piano. Two French dolls perform the Apache Dance on the piano. Rubinov and his anthropomorphic violin play "Trees" as a calico dog performs the vocals. The jazz band provides an explosive finish." [IMDB] Included on DVD X1006

TV of Tomorrow (1950)
Directed by Tex Avery. A variety of fanciful innovations in "future" T.V. sets, including a model with a built-in stove, and a number of highly interactive models. And of course, even with dozens of channels, there's nothing on...or more accurately, there's nothing but the same Western. Included on DVD X1006

Ventriloquist Cat (1950)
Directed by Tex Avery. A cat, being chased by Spike, finds a gadget that lets him throw his voice and has great fun tricking the overly gullible dog into looking for him in a variety of dangerous spots, many of which seem to include dynamite. Included on DVD 5683

The Wabbit Who Came to Supper (1942)
Directed by Friz Freleng. Elmer Fudd is already hunting Bugs when he learns that he will inherit three million dollars from Uncle Louie if he doesn't harm animals, especially rabbits. Included on DVD X511

Wags to Riches (1949)
Directed by Tex Avery. A millionaire with two dogs (Spike and Droopy) leaves his fortune to Droopy with the stipulation that should he be killed the entire fortune who would to Spike. Guess what Spike is up to? Included on DVD 4256

Wake Up the Gypsy in Me (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. "A camp of Russian gypsies, dancing and playing music. After an opening dance, a quartet of beer-drinkers gargles the Volga Boatman song, then another group hauling on a rope sings it (we finally see that the other end of the rope is anchored by a very small dog). A trench-coated bomber sneaks into the palace, where we see Rice-Puddin', the mad monk, cheating at a jigsaw puzzle. He spies the activity in the gypsy camp and orders a henchman to fetch the gypsy girl. The villagers revolt as a result, sending The Mad Monk scrambling on his horse; they stuff a bomb into his pants just as he turns his horse into a helicopter, and it explodes." [IMDB] Included on DVD X129

The Wayward Pups (1937)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. Two small puppies escape from their yard and go exploring the dangerous suburb. They get into serious strife, which ends in a fast-paced chase involving most of the neighborhood. Included on DVD 7371

We're in the Money (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "After the last human has left the department store, the toys walk over to the music department where they start performing the Warren/Dubin song "We're in the money". The money soon joins for a chorus, as well as display dolls in the wardrobe department." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 5317

What Price Porky (1938)
Directed by Bob Clampett. "Porky tries to feed his chickens, but some ducks steal the corn he puts out, then declare war. The battle rages, with the ducks against the chickens, sometimes in wing-to-wing combat, but also aerial attacks, and Porky finally turning the tide with his machine gun improvised from a wringer washer and a bag of corn. But the ducks still get the last laugh." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 8052

Who's Who in the Zoo (1942)
Directed by Norm McCabe. Warner Brothers. "A tour of the Azusa Zoo, whose only apparent employee is Porky Pig. We open with several sight gags: a Missing Lynx, the Tortoise and his Hair, and a Bum Steer. Next, three wolves: Timber, Gray, and Hollywood. Porky feeds the giraffe by sending a bucket of food up a carnival ring-the-bell contraption. A rabbit shows off his cotton tail; some March Hares march by. The running gag: A lion, pacing, looking for something. Amid many other spot gags, Porky tries to feed the seals something other than the mountain trout they require, and is met by a "no substitutions" sign; he also uses a stick to find the only sensitive spot on a hippo. Some WWII gags: A rabbit, surrounded by his huge family, is dismayed by a government order to increase production 100%; a panther finishes his meal and puts the bowl on a scrap aluminum pile. The payoff of the running gag: An ice cream man arrives, and the lion signals it over, but he's not interested in the ice cream just its delivery man. ." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X345

The Wise Quacking Duck (1943)
Directed by Bob Clampett. "The aptly named Mr. Meek is sent by Sweety Puss to kill Daffy for dinner. Daffy escape the hatchet, and hides behind a haystack, squirting ketchup for blood and making dying noises. Mr. Meek sees through this, and chases Daffy into the house. Inside the house, there's a lot of chasing, Daffy does a striptease, and faced down a shotgun twice." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD X338

The Weakly Reporter(1944)
Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. Animated short. This Chuck Jones animated short parodies the newsreels that were the standard fare for movie theater intermissions during The Second World War. Included are gags about the food and supply shortages civilians had to suffer through, as well as the increasing role women were playing in the American war effort. DVD 6281 (supplement with Passage to Marseille)

What Price Fleadom (1948)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. "A dog lives in harmony with Homer the flea. But Homer spots a lady flea on a passing dog, and soon he's being attacked by that dog. And he just can't leave the lady flea alone. Meanwhile, his original host finds a goodbye note from Homer and goes looking." [IMDB] Included on DVD 7368

You Don't Know What You're Doin! (1931)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. "A wild, surrealistic trip through the swingin' nightlife of the big city with a drunken, joyriding Piggy. Wild goings-on with a hot band throughout. Minimal plot with maximum visuals. The final dialogue sums it up: "Whoopee."" [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X1427

Young and Healthy (1933)
Directed by Rudolf Ising. Warner Brothers. A jolly old king, bored with all the foolish people in his court, goes off to find a group of children playing who are really young and healthy. Included on DVD 5318
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