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Adfolio CD: Automotive
Searchable database of collections of award winning ads by theme and business sector. This disc contains a selection of 28 advertisements for automobiles produced in a variety of countries. 2000. Compu/D 550

Air Transport: New Rights for People with Reduced Mobility
As the Summer holidays approach a new European regulation will guarantee more rights for both the disabled and people with reduced mobility when they travel by air. Nearly one in five Europeans can require assistance for travelling or communicating. From July 2008, these people will have the right to assistance and certain services in all European Union airports, as well as on board aircraft operating throughout European territory. Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, c2008. 5 min. DVD X1274

America on the Road (A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers).
A history of the automobile and its profound effects on American society. 1984. 60 min. Video/C 805

The American Urban Experience.
Traces the history of the American vision of what the city has been and could become, from the original intentions of George Washington for the nations capital to current urban renewal projects. Demonstrates the manner in which changing technology, especially in production and transportation, has influenced the evolving form of the city and shows how American commitment to community is expressed in our metropolitan areas. Part of the "Understanding cities" series. 1983. 29 min. Video/C 2593

At Home in My Street
Examines home zones in the Netherlands and Germany. Home zones are a street or group of streets where pedestrians and cyclists have priority, and cars travel at little more than walking pace. Examines such questions as: What do neighborhood residents think of home zones? What does a home zone look like? How can successful home zones be created? 1999. 23 min. PAL format. Video/C 7067

Athens Subway
Part public works project, part archeological excavation, the modernization of Athens' subway was a monstrous undertaking. Project engineers and archaeologists discuss the difficult balance between progress and preservation and how engineers had to resort to ingenious methods of building and tunneling so as not to harm Athens' ancient treasures. Produced & directed by Stan Williams. 2004. 50 min. Video/C MM935

Autobiography of a Jeep(1943)
Directed by Irving Lerner for the U.S. Army Signal Corps. "This is a charmingly lighthearted look at that most "all-American" of vehicles-the jeep. The film is actually a celebration of our national love affair with the automobile, transferred here to a remarkable little machine that would become a symbol of America's presence around the world - with lots of plugs for Detroit. When The Autobiography of a Jeep was shown to newly-liberated French audiences, they were said to have shouted; "Vive le Jip! Vive le Jip!" [from Uncle Sam Movie Collection] DVD 363; also on DVD 363

Automobile Advertising of the 60's
Ads: Volkswagen (4 adds), Vespa (2), Comet (1), Ford trucks (2), Volvo (2), Chrysler (2), Pontiac (1), Chevrolet (3), Buick (2), Fury (1), Ford cars (3), Oldsmobile (2), Dodge trucks (3), Plymouth (2), Rambler Marlin (1), Honda motorcycles (2), Sprite (1), Falcon (2), Impala (2), Karmann Ghia (1), Thunderbird. 199?. 47 min. Video/C 6481

Automobile Advertising of the 70's
Ads: American Motors Pacer (4 adds), Chevrolet (3), Saab (4), Fiat (3), Capri (1), Volkswagen (4), Toyota (5), Triumph (5), Volvo (2), Ford (2), MG (1), Dodge (3), Plymouth (4), Chrysler (3), Honda (1), Jeep (1), Pontiac (3). 199?. 43 min. Video/C 6482

Automobile Advertising of the 80's
Ads: Hyundai (5 adds), Dodge cars (5), Pontiac (6), Honda (4), Goodyear (4), Chevron (2), Honda motorcycle (2), Chevy (4), Ford Taurus (2), Dodge Trucks (1), Toyota (8), Turtle wax (1), Isuzu (4), Volvo (4), Gulf gas (1), Acura (3), Mitsubishi (4), Jeep (4), Amoco (3), Audi (2), Suzuki (3), Castrol GTX (1), BMW (1), -Wix oil filter (1), Sohio (1), Subaru (2), Nissan (2), Sable (1), Delco (1). 55 min. Video/C 6483

The Automobile Story(Made in America; 2).
Once it was the symbol of American industry, style, and leisure--until Toyota adapted American mass production methods to Japanese standards. Only now are embattled American auto makers trying to reverse history by using Japanese success strategy in planning, design, engineering, and manufacturing. 1992. 50 min. Video/C 2586

Autos (2000) (London International Advertising Awards)
Infiniti, Mercedes (8 adds), Toyota (5), Chevy truck, Dodge (4), Chrysler (4), VW Beetle (2), Jeep (4), Mitsubishi (3), Chevy (2), Ram Charger, Fiat (5), Honda, Mazda (2), Peugeot, Ford (2), Harley Davidson, Hyundai (3), Seat, Daewoo, VW Polo, Renault (5), Citreon (3), BMW (5), Land Rover, Opel, VW Golf, Audi (3), Tata Sierra. Presents award-winning television commercials from around the world for automobiles selected in 2000 by the London International Advertising Awards. 55 min. Video/C 7308

The Big Dig
Documents the building of the most expensive highway project in American history, an underground road through Boston to replace that city's elevated central artery. c2004. 50 min. DVD X4617

Bigger, Better, Faster
Focuses on the inventors, entrepreneurs, and industrial scientists whose work fueled the 20th century's technological revolution. Topics include aviation and automobiles, mass media and the computer, and the invention of synthetic materials like nylon and synthetic rubber, and the development of the computer from the early years to the Space Program. 1998. 120 min. Video/C 6001

Boulevards: Good Streets For Good Cities.
Examines the social and practical benefits of well designed boulevards in the inner city. [199-?]. 21 min. Video/C 4394

British Transport Films Collection

On and Off the Rails
In 1948, the British Transportation Commission set up its own in-house film production unit led for 25 years by Edgar Anstey -- a founding father of the British documentary movement. it became one of the largest industrial film units in Britain. In this selection of films the documentary aficionado will recognise the development of traits and innovations in British non-fiction filmmaking. Disc 1: Blue Pullman (1960, 25 min.) / director, Nick Nicholls -- Elizabethan Express / Tony Thompson (1954, 20 min.) -- Train time / John Shearman (1952, 28 min.) -- Rail 150 / Ronald Craigen (1975, 14 min.) -- The diesel train driver / (1959, 7 min.) -- On track for the eighties / John Legard (1980, 15 min.) -- Cybernetica / Peter Sims (1972, 20 min.) -- Disc 2: Under the river / R.K. Neilson Baxter (1959, 27 min.) -- Snowdrift at Bleath Gill / Kenneth Fairbairn (1955, 10 min.) -- This year: London / John Krish, Jack Holmes (1951, 25 min.) -- This is York / J. B. Holmes (1953, 20 min.) -- The great highway / R, K. Nelson Baxter (1966, 20 min.) -- A Day of One's Own / Kenneth Fairbairn (1956, 20 min.) -- John Betjeman goes by train / Malcolm Freegard (1962, 10 min.). DVD 6211

See Britain by Train
In 1948, the British Transportation Commission set up its own in-house film production unit led for 25 years by Edgar Anstey -- a founding father of the British documentary movement. it became one of the largest industrial film units in Britain. In this selection of films the documentary aficionado will recognise the development of traits and innovations in British non-fiction filmmaking. Disc 1: West Country journey / director, Syd Sharples (1953, 26 min.) -- A letter for Wales / Tony Thompson (1960, 25 min.) -- Cyclists special (1955, 16 min.) -- Holiday / John Taylor (1957, 18 min.) -- The heart is Highland / John Taylor (1952, 20 min.) -- Any man's kingdom / Tony Thompson (1956, 20 min.) -- Disc 2: Glasgow belongs to me / Edward McConnell (1966, 17 min.) -- The England of Elizabeth / John Taylor (1957, 27 min.) -- Capital visit / Syd Sharples (1955, 20 min.) -- The heart of England / Michael Clarke (1954, 20 min.) -- East Anglian holiday / Michael Clarke (1954, 20 min.) -- The coasts of Clyde / James Ritchie (1959, 20 min.). DVD 6212

Running a Railway
In 1948, the British Transportation Commission set up its own in-house film production unit led for 25 years by Edgar Anstey -- a founding father of the British documentary movement. it became one of the largest industrial film units in Britain. In this selection of films the documentary aficionado will recognise the development of traits and innovations in British non-fiction filmmaking. Disc 1: Operation London Bridge / directors, Norman Prouting, David C. Lochner (1975, 18 min.) -- Wires over the border / David C. Lochner (1974, 18 min.) -- Groundwork for progress / Bill Mason (1959- 30 min.) -- Making tracks / Tony Thompson (1956, 17 min.) -- E for Experiment / Donald Washbourne (1975, 20 min.) -- Modelling for the future (1962, 8 min.) -- Britannia: a bridge / David C. Lochner (1973, 19 min.) -- Disc 2: Terminus / John Schlesinger (1961, 20 min.) -- Fully fitted freight / Ralph Keene (1957, 21 min.) -- Farmer moving South (a Winter journey) / John Taylor (1952, 17 min.) -- I am a litter basket / James Ritchie (1959, 7 min.) -- The Third Sam / Kenneth Fairbairn (1962, 10 min.) -- People like us (1962, 9 min.) -- Future on rail / Edgar Anstey (1957, 10 min.) DVD 6213

Buses And Vans.
A tour of various "hippie" vans parked by the panhandle in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. Student architecture project recorded in 1971. Video/C 2301

Chevrolet Sales Promotion Films.
Twelve commercials produced between 1948 and 1952 promoting the Chevrolet automobile. Includes historical footage of automobile racing and information on the evolving design and construction of the Chevrolet automobile. Contents: Last word (10 min.), Inside story (11 min.), You're ahead, Mr. X (with Jeffrey Lynn, 12 min.), Hall of wonders (with Dave Garroway, 12 min.), Making of a commercial (with Dinah Shore, 12 min.), Boxes and balls (10 min.), Proof of the pluses (12 min.), Big winner (10 min.) , What's new (with Pat Boone, 8 min.), Safety built in (9 min.), Millions of masterpieces (10 min.), Rainbow is yours (6 min.) 198?. 122 min. total running time Video/C 3809

The City
Shows the growth and development of London, and how the Post Office helped ease congestion with its own underground railway. Producer, Alberto Cavalcanti; director, Ralph Elton. 1939. 19 min. DVD 6061

The City Of The Future.
Explores various attempts to develop a new vision of the city which will find alternative means of transportation and new life-styles to replace our current dependency on automobiles. Examines mixed-use projects in which housing, shops, and employment are clustered together, and plans for integrating green areas and pedestrian and bicycle thoroughfares into city plans. Part of the Understanding cities series. 1983. 30 min. Video/C 2594

Crossroads: A Story Of West Oakland.
A collage of drawings, photographs, historical footage, interviews and location shooting, this documentary reconstructs the transformation of West Oakland from a pasture land to a port of entry for African Americans from the South. While job opportunities caused mass migration of ethnic groups to the area around the Second World War, the film also shows the population decline in West Oakland after the building of the Cypress Freeway and, later, BART. Southern Pacific Railroad's contribution to the development of the area is highlighted. 1996. 29 min. DVD 4327 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4276

Ecological Design: Inventing The Future.
Beginning in the 1920's with the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, moving through the 1960's and the Counter Culture and ending on the doorstep of the 21st century, the film follows the evolution of ecological design from the visions of a few independent thinkers to the powerful movement it is now becoming. Each designer explores their design process including such artifacts as solar architecture, arcologies, bioshelters, living machines, pillow domes, engineered biospheres, solar aquatics, city farming, domed cities, gossamer vehicles, solar transport, electric vehicles, soft energy systems, solar communities and ecological cities. 1994. 64 min. Video/C 4549

The Educational Archives, 3: Drivers Ed.
A collection of driver's safety films, ranging in date from the late 1940s to the early 1980s. As state governments required drivers be licensed and educational programs provided to students, films were used to teach the basics and laws of driving. This is a presentation of films shown in driver's education classes all over the United States. Contents: Tomorrow's drivers / Jimmy Stewart, narrator -- Joy ride -- Alco beat -- The bottle & the throttle -- The talking car -- The last prom -- Safety belt for Susie -- I like bikes, but ... -- Highball highway -- The crossroads crash. 120 min. DVD 1740

The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
Through interviews with scientists and policy makers this documentary explores the premise that American suburbs, built on the easy availability of fossil fuels, may become untenable. As oil reserves are exhausted and energy prices skyrocket in the coming years, how will the populations of suburbia react to the collapse of their dream? Are today's suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow? 2004. 78 min. DVD 3193

Ephemeral Films.

Internet Moving Images Archive (Prelinger Archive)

To New Horizons: Ephemeral Films, 1931-1945. Clips from 19 rarely-seen motion pictures, leftovers from the golden age of American industry. DVD 7462 [preservation copy]; Video/D 20

Contents: In my merry Oldsmobile (1931) -- Master hands (1936) -- We drivers (1936) -- Chevrolet leader news (1936) -- Relax (1937) -- Precisely so (1937) -- Extra (1938) -- Breakfast pals (1938) -- Three smart daughters (1938) -- Oxydol goes into high (1938) -- 'Round and 'round (1939) -- Back of the mike (1939) -- Leave it to Roll-oh (1940) -- Home movies (1940) -- To new horizons (1940) -- Let yourself go (1940) -- Magic in the air (1941) -- To market, to market (1942) -- News sketches by Max Fleischer (1944/45).

You Can't Get There From Here: Ephemeral Films, 1946-1960. Clips from 19 rarely-seen motion pictures, leftovers from the golden age of American consumerism. Video/D 21

Contents: A report to home builders (1946) -- Shy guy (1947) -- Are you popular? (1947) -- Technicolor for industrial films (1949) -- Meet King Joe (1949) -- Dating: do's and dont's (1949) -- The last date (1950) -- A date with your family (1950) -- Treasures for the making (1951) -- What to do on a date (1951) -- A young man's fancy (1952) -- Ike for president (1952) -- Mother takes a holiday (1952)-- Sniffles and sneezes (1955) -- Two-Ford freedom (1956) -- Design for dreaming (1956) -- The relaxed wife (1957) -- American look (1958) -- A wonderful new world of Fords (1960).

Fat of the Land.
This video shows how internal-combustion vehicles can be converted to run on vegetable oil or on grease. Covers the 2,300 mile cross-county demonstration run by five women in their "lard car", a van powered by vegetable oil or grease (mainly grease) and the problems and difficulties encountered in obtaining vegetable oil or grease for fueling this van, and in promoting vehicles powered by vegetable oil or grease in general. Includes interviews with scientists in Colorado who are doing extensive research with vegetable oil as a replacement fuel. 1995. 56 min. Video/C 4648

Ghosts Along The Freeway.
In the 1950's new freeways gave Americans increased mobility but also became instruments of destruction. This film examines the effects the coming of the "super highways" had on two established neighborhoods in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. Rondo Avenue was the heart of St. Paul's African-American community, and Lowry Hill once boasted many of Minneapolis' most lavish homes. When the freeway tore through these two communities, the character of these neighborhoods was changed forever. 1991. 10 min. Video/C 4550

The Grandest Enterprise Under God (The West)
After the Civil War Americans embarked on one of the greatest technological achievements of the age--building the first transcontinental railroad to conquer forbidding mountains, harsh deserts and awesome distances. Railroads soon transformed the West, bringing European farmers, while cowpokes such as Teddy Blue Abbott would ride dusty cattle trails to deliver herds to railheads such as Dodge and Abilene, while buffalo hunters such as Frank Mayer would drive a magnificent animal to near extinction. 1996. 86 min. Video/C 4523

The Great Air Race of 1924 (American Experience)
Recounts the attempt of four biplanes of the U. S. Army Air Corps to complete the first round-the-world flight. After 175 days two of the planes returned. 1989. 58 min. Video/C 1542

Great Disasters (ITN/Reuters Stock Footage Library
Newsreel footage of natural and manmade disasters of the 20th century. Includes footage of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster, the 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse, the aftermath of Pan Am Flight 103's explosion over Lockerbie and the 1998 high-speed train crash at Eschede. Clips of natural disasters include flooding in New England, hurricanes in Florida, avalanches in France and Austria, earthquakes in Turkey, Taiwan and Mexico City and volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, New Zealand, Montserrat, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Video/C 7734

The Growth of Towns and Cities
This program examines how industrialization in Great Britain led to urbanization, which led to higher rents and overcrowding, which in turn led to governmental controls. It also shows how railways and improved transportation opened up cities, and led to the growth of suburbs. 1992. 20 min. Video/C 8386

The Heartbeat of America.
Examines how General Motors Corporation went from being the undisputed number one car company in America to suffering the biggest corporate loss on record. Drawing on interviews with current and former GM board members, executives, designers, workers and automotive analysts, the GM saga is revealed. 1993. 96 min. Video/C 3070

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  • Hell's Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety Films
    A look at the graphic, sometimes violent and gruesome driver's education films that were produced between 1959 and 1979 by a small group in Mansfield, Ohio. The films promoted safety by showing color footage of the consequences of reckless driving. Special features: Three complete driver's ed shorts, excerpts from fifteen shocking classroom films, deleted scenes (14 min.), two theatrical trainers, picture gallery. 91 min. DVD 2210

    Humain, trop humain (Human, too Human)
    A meditative investigation of the inner workings of an auto assembly plant showing how steel sheeting becomes an automobile. Includes visits with the plant workers. Directed by Louis Malle. 1973. 72 min. DVD 7511

    History of Advertising Animation, 1930-1940
    Presents a collection of animated advertising films produced between 1930 and 1940 which provide insight into the marketing strategies introduced into movie theaters and early television. Included here are advertising cartoons promoting Oldsmobile and Chevrolet cars and Kellogg's Rice Krispies.

    My merry Oldsmobile / Fleischer Studios for Oldsmobile Motor Company (1932, b&w, 6:28 min.) -- Down the gasoline trail / Jam Handy Organization for Chevrolet (1935, b&w, 7:57 min.) -- Coach for Cinderella / Jam Handy Organization for Chevrolet (1936, col., 9:22 min.) -- Ride for Cinderella / Jam Handy Organization for Chevrolet (1937, col., 10:50 min.) -- Peg Leg Pedro / Jam Handy Organization for Chevrolet (1938, col., 9:l8 min.) -- Extra Esso / produced for Esso Standard Oil Company (1938, b&w, 1 min.) -- Breakfast pals / Cartoon Films Limited for Kellogg Company (1939, col., 1:21 min.) -- Princess and the pauper / Jam Handy Organization (1939, col., 9:52 min.) DVD 4275

    Hometown Blues: The Struggle Over Growth in the Bay Area
    A documentary addressing the San Francisco Bay Area's housing and growth crisis. Explores quality of life issues -- affordable housing, transportation, the environment -- and poses possible solutions. Elected officials and citizens as well as community, environmental and business leaders weigh in on these topics. Association of Bay Area Governments. [Oakland, CA]: ABAG, 1999. 29 min. Video/C 7417

    In The Pit (En el hoyo)
    A powerful documentary about the personal struggles behind the construction of a massive elevated freeway over Mexico City. With lyricism and compassion, this reveals the medieval nightmare underneath an ambitious utopian dream. Mexico City's Periferico Beltway, more than ten miles of elevated reinforced concrete, supported by massive towers, has been planned to both soar above and link the city's densely gridlocked urban neighborhoods. But while the roadway is a spectacular miracle of modern architectural design, it comes with a human cost. Written and directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo. 2006. 84 min. DVD 8334

    In the Street / On the Ground
    Examines city planning initiatives in Toronto, Canada focusing on traffic calming in residential neighborhoods, a street enhancement controversy, and bicycle infrastructure in the city. 15 min. Video/C 4196

    The Industrial Revolution: Evolving Transportation Systems
    Pre-industrial Great Britain managed with toll roads, but industrialization required low-cost, efficient transportation systems. This program examines developments in road building and the revolutionary impact of canals, and charts the rise and subsequent decline of canals as a good example of social and technological change. 1992. 20 min. Video/C 8730

    The Industrial Revolution. 5, The Growth of Towns and Cities
    This program examines how industrialization in Great Britain led to urbanization, which led to higher rents and overcrowding, which in turn led to governmental controls. It also shows how railways and improved transportation opened up cities, and led to the growth of suburbs. 1992. 20 min. Video/C 8386

    The Industrial Revolution: Railway Age
    Examines the enormous impact of the introduction of railways in Britain, covering the technological revolution, the commercial and human reactions that culminated in Railway Mania, and the economic and social results. 1992. 20 min. Video/C 8731

    The Iron Road (American Experience)
    Relates the saga of the building of the transcontinental railroad by the Central Pacific Railroad Company and the Union Pacific Railroad Company with special emphasis on the personal experiences and living conditions of the laborers who built the railroad. 1990. 59 min. Video/C.1926

    A Job at Ford's.(Great Depression)
    Just before the advent of the Great Depression, Henry Ford controlled the most important company in the most important industry in the booming American economy. His offer of high wages in exchange for hard work attracted workers to Detroit, but it began to come apart when Ford hired a private police force to speed up production and spy on employees. After the depression hit in 1929, these workers faced a new, grim reality as unemployment skyrocketed. DVD X1162 [preservation copy]; Video/C 3171

    Key System Scrapbook
    See the Key System from its early days. All the lines, A through H, and the streetcar lines are represented. Ride the Key ferry boats and interurban units from the beginning in 1903 to the end in 1958. Features footage of the electric interurban line built by "Borax Smith," the U.S. Navy war industries in Richmond and the 1939 Treasure Island World's fair. 62 min. DVD 9923

    [Kostof, Spiro] Spiro Kostof Lecture. Architecture 170B, Spring 1991 Pt. 14 - March 12, 1991
    Suburbs in America and Europe. Beginning with Glendale, OH (1851) and Llewellyn Park, NJ (1855) suburbanization is examined as land speculation facilitated by new modes of transportation: ferries, street cars, trolleys and, ultimately, the automobile.

    View this video online Requires Windows Media Player or Flip4Mac

    The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant
    Tells the story of the closing of the once-mighty General Motors Assembly Plant in Moraine, Ohio, as lived by the workers on the factory line. Follows the months and weeks leading to the last day of the plant, as workers come to terms with saying goodbye to jobs and a community they loved. Directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert. 2009. 41 min. DVD X2984

    Lewis Mumford on the City: The City -- Cars or People?
    Studies the problem of transportation versus people in the city, explaining the importance of making the city accessible without allowing transportation to make it congested and uninhabitable. Discusses the threat posed by the increasing number of private automobiles in the city. Video/C 9630

    Low and Slow
    Filmed in San Jose, California, this documentary explores lowriding, a type of custom car building prevalent in the Mexican-American community. Features interviews with lowriders, particulary women enthusiasts about their attitudes towards the drivers, their cars and the social dimensions of low-rider culture. Directed by Melina Alexa Ramirez and Aranttza Sauza. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2009. 12 min. DVD X7380

    Examines the conflicts with community and police in Compton, California, surrounding the low riders and their cruising, culture and car rallies in customized automobiles. Producer/director, Gregory A. Thomson. 1995. 28 min. Video/C 4368

    Lowriding in Aztlan
    Examines the lowriding culture in Northern California and attempts to dispel rumors and negative stereotypes associated with lowriding. Contains interviews with lowriders and lowriding experts, cruising and car show footage, and showcases lowriding artwork and design. Special features: Deleted scenes ; how to airbrush your own lowrider bike / with Freedy Alfaro ; Xavier: the X-Man's Sunday night oldies show (audio only) ; Sunday super oldies show / hosted by Tony Sandoval (audio only). Directed by Daniel Osorio. 2005. 60 min. DVD X1103

    Mail Rail.
    Mail rail is a programme made to celebrate 60 years of the unique Royal Mail Underground Railway situated some 22 metres below London's busy streets. At its peak, the railway was responsible for carrying over one third of London's mail. 1987. 10 min. DVD 6240

    Making Streets That Work.
    An overview of street design projects in Seattle looking at what constitutes good design. The interrelationship of street, sidewalk, buildings, parking lots and green space are explored. 1996. 15 min. Video/C 4436

    Midnight Hours.
    Midnight Hours is a television documentary showing each phase of the extraordinary operation of collecting and sorting to distribution by road, rail and air of the nation's mail. The film's structure updates the classic 'Night mail', made some 50 years earlier. Written & directed by Eve Hunter. 1987. 13 min. DVD 6240

    Miles of Smiles: Years of Struggle.
    Personal narratives of retired porters about their work and duties on the Pullman trains and about the formation of their union. Produced and directed by Jack Santino and Paul Wagner. c1982. 60 min. DVD X626; vhs Video/C 381

    California Newsreels catalog description

    New York Underground.
    Tells the story of how the longest, most sophisticated electric subway in the world was built. On March 24, 1900, ground was broken for the Big Apple's subway; the Interborough Rapid Transit Line opened four years later, running more than 26 miles of underground track, expanding the boundaries of New York City beyond a two-mile densley populated stretch of lower Manhattan to the countryside to the North and bouroughs to the East. Soon thousands in the city, the rising merchant class, the wealthy established families and the endless waves of poor immigrants were all brought together "doing the subway." Videodisc release of a segment from the television program The American experience. Written & produced by Elena Mannes. c2006. 56 min. DVD 9506

    Night Mail(1936)
    Night mail is the most celebrated documentary of the GPO Film Unit. Showing the Postal Special's nightly run from London to Scotland, it has all the qualities that British documentary stands for from its realism through its perfect structure to the inspirational character appeal. Producer, John Grierson ; directors, Harry Watt & Basil Wright ; music, Benjamin Britten ; verse by W. H. Auden DVD 6240; also vhs Video/C 999:524 and Video/C 5024
    Information about this film from the Internet Movie Database

    Oil. Each installment 58 minutes. 1986.

    Oil: God Bless Standard Oil. Opens with the story of John D. Rockefeller, the father of the modern oil industry. DVD 7951 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1720

    Oil: Floating to Victory. Charts the growth of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and British Petroleum, Europe's leading oil companies, against the backdrop of the two world wars. DVD 7952 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1721

    Oil: Sisters Under Siege. Focuses on the trials and tribulations of the seven major oil corporations known as the "seven sisters"--Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Gulf, British Petroleum and Royal Dutch/Shell. DVD 7953 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1722

    Oil: The Rise of OPEC.Focuses on Saudi Arabian Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani and his role in OPEC, the oil-producing cartel established to counter the power of the oil companies. DVD 7954 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1723

    Oil: The Devil Gave us Oil.Looks at the plight of heavily indebted Mexico, where the expectation of a continued rise in oil prices encouraged that government to borrow too heavily. DVD 7955 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1724

    Oil: The Independents.Examines the tough, rugged individuals such as H.L. Hunt, John Paul Getty and T. Boone Pickens who have gambled millions in the oil game. DVD 7956 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1725

    Oil: Oil and Water. Looks at the challenges of obtaining oil from the North Sea. DVD 7957 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1726

    Oil: The Global Gamble. Looks at the future of oil, with exploration taking place in far-flung areas of the world from the Arctic to the African desert. DVD 7958 [preservation copy]; Video/C 1727

    On the Line, 1924. (The People's Century)
    When Henry Ford's Model T rolled onto the scene in 1908, it was inconceivable that it would ever be anything more than a plaything for the wealthy. But mass production and later, Ford's moving assembly line, allowed manufacturers to produce goods at affordable prices that made them accessible to a new mass market. This film follows the acceleration of mass production, from the days of master craftsmen to the pressures and benefits of assembly-line work to the growing strength of "people power" as labor and management struggled to divide the fruits of increased productivity. 1998. 56 min. Video/C 5546

    Post Haste
    Post haste is a film celebrating 150 years history of the Travelling Post Office which revolutionised the sorting and delivery of mail. Written by Eve Hunter. 1988. 19 min. DVD 6240

    Privy to the Past
    A documentary on the Cypress Archaeological Project, an excavation in West Oakland, California from April 1994 through May 1996. The excavated collections represent a large and diverse set of households from the late 1890's through the early 1920's of people who worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad and lived in cottages, boarding houses and hotels. They also represent workers at a Chinese laundry and African American, German, Irish and other family groups. Produced by the California Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Anthropological Studies Center, Sonoma State University. 1999. 29 min. DVD 7656 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 6633

    The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power
    This PBS miniseries tells the epic history of oil... how it has dominated global politics, shaken the world economy, and transformed our century. Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Daniel Yergin. Each program approximately 60 minutes. Contents: Tape 1. Program 1. Our plan. Program 2. Empires of oil -- Tape 2. Program 3. The black giant. Program 4. War and oil -- Tape 3. Program 5. Crude diplomacy. Program 6. Power to the producers -- Tape 4. Program 7. The tinderbox. Program 8. The New order of oil. 1992. 480 min. DVD 9820 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 2806 Pt. 1-4

    The Race Is On!
    Six classic comedies digitally mastered with new musical scores" -- Container. Teddy at the throttle (1917) -- Circus today (1926) -- Water wagons (1926) -- Outbound (1924) -- Chasing choo choos (1927) -- Danger ahead (1926) Curators, Joe Adamson, David Shepard ; music, Eric Beheim, Brian Benison, Robert Israel, Ken Rosen. Bobby Vernon, Wallace Beery, Gloria Swanson, Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde, Madeline Hurlock, Sid Smith, Monty Banks, "Hairbreadth Harry" (Comic strip character) The daredevil spirit of the 1920's infected early comedy films as a reckless combination of plane, train, streetcar, motorcycle, horse and automobile chases presented side-splitting, breathtaking, white-knuckle art forms that even today are without parallel. Mack Sennett encapsulated the formula of his comedies as "Speed, pretty girls, and spectacular effects." Here are presented six films loaded with action, often quite elaborately produced in which every foil and gag sets another in motion until every prop in sight has been squeezed of comic potential. DVD 1316; also VHS Video/C 999:1904

    The Rhythm of Film
    Since the 1950s Geoffrey Jones has often used the industrial short to express his unique art. In such films as Snow and Rail, and Trinidad and Tobago images react, combine and dance together to create a living pulsing journey. In his final BTF film Locomotion, the entire history of the British railways is illustrated through an accelerating frenzy of rhythm. Snow (1963, 8 min.); Rail (1966, 13 min.); Locomotion (1975, 15 min.); Trinidad and Tobago (1964, 19 min.); Shell Spirit (1962, 2 min.); This is Shell (1970, 8 min.); Seasons project (12 min.); A chair-a-plane Kwela (3 min.); A chair-a-plane flamenco (6 min.); plus a 31-min. interview with Geoffrey Jones. DVD 6204

    Riding the Rails
    Reviews the history of steam trains in the United States culminating with an excursion from Oregon to California on the Baldwin locomotive 4449 Daylight steam engine manufactured by Baldwin and Lima Locomotives in 1938. 30 min. Video/C 4917

    The Road to Happiness: The Life and Times of Henry Ford
    A documentary of Henry Ford's personal life history. Newsreels, dramatic films and documentaries tell the story of this American legend from boyhood to his death in 1947. 1978. 59 min. DVD 5296 [preservation copy]; Video/C 241

    Roadway Express
    During the forty years of it's construction, the Interstate Highway System has altered our sense of space, fueled the mega-economy, cut through our city neighborhoods, and changed the lives of millions of people. Using archival material, newsreels and interviews, this film describes the impact of the world's largest public works project on American community, culture, regionalism and freedom and describes the ideals, motives, and methods of it's builders. Based on the book Divided highways by Tom Lewis. c1997. 85 min. Video/C 6153

    Route 66: The Ultimate DVD Collection
    In A journey down Route 66 and Route 66 revisited, host Michael Wallis gives a personal tour of the highway, interviewing people as he travels the historic road from Chicago to Los Angeles, and showing special attractions including tourist spots, quaint towns and historically significant locations. In Route 66 turns 75, Michael Wallis hits the road again reporting on what remains and what's changed along the highway. Disc 1. A journey down Route 66 -- Disc 2. Route 66 revisited -- Disc 3. Route 66 turns 75, a special celebration. 2006. 190 min. DVD 5679

    Running on Empty
    (Fueling the Future Series; 1).
    This program traces how the automobile became the mainstay of our transportation system and the perils posed to our environment by reliance upon petroleum based fuels. Also examined are the viability of gasahol and other alternative fuels and the feasibility of resurrecting public transportation on a large scale. 60 min. Video/C 2552

    San Francisco Cable Cars, Key System Trains
    Unedited historical footage on cable cars and Key System trains in San Francisco, Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland and Sacramento since 1903. Video/C 2398

    Saved From the Flames: Disc 1, Seeing The World
    Among the ten films in this section: A transatlantic crossing in a Zeppelin dirigible, a film of the first car trip (1915) across the Sierras from San Francisco to Reno, a stencil-colored trek through the Belgian Congo in 1925, Parisian street kids in Montmartre during the first World War, a 1916 visit to Los Angeles, 1927 sound film of Charles Lindbergh embarking on his New York-Paris flight, an early 1930s portrait of New York's Coney Island, a film promoting Josephine Baker's revue at the Folies-Bergere, and a two-color Technicolor 1927 fashion parade. Seine flood / Eclipse Company ; music, Eric Beheim (France, 1910, 4:16 min.) -- Over the top (A battle with the elements) / Earle Films ; music, Eric Beheim (USA, 1915, 11:22 min.) -- A visit to Los Angeles / Ford Motor Company ; music, Frederick Hodges (USA, 1916, 10:25 min.) -- Montmartre's kids / music, Eric le Guen (France, 1916, 3:51 min.) -- Dirigible Los Angeles / Blackhawk Films ; music, Eric Beheim (USA, 1924, 19:24 min.) -- In the land of giants and pygmies / Aurelio Rossi ; music, Eric le Guen (1925, stencil-colored, English intertitles, 8:33 min.) -- Technicolor fashion parade / Fashion Features, Inc ; music, Frederick Hodges (USA, 1927, 5:53 min.) -- Charles A. Lindbergh, hero of the air / Fox-Case Movietone (USA, 1927, 11:50 min.) -- Fireman of the Follies-Bergere / with Josephine Baker ; music, Eric le Guen (France, 1928, 7:38 min.) -- Meet me down at Coney Isle / Fox Magic Carpet of Movietone (USA, 1932, 8:13 min.) DVD 9450

    Sit Down and Fight: Walter Reuther and The Rise of the Auto Workers Union. (American Experience)
    Tells the story of Walter Reuther, a man whose leadership and vision of worker's rights changed the way America worked. c1992. 58 min. Video/C 2845

    Smart Cars on Smart Roads: An End to Congestion?
    A lecture by Pravin Varaiya. This event took place on March 12, 1997 at the University of California, Berkeley. Video/C 5452; Storage Info: B 4 304 561

    Song of the Bicycle
    China is a land of 370 million bicycles and 600 bicycle factories. In this lyrical portrait, scenes of bicycles being used to transport huge earthenware urns and bamboo cabinets to market, to haul timber to construction sights, and to simply get from place to place are interspersed with the observations of artist, Yi Ling, who spent 4 1/2 years cycling around China's perimeter. He notes that while foreigners may use bicycles for recreation, they are essential to the livelihood of many Chinese. Director, Yang Shu. c1991. 17 min. Video/C 3048

    Description from Icarus Films catalog

    Special Reports on BART
    Local news report concerning safety issues on the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) during the first few years of operation. 1973? 17 min. DVD 9745

    Speeding?: A Film About Driver Safety
    Consists of dramatized interviews with police officers and with motorists who have been ticketed for speeding, in which both sides express their thoughts on speeding violations. A film by Mitchell W. Block & Alec Hirschfeld. 1978. 21 min. DVD 9055

    Streetcar Stories.
    Streetcar Stories is a cultural and social history of the place that streetcars once held in the everyday life of New Orleans, Louisiana before automobiles took over the city streets. Special attention is given to the bitter 1929 streetcar strike that gave the poor boy sandwich its name, female operators during World War II, and the segregation and integration of the streetcars. 1995. 58 min. Video/C MM692

    Sustainable Environments.
    A thorough and interesting exploration of sustainability which reveals how some of natures interdependencies work towards sustainability and examines how similar patterns can be followed in the built environment. Includes sections on transportation, buildings and landscapes, diet and agriculture, and lifestyles and work. c1994. 34 min. Video/C 6292

    Taken for a Ride
    Through archival film footage, animation and interviews follows the history of the automobile and the highway system in America. Presenting a long buried trail of auto/oil industry schemes, this documentary exposes the dummy companies, secret stock transactions and propaganda compaigns that removed one third of the nation's streetcars. Tracks were torn up overnight and bone jarring buses took the trolley's place. Scores of American cities lost their streetcars, including five of the nation's ten largest. The same players, organized as "the highway lobby," then campaigned for a network of urban freeways that would destroy America's downtowns. c1996. 55 min. Video/C 9243

    Taking Off
    Documentary episode from We Do The Work television series. Explains why air maintenance workers, government officials and consumer advocates are worried about air repair work being shifted to foreign countries, because of a change in federal aviation rules and pressure from the global economy. 1996. 28 min. Video/C 4560

    Tango 73: A Bus Rider's Diary
    Documentary about riders and drivers on AC Transit line 73 in the East Bay Area, showing the importance of public transportation in urban areas. This first-person documentary lets viewers see the world where people's lives are shaped by the bus schedule and the elements. Written, produced, directed and edited by Gabriela Quirós. 28 mins. Video/C MM1278

    Commentary: Ronald E. G. Davies, Ruth Schwartz Cowan, Andreas Schafer. For thousands of years a lack of means of transportation circumscribed the potential of mankind but with the advent of steamships, trains, automobiles and airplanes, societies began to travel and intermingle. This program investigates the history of transportation, its revolutionary impact on society, and its environmental consequences. 2000. 53 min. Video/C 8128

    Understanding Cities.
    Looks at cities past and present with a focus on issues of transportation, electricity, light, water, sewage, and trash. Examines differences between cities that have evolved over time and planned cities. Cities profiled include New York City, Portland, Ore., London, Teotihuacan, and Brasilia. c2001. 53 min. Video/C 9085

    Vincent Scully and the New Urbanism.
    Features Ray Suarez interviewing architectural historian Vincent Scully, a passionate proponent of the New Urbanism. Discusses the need to stop designing towns and cities around the automobile. Addresses issues such as the backlash against high-rise housing, the detrimental effects of the interstate system on viable urban communities, and the American love affair with the single-family home. 2000. 12 min. Video/C 7190

    Der VW Komplex
    A documentary about the Volkswagen Company and the VW Beetle automobile "created for the broad cross section of the general public" as announced by Hitler. This film includes extensive views of the interiors of Volkswagen factories and the process of manufacturing the automobile against the backdrog of the history of Germany, labor history, the development of the German automobile industry and the eventual international market for the VW bug. 1989. 90 min. Video/C 5677

    We Aren't Blocking Traffic, We are Traffic!
    This documentary chronicles the history and development of the "critical mass" bicycle movement, which reclaims city streets by bicycle activists riding en masse. The program tracks this leaderless, grassroots movement from its beginnings in San Francisco in 1992 to its spread across the globe to over 100 cities in 14 countries. Features shots of critical mass in action in Texas, Oregon, New York, London and Sydney, Australia. 1999 50 min. DVD 5457 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 7903

    What if the Oil Runs Out
    Transporting viewers to the year 2016, this program paints a disturbing picture of an oil-starved America and the socioeconomic upheaval that may accompany the death of the Oil Age. This docudrama follows a middle-aged, Midwestern couple through violence at gas stations, conflicts with neighbors, and the loss of their livelihood; it also focuses on their daughter, an oil prospector determined to find new crude oil fields in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. The film is interspersed with interviews with experts and notable statistics on oil production and consumption. Dist.: Films Media Group. 2006. 44 min. DVD 8881

    Who Killed the Electric Car?
    In 1996, electric cars began to appear on roads all over California. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline. Ten years later, these futuristic cars were almost entirely gone. What happened? Why should we be haunted by the ghost of the electric car? This documentary investigates the reasons behind the birth and death of the electric car, as well as the role of renewable energy and sustainable living in the future. Written and directed by Chris Paine. c2006. 91 min. DVD 6705

    Wild Wheels
    Car artist and filmmaker Harrod Blank drives his wildly decorated VW bug across the United States in search of fellow artists who have been moved to alter their autos beyond recognition. He finds forty-five of the most bizarre cars anyone has ever seen ... Even more fascinating are the people who drive these rolling art exhibits. Writer/director, David Silberberg, Harrod Blank and other car customizers across the United States. c2005. 119 min. DVD 6401

    Windshield City
    A lecture by Mitchell Schwarzer, architectural historian, author and assoc. professor of Architecture and Art History at the California College of Arts and Crafts. In this lecture he reads from his recent book "Zoomscape," about driving on the freeway as an architectural experience. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on February 28, 2002. 90 min. Video/C 8813

    With Babies and Banners: History of the Women's Emergency Brigade.
    Combines archival footage and interviews with participants to trace the role of women in the formation of the United Auto workers. Focuses on the contributions of the Women's Emergency Brigade to the labor movement of the 1930's. 1978. 45 min. Video/C 380

    You Can't Get There From Here: Ephemeral Films, 1946-1960
    Clips from 19 rarely-seen motion pictures, leftovers from the golden age of American consumerism. Contents include: Two-Ford freedom (1956) -- Design for dreaming (1956) -- The relaxed wife (1957) -- American look (1958) -- A wonderful new world of Fords (1960). DVD 7125

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