The Films of Tex Avery

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Ain't We Got Fun (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. ""When the cat's away, the mice will play." The cat is taking a nap, so the mice invade the pantry and start having the time of their lives. The cat soon wakes up, however, and the mice must act quickly to keep from being eaten. Will they just run and hide, or will they stand up for themselves?" [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 6805

All This and Rabbit Stew (1941)
Another dumb hunter decides to make Bugs Bunny his dinner. Singing "Ah'm gonna ketch me a rah-hah-habit," the slow-witted little black boy (complete with coal-black skin, big red blubbery lips, excessively large feet and a lazy sing-song voice) sees rabbit tracks: "Well, shut mah mouth- rabbit tracks!" He finds Bugs' hole, into which he sticks his gun barrel (in a manner akin to Elmer Fudd): "OK, Mr. Rabbit, I'se got you covered- now put up those hands or else I'll blitzkrieg ya!!" After several typically clever gags, Bugs shakes some dice in his fist, the kid's eyes moving up and down with Bugs' hand. "Whatchoo got there, man? It couldn't be a pair of them?" They gamble until Bugs has literally won all of the kid's clothes off his back! Walking away, dressed in the kid's overalls and dragging the rifle behind them, a triumphant-looking Bugs mocks the wannabe hunter with: "I'm gonna catch me a wah-hah-habit." The hunter kid stands with only a fig leaf covering his... you know. He says, "Well, shut my mouth and call me Adam." Before the "iris" closes on the naked hunter, a smiling Bugs grabs the fig leaf off the kid and proudly holds it aloft. Leon Schlesinger Studios; Avery uncredited. DVD 9356; DVD 2444; DVD 2440

Aloha Hooey (1942)
Sammy Seagull and Cecil Crow have stowed away on the same ship. Cecil, from Iowa, wants to see a hula dancer; fortunately, they've just come within flying distance of a tropical island with a lovely dancer. They take turns trying to impress her, with such stunts as skywriting hearts (Cecil almost drowns) and fancy dives (Cecil almost crashes, then gets into a fight with a shark, a turtle, and a starfish). Just when you think Cecil hasn't got a chance, a gorilla shows up wearing a shirt labeling him the villian (in case you didn't know); Cecil grabs a shirt labeling him the hero, fights off the villain, and gets the girl. DVD 8512

Bad Luck Blackie (1949)
A cute and very tormented kitten is bullied by an incomparably evil bulldog, who lives to know better after a black cat crosses his path. DVD 8505

Batty Baseball (1944)
A series of visual gags about baseball. One running gag has an angry fan screaming "Kill the ump!" Be careful what you wish for.... DVD 8505

The Bear's Tale (1940)
The bears go out for a bicycle ride while their porridge cools. Goldilocks comes along, but stops at grandmother's house instead, where the wolf is waiting. He sends her away, then realized she'd do just fine, so he rushes over to the bears house. Red gets to granny's house, finds a note from the wolf, and calls Goldy. DVD 8518; DVD X937

Big Heel-Watha (1942)
To prove he's a true Indian Brave, Big Heel-Watha decides to catch a squirrel - but wouldn't you know it; Screwy Squirrel is the first one he sees... DVD 8505

Billy Boy(1954)
A farmer is initially delighted to get a baby goat, but this soon turns to apprehension when he discovers that it eats literally anything (including, at one point, the animation artwork!) Video Disc 152

Blitz Wolf (1942)
Yet another variation on the Three Little Pigs theme, this time told as WW2 anti-German propaganda (the US had just entered the war), with the wolf as a thinly-disguised Hitler. DVD 9503; DVD 8505; vhs 999:840

Bug Parade (1941)
A spot gag cartoon based on little-known facts about bugs. A narrator guides us on a tour of the insect world. Each creature we meet surprises us with a funny gag. A snail's shell bears the sign "F.H.A. Loan." Two caterpillars shake hands... lots of hands. There's a humorous reference to Bing Crosby and even a Del Monte brand product placement. DVD 8513

The Cagey Canary (1940)
A cat tries various ways to get the bird, but the bird whistles for Granny every time. Granny threatens to throw the cat out in the rain if he keeps it up. DVD 8518

Car of Tomorrow(1951)
A series of demonstrations of the kind of motoring accessories we'll all take for granted in the future. Video Disc 152

The Cat That Hated People(1948)
A cat explains reason after reason why he cannot stand people, and opts to relocate to the moon. When he does, he finds characters there that make him realize people aren't so bad after all. Video Disc 152

Cat's Meow (1957)
An orange cat lets it be known that it hates dogs. When the cat runs across a big mean looking bull dog, the cat does whatever it can to avoid the wrath of the dog while tormenting it. The cat comes across a device which lets it throw its voice, which the cat uses to trick the dog into thinking it's where it's not really located. Ultimately, the cat uses the device to turn another group of canines against one of their own. But the cat's action has an unforeseen consequence against itself. Video Disc 152

Ceiling Hero (1940)
A series of blackout gags parodying aviation and aviation films. Gags include a parchutist whose parachute reads "Good to the last drop", jokes about LA's expanding city limits, and a satire of test pilot and their bravery. Video Disc 154

Spike has just finished the 20 year process of digging a tunnel from his prison cell but he picks the wrong place to hide. Video Disc 152

The Chump Champ (1950)
Droopy and Spike compete in a series of athletics contests, and no prizes for guessing who starts cheating. Video Disc 152

Cinderella Meets a Fella (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. A modernized Cinderella story with a drunken fairy godmother (Egghead is Prince Charming). Included on DVD X177

Cock-a-Doodle Dog (1951)
Collection of classic Tex Avery visual gags, set up as a battle between a sleep-deprived bulldog who just wants some shut-eye, and a rooster driven by his natural instincts to crow all night long. Video Disc 152

The Compleat Tex Avery (1935-1954)
The complete collection of animated films originally produced between approx. 1935 and 1954. Contents: Blitz wolf, Early bird dood it, Dumb-hounded, Red hot riding hood, Who killed who?, One ham's family, What's buzzin buzzard?, Screwball squirrel, Batty baseball, Happy-go-nutty, Big heel-watha, Screwy truant, Shooting of Dan McGoo, Jerky turkey, Swing shift Cinderella, Wild and wolfy, Lonesome Lenny, Hick chick, Northwest hounded police, Henpecked hoboes, Hound hunters, Red hot rangers, Uncle Tom's cabaña, Slap happy lion, King-size canary, What price fleadom, Little tinker, Lucky ducky, Half-pint pygmy, Cat that hated people, Bad luck Blackie, Senor Droopy, House of tomorrow, Doggone tired, Wags to riches, Little rural riding hood, Out-foxed, Counterfeit cat, Ventriloquist Cat, Cuckoo clock, Garden gopher, Chump champ, Peachy cobbler, Cock-a-doodle dog, Daredevil droopy, Droopy's good deed, Symphony in slang, Car of tomorrow, Droopy's double trouble, Magical maestro, One cab's family, Rock-a-bye bear, Little Johnny jet, TV of tomorrow, Three little pups, Drag-a-long Droopy, Billy boy, Homesteader Droopy, Farm of tomorrow, Flea circus, Dixieland Droopy, Field and scream, First bad man, Deputy Droopy, Cellbound, Millionaire Droopy, Cat's meow. Approx. 9 hours (5 discs). Video Disc 152

The Counterfeit Cat
A cat badly needs something to eat and suddenly sees a little bird in a cage. The cat disguises itself as the neighbor dog to get past Spike. Spike has to be fed with bones- a lot of bones- to keep away though. Video Disc 152

The Crackpot Quail (1941)
A dog chases a quail through the forest; the quail keeps outsmarting the dog (and keeps referring to the dog as "doc"). The dog, none too bright, keeps running into trees, while the quail's topknot keeps falling into his face. Video Disc 155

Crazy Cruise (1942)
A travelogue, stopping in a southern tobacco plantation, the Swiss Alps, Egypt, Central Europe, Africa, and others, long enough for one joke per location. Bugs Bunny makes only a cameo appearance at the end. DVD X937; DVD 8514

Cross Country Detours (1940)
A wacky travelogue takes us to the forests of Yosemite, the rocks of Brice Canyon, the frozen wastes of Alaska, the desert wastes of New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River and the giant redwoods of California. DVD 8514

The Cuckoo Clock (1950)
Directed by Tex Avery. A cat is driven up the wall by the inhabitant of the cuckoo clock, so he spends the film trying to catch him. Included on DVD 5690

Daffy Duck and Egghead(1938)
A very early appearance of a barely recognisable Daffy Duck, seen here tormenting Egghead, a prototype Elmer Fudd who is just as unsuccessful with ducks as he was later to be with a certain wascally wabbit. DVD 4875

Daffy Duck in Hollywood(1938)
CDaffy Duck wreaks havoc on a movie set at Wonder Pictures ("if it's good, it's a Wonder"). Daffy's creative editing impresses producer I. M. Stupendous. DVD 4875

Dangerous Dan McFoo(1939)
An arctic saloon. The tiny dog, Dan McFoo, is playing a pinball-like marble game in the back. His girlfriend, Sue, sounding like Katharine Hepburn, stands by. A stranger comes in with eyes for Sue; he begins a boxing match with Dan. After Dan gets knocked down, he accuses the stranger of having something in the glove; the ref finds four horseshoes and a horse. After the fight goes on a while with no conclusion, the narrator tosses a couple of guns, the lights go out, and Dan is shot or is he? DVD 8515

Daredevil Droopy(1951)
Similar in tone to 'The Chump Champ' (1950), but this time Droopy and Spike are in competition for a circus acrobat's job Video Disc 1528512

A Day at the Zoo(1939)
A tour of the zoo, in typical Tex Avery style: a series of one-liners and sight gags, punctuated by Egghead teasing a lion at intervals, despite the admonishments of the narrator. DVD 8497; DVD 8512

Deputy Droopy (1955)
A jailhouse, a tempting safe... and a sleeping sheriff. Can the two villains make off with the loot without waking him up? Not if deputy Droopy has his way. Much of this cartoon is a remake of 'Rock-a-Bye Bear' (1952). Video Disc 152

Detouring America(1939)
This travelogue across America is filled with sight gags such as the 'Old Reliable' geyser spitting into a spittoon, cliff-dwelling Indians who walk horizontally up and down the faces of cliffs to get to their homes, and a Texas cow puncher who really punches cows. Also featured is Mr. Butter Fingers, a 'human fly' who climbs the outside of the Empire State Building. DVD 8515

Dixieland Droopy(1954)
Don't be fooled by the title - Droopy looks like Droopy, but he's actually jazzman John Pettibone, with his performing flea combo, and the film shows how it came into being. Video Disc 152

Doggone Tired(1948)
An energetic dog needs a night's rest if he's going to be ready for rabbit hunting at dawn. A crafty rabbit does everything he can to keep him awake. Video Disc 152

Don't Look Now(1936)
Cupid and a Devil are having fun on St. Valentine's Day with arranging and destroying love affairs. Cupid wins: he knows what to do with a lonely skunk... Video Disc 165

Drag-A-Long Droopy(1954)
Droopy is a shepherd. His sheep graze into cattle country, despite the warning sign. He gets in an argument with the cattle owner, but of course, nobody wins a battle against Droopy. Video Disc 152

Droopy's Double Trouble (1951)
Droopy and his identical twin brother Drippy are assigned to look after a house, and are told to deal violently with strangers. But Droopy takes pity on his friend Spike, and agrees to put him up for a few days - but he forgets to warn Drippy. Video Disc 152

Droopy's Good Deed (1951)
Droopy the Boy Scout attempts to do good deeds, but has various Spike-related hurdles to overcome first. Video Disc 152

Dumb-hounded (1943)
The Wolf escapes from prison but is hounded by the police dog named Droopy. Wherever The Wolf goes, the little fellow is there, too. DVD 8505

The Early Bird Dood It (1942)
Directed by Tex Avery. The early worm barely escapes the bird, again. In search of a way to get rid of the bird, he enlists the help of a cat, but the bird is too smart for the cat. Included on DVD 8479

The Early Worm Gets the Bird (1940)
Mammy blackbird puts her three little ones to bed, but one of them stays up reading "The Early Bird Catches the Worm." Mammy throws the book out the window and warns the little ones about the fox, which will surely get them if they try to be an early bird. The reader pays no heed, and gets up at 5 AM. Alas, the worm has seen the book, so is alerted and evades the bird. And sure enough, before long, the fox shows up and soon has the bird in his grasp. The worm takes pity, though, and lures a bee into stinging the fox so he'll release the bird. The bird heads home to safety, but unlike his brothers, he's not interested when mammy asks if he wants worms for breakfast (and the worm pops up to say, "neither does I, mammy.") DVD 9356; vhs 999:2142

Egghead Rides Again (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. "City dweller Egghead dreams of being a cowboy, but his bouncing around gets him kicked out of his boarding house. He sees an ad for a ranch looking for a cowboy and applies. His tryout includes tests of marksmanship and use of a branding iron, but most of it consist of chasing down and roping a troublesome little calf. He passes the test, but the job isn't exactly what he dreamed of." [IMDB] Included on DVD X512

Farm of Tomorrow(1954)
The farm of tomorrow proves to be filled with wacky inventions and crazy cross-breeding. Video Disc 152

Field and Scream (1955)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. A collection of very brief cartoons, mostly revolving around sight gags and puns, on the subject of hunting and fishing, and the men who are addicted to them. Included on DVD 9891

The First Bad Man (1955)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. The story of life in Texas one million years ago, when cave-cowboys rode through the land. When the first bad man rides into town and robs the cave-bank, the good citizens saddle up their dinosaurs to bring the varmint to justice. Included on DVD 9894

The Flea Circus(1954)
The entire entourage of a flea circus runs away to join a dog. Video Disc 152

Fresh Fish(1939)
A tour of the waters near a South Sea island, introducing us to the various kinds of marine life, including the pickled herring, the hermit crab, the starfish, a seahorse race, and many other puns. Among the running gags, a two-headed fish who keeps asking for directions to Mr. Ripley and a professor in a diving sphere looking for a rare wim-wam whistling shark. Video Disc 154

A Gander at Mother Goose (1940)
A collection of short gags based on classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, in her best Katharine Hepburn, tells us how her garden is really doing. Humpty Dumpty doesn't completely crack up. Jack and Jill go up the hill and have too much fun to come down. Little Miss Muffet frightens the spider off. The Three Little Pigs give the Big Bad Wolf a bottle of mouth-wash. A parade of wooden soldiers, in perfect formation from the waist up. Starlight, Starbright: A dog gets his wish a tree. Jack be nimble but not quite nimble enough. The old lady in the shoe made the old man very happy. (A gag involving Hiawatha, trimmed from the TV version.) Finally, the night before Christmas, and one stirring mouse tells the other to be quiet. DVD X937

Garden Gopher(1950)
When Spike the dog tries to bury a bone he finds a belligerent gopher. Video Disc 152

Gold Diggers of '49(1935)
The gold rush. Beans finds gold in the mountains and rushes into town with the news. Soon, everyone (except Porky's daughter Little Kitty, who Beans fancies) has rushed out to the mountains, but because Porky takes Beans in his car (!), they get there first. Porky finds a gold nugget, then keeps taking it from his pocket. Beans finds a treasure chest that contains a book, "How to Find Gold." A bad guy spots a sack near Porky's equipment and lassos it; Porky tells Beans that if he retrieves the sack, he can have Porky's daughter. Beans gives chase in Porky's car; there's a shootout. The car runs out of gas, so Beans refills it with moonshine and it takes off like a shot. He snares the bad guy, the sack, and Porky and races back to town. Porky gives Beans his daughter's hand and reveals the contents of the sack. DVD X937; also included on I DVD 5317

Half-pint Pygmy(1948)
George and Junior hunt for the world's smallest pygmy (there's a $10,000 reward for its capture). Video Disc 152

Hamateur Night(1939)
It's amateur night at the local theatre, and a procession of bad acts comes and goes: various musicians, a magician, and some actors. But they keep getting interrupted by Egghead singing "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain". DVD 8516

Happy-Go-Nutty (1944)
The screwy squirrel escapes from Moron Manor, and is chased by the watch dog. Video Disc 152

Heckling Hare (1941)
Willoughby the Dog digs Bugs out of his hole and chases him into the lake. Together, they fall off a tall cliff- and are saved by "air brakes." DVD 8514; DVD 3137

Henpecked Hoboes(1946)
Directed by Tex Avery. George and Junior are two hungry bears who try to make a meal out of a not too bright barnyard chicken. Included on DVD 5682

The Hick Chick(1946)
Directed by Tex Avery. Clueless country rooster Clem's plan to marry his sweetheart Daisy are ruined when city slicker Charles sweeps Daisy off her (hen's) feet. When Charles takes Daisy to the big city, Clem follows and tries to win her back (while get punched a lot by Charles). Included on DVD 5681

Hollywood Steps Out (1941)
A tour of Ciro's Nightclub packed with caricatures of many top stars, including (in order) Cary Grant, Greta Garbo 'Edward G. Robinson' and Ann Sheridan, Johnny Weissmuller, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and George Raft, Harpo Marx, Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Leopold Stokowski, James Stewart and Dorothy Lamour, 'Tyrone Power (I)' and Sonja Henie, The Frankenstein Monster, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Curly Howard, Oliver Hardy, Cesar Romero, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and Lewis Stone, Kay Kyser, Peter Lorre, Henry Fonda, J. Edgar Hoover, Ned Sparks, Jerry Colonna, and Groucho Marx; many more just get sight gags, such as Claudette Colbert, Norma Shearer, William Powell, Don Ameche, Wallace Beery, C. Aubrey Smith, Boris Karloff, Arthur Treacher, Buster Keaton and Mischa Auer. DVD 3137; DVD 3136; DVD 9635

Homesteader Droopy(1954)
Homesteaders are not popular in cattle country, so when the cows complain to the sheriff (The Wolf), the law makes it tough on the Droopy family. Video Disc 152

Hound Hunters(1947)
George and Junior get a job as dog catchers and spend the picture trying to catch one measly little dog. Video Disc 152

The House of Tomorrow (1949)
Directed by Tex Avery. A narrator takes us on a tour of the dream house of the future, and its many innovative appliances. Included on DVD 8219

I Love to Singa(1936)
A spoof of Al Jolson's "The Jazz Singer," a strict piano teaching owl is cursed with a son who "loves to singa," but only jazz. DVD 3137

I Only Have Eyes For You (1936)
The iceman is in love with a pretty girl, and an old spinster is pining and cooking for him. But his dreamgirl prefers crooners like bing Crosby, Rudy Vallee or Eddie Cantor. After leaving her, he spots a sign of an imitator, and thinks he could ask him to do the crooning for him while he is trying to date his girl. The imitator accepts, and at first the trick is working, until the imitator gets to cold among the ice in the back of the van and the girl gets suspicious.Included on DVD X512

I Wanna Be a Sailor (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery. "Momma parrot is teaching her young-uns to say "Polly want a cracker" but little Peter doesn't want a cracker, he wants to be a sailor like dad. Mom tells him what a no-account his dad really was, setting sail for Hawaii ("no, Maw, it was Catalina") right after the kids were born. Peter is unswayed, and takes off. He turns a barrel into a boat, and crews it with an annoyingly talkative duckling, then sets sail on a lake. They get caught in a thunderstorm (the duck loves it). Peter calls for help and momma comes running, but the duck has already saved him. But he still wants to be a sailor." [IMDB] Included on DVD 5320

I'd Love to Take Orders From You(1936)
Quitting time for a scarecrow. He gets home, and his little boy scares him. To the title song, he teaches his son the basics of scare-crowing. Bedtime for junior; he prays to be a big scarecrow, just like his daddy. The next morning he sneaks out before anyone else is up and practices scaring a rooster, a squirrel, and a rabbit. He takes up his father's place, but the crows are not impressed; in fact, the crow goes on the attack. Junior finally thinks he's found a pose that works, but in fact Dad's come up behind him. Of course, in the telling, he's much more heroic... Video Disc 165

The Isle of Pingo Pongo (1938)
A travelogue which gets in all the usual sight gags ("Sandwich Islands," "Canary Islands"), it turns downright mean-spirited when dealing with the natives. Ubangi-style lips are served as dinner plates, lips serve as trumpets. Fierce drummers do a riff on "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain When She Comes," and a Fats Waller type contributes to a scat-style rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown." DVD 9356

Jerky Turkey (1945)
The Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock and found a colony. A very large number of Pilgrims can be seen standing in line... for their cigarette rations. A Pilgrim goes hunting for Thanksgiving dinner. He meets a black market turkey, one who sounds like Jimmy Durante. The turkey sells himself to the Pilgrim, but a chase ensues... The turkey can deflect machine gun bullets... when dressed as Superman. The two declare a truce and decide to eat together at Joe's Diner. Video Disc 152

King-Size Canary(1947)
A mangy cat on the verge of starvation finds a tiny canary and a bottle of 'Jumbo-Gro' fertiliser, which gives him an idea that leads to giant cats, dogs, mice and canaries chasing each other round Lilliputian towns and cities. Video Disc 152

Land of the Midnight Fun(1939)
A cruise to Nome, Alaska, starts with some cruise-ship jokes: the ship pulls out of the harbor like a car, raising anchor also raises the front of the boat, the ship follows the coast by curving around it. On arrival, we see some local scenes: A penguin eats two fish, then is eaten by the third; the dogs of a dog sled stop (behind an iceberg) at a telephone pole; a timber wolf goes around shouting "Timber!" Two Eskimos rub noses: in preparation, the woman applies lipstick to her nose. Finally, an Eskimo nightclub (after all, the nights are six months long) features a rotoscoped ice skater. The ship leaves, and gets caught in the fog near New York; when the fog clears, we see the ship is perched atop the World's Fair Trilon. Video Disc 154

Little Johnny Jet(1942)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. "An out-of-work B-29 has problems finding work in modern peacetime aviation. His offspring turns out to be a jet. The baby jet plane steps in to help his bigger prop plane father win the day." [] DVD 9503; also Included on DVD 6165

Little Red Walking Hood (1942)
Red walks past a pool hall; the wolf sees her and pursues. But Red is oblivious to his come-ons. The wolf short-cuts to granny's house; when Red arrives, granny lets the wolf dress as up and attack. The action pauses for a phone call (granny places her grocery order), some late arrivals, and egghead meandering along. DVD X937

Little Rural Riding Hood(1949)
The last of Tex Avery's variations on 'Red Hot Riding Hood' (1943), in which the country wolf visits his city cousin, who tries to teach him the rudiments of civilised behaviour when watching girls in nightclubs - without, it has to be said, a great deal of success. Video Disc 152

Lonesome Lenny (1945)
Screwy Squirrel is bought in a pet shop to be the companion of a daft dog so strong that he squeezes his playmates to death. DVD 8505

Lucky Ducky(1948)
It's hunting season, and all the ducks are wisely staying undercover - apart from this freshly-hatched little duckling, who turns out to be more than a match for two inept would-be hunters. Video Disc 152

Magical Maestro(1952)
A magician is spurned by an opera singer, and takes a spectacular revenge by replacing the conductor and turning the hapless tenor into one thing after another. And watch out for the hair that gets caught in the projector gate! Video Disc 152

The Mice Will Play (1938)
The mice are on the loose after hours in a doctor's office, playing with the various pieces of medical apparatus. Susie Mouse is caged for research until her lover Johnnie frees her. A mouse orchestra plays a swinging wedding song. But throughout, a cat is stalking... Included on DVD 7369

Milk and Money (1936)
Porky's father is going to lose his farm. Porky goes to town with his horse and works a milk route, with a warning that if he breaks a bottle he's fired. As he's delivering, cats follow along behind draining the bottles. Meanwhile, Hank Horsefly follows them into town. He stings Dobbin, who crashes and breaks many bottles. They happen upon a horse race and accidentally enter; the horse is merely plodding along until it gets stung again. Porky wins the $10,000 race and drives home in a limo just in time. DVD X937

Millionaire Droopy(1956)
Despite what's printed on the credits, Tex Avery had nothing to do with this cartoon - it's a Cinemascope remake of 'Wags to Riches' (1949), put together by others from his original artwork and production cels. Apart from the new Cinemascope backgrounds, it's identical to the earlier film. Video Disc 152

Northwest Hounded Police (1946)
A wolf convict makes his escape, but is pursued by a diminutive Mountie who seems to be everywhere. Video Disc 152

One Cab's Family (1952)
A happily married pair of taxicabs are delighted when Junior enters their lives, but this delight turns to consternation when he states his ambition to become a hotrodder. Video Disc 152

One Ham's Family (1943)
A hungry wolf with ham in the shape of a pig kid stands in for Santa Claus. Video Disc 152

Out-foxed (1949)
Droopy is an unlikely fox-hound, but the highly civilised (and resourceful) English upper-class fox makes even more unlikely prey... DVD 8505; also Included on DVD 7369

Page Miss Glory(1936)
A bellhop in the No 1. hotel of a smalltown awaiting the arrival of Miss Glory dreams he has to page Miss Glory at a first class hotel in New York, and this turns out to be a nightmare. Finally he is awakened by the manager, because Miss Glory's car has arrived, but instead of a beautiful lady, a child star a la Shirley Temple steps out. Included on DVD 4255

The Peachy Cobbler(1950)
A poor cobbler feeds his last crust of bread to some birds that are really elves, who show their gratitude by finishing all his work while he sleeps and giving 'Tex Avery' a chance to show off lots of shoe gags. Video Disc 152

Porky's Garden(1937)
A small town agricultural fair is giving a prize for the largest home grown product. Porky sets to work planting a garden; his neighbor tries a feed mix for his chickens. But the chickens won't eat the feed, so he sets them loose in Porky's garden (one eats some spinach and does a Popeye impression). Porky rescues a pumpkin that they missed and takes it to the fair. The neighbor's chickens eat a huckster's reducing pills on the way in, and just as they are winning first prize, reduce back to eggs, and Porky wins. DVD 8511; DVD 2440

Porky's Preview (1941)
Directed by Tex Avery. "The audience enters Porky's movie theater, with a collection of quick gags: A firefly acting as usher, a kangaroo taking tickets and putting the stubs in her pouch, a chicken buying child tickets for her eggs. A skunk tries to buy a ticket, costing a nickel, but he only has one scent. He looks for a way to sneak in. Meanwhile, Porky introduces the show: a collection of cartoons, drawn as stick figures. At the end, the audience is all gone because the skunk managed to sneak in. Porky's cartoons include: Circus Parade, Choo-Choo Train, Soldiers (Marchin), Horse Race, and Dances (hula, Mexican hat, and ballet). All accompanied by a self-parody musical score." [Internet Movie Database] DVD X937; also Included on DVD X550

Red Hot Rangers(1947)
Forest rangers George and Junior try to snuff out a frisky flame with a sparky personality that threatens to set the forest alight. Video Disc 152

Red Hot Riding Hood(1943)
The characters of the traditional fairy tale demand a new approach to the story as a sexy urban comedy with Red as an adult nightclub dancer. Video Disc 152

Rock-a-Bye Bear (1952)
Spike gets a job running the house for a hibernating bear. Only problem is that same bear is VERY noise-sensitive, and Spike's got a rival that wants his job. Video Disc 152

Screwball Squirrel(1944)
Cute little Sammy Squirrel is out looking for nuts when he meets Screwy Squirrel. Poor little Sammy gets beaten up behind a tree, but Screwy reassures us that we wouldn't have liked the short anyway. Screwy then insults Meathead, a pedigreed bird dog, who chases him around through the rest of the short. Screwy continuously provokes Meathead with violence and non-stop action. When Meathead prepares to crawl through a hollow log while chasing Screwy, he sees the squirrel at the other end of the log holding a baseball bat. Meathead: "Duh- you're not going to hit me with that bat, are you?" Screwy, looking at the audience, replies: "What do you think?" Later, Meathead is so tired and banged up from being the recipient of gag after gag that he begs for the cartoon to be over. DVD 8505; also included on DVD 4158

The Screwy Truant(1945)
Directed by Tex Avery. "It's school time at the Little Red (Red is scratched out because the building is blue) Schoolhouse. The truant officer dog finds Screwball at the fishing hole and goes through a bunch of antics trying to find out why Screwball is a truant today." [Big Cartoon Database] Included on DVD X4460

Señor Droopy(1949)
Directed by Tex Avery. "Droopy and the wolf compete in a bullfight; the winner can get anything they want from all of Mexico. Both are inspired by the photo of Lina Romay on the cover of a magazine. The bull at first finds Droopy laughable. Of course, the bullfight is anything but boring and traditional." [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 8294

Shooting of Dan McGoo (1945)
This starts off as an adaptation of Robert Service's poem 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew', complete with a literal depiction of a man with one foot in the grave, but when Dan McGoo turns out to be Droopy, it turns into another Droopy-versus-the Wolf gagfest. Video Disc 152

Slap Happy Lion (1947)
The king of the jungle, after a well-spent day terrorising the rest of the animals, is petrified by a mouse. Video Disc 152

The Sneezing Weasel (1938)
Mama hen takes her chicks out to breakfast, but little Wilbur can't get any worms. Finally, a big worm escapes, and he runs after it; meanwhile, the rest of the family has gone inside to escape a thunderstorm. Mama realizes Wilbur's missing and goes after him, just before the weasel (hidden behind a tree) gets him. He's caught a cold and is put straight to bed. Mama runs for the doctor; the weasel disguises himself as doctor Quack and the chicks open the door for him. Wilbur sneezes off the disguise and they recognize Willy the Weasel. The chicks prepare for war: bottle-cap helmets, popcorn ammo. The weasel corners Wilbur, who sneezes in his face and gives the weasel a sneezing fit. His powerful sneezes, among other things, blow the pages out of a book, which closes to reveal the title Gone with the Wind. Wilbur finally beans the weasel. Mama returns home with the real doctor, whose castor oil scares a revived Willy off. DVD 8519

A Sunbonnet Blue(1937)
Two mice in love are joking and playing at a fashionable hat shop. But a rat tries to play the old fashiomed villain who kidnaps the girl. So all the other mice there are helping her lover to find her. Hiding under all the hats they finally get her back... Video Disc 165

Swing Shift Cinderella(1945)
Bored with chasing Red Riding Hood, the Wolf decides to go after Cinderella, but her fairy godmother takes a shine to him instead - and has an arsenal of magical powers to help achieve her ends. Video Disc 152

Symphony in Slang(1951)
Various saints are logging details of everyone entering Heaven, but because they're a bit out of touch with early 1950s slang, they come up with some very strange impressions of a recently deceased young man's life when he describes it to them. Video Disc 152

Tex Avery (Archival Cartoon Classics)
Bad Luck Blackie -- Batty baseball -- Big heel-watha (with Screwball Squirrel) -- Doggon tired -- Out-foxed (with Droopy) -- Dumb-hounded (with Droopy) -- Lonesome Lenny (with Screwball Squirrel) -- Screwball Squirrel -- The cat that hated people -- The hungry wolf -- The little jet -- Ventriloquist cat -- What's buzzin', buzzard? -- Blitz wolf. 120 min. DVD 8505

The Three Little Pups (1953)
A variation on the age-old 'Three Little Pigs' theme, with Droopy and pals being the target of one of the most laid-back wolves you'll ever see. Video Disc 152

Thugs with Dirty Mugs (1939)
Directed Tex Avery. Killer and his gang are robbing every bank in town in numerical order, except they skip the 13th National Bank. The police are unable to catch them, despite their predictability (and their endless sight gags). Finally, they get help from an unlikely source: the guy in the front of the theatre who sat through the picture before. They capture Killer, and he gets a long sentence, which he has to write on the blackboard 1,000 times. [Internet Movie Database] Included on DVD 3509

TV of Tomorrow (1950)
Directed by Tex Avery. A variety of fanciful innovations in "future" T.V. sets, including a model with a built-in stove, and a number of highly interactive models. And of course, even with dozens of channels, there's nothing on...or more accurately, there's nothing but the same Western. Included on DVD X1006

Tortoise Beats Hare (1941)
Bugs puts up $10 that he can win a race with Cecil Turtle, but he is unaware that Cecil has many lookalike relatives to help him win. When the turtle, accepts Bugs thinks that it's hilarious. Cecil has one of his kin spaced just ahead of Bugs all the way- and one at the finish line when Bugs gets there. Bugs pays off, asking, "Could I have been tricked?" Cecil replies, "It's a possibility." DVD 3137; DVD 8499

Ventriloquist Cat (1950)
Directed by Tex Avery. A cat, being chased by Spike, finds a gadget that lets him throw his voice and has great fun tricking the overly gullible dog into looking for him in a variety of dangerous spots, many of which seem to include dynamite. Included on DVD 5683

Uncle Tom's Bungalow (1937)
Directed by Tex Avery, 1937. Topsy and Little Eva buy Uncle Tom from Simon Legree's Used Slave Co., but can't keep up the payments. Topsy and Eva do a color switch under Legree's whip as Eliza saves the day. DVD 9355; DVD 9357; vhs 999:2140

Uncle Tom's Cabaña(1947)
Uncle Tom relates the story of how he saved his land. Simon LeGree wants to own all of New York and threatens to foreclose on Uncle Tom's plot of land. To raise money, Tom and Little Eva (played by Red Hot Riding Hood) turn the plot into a nightclub, with Red providing the red hot entertainment. Red sings a seductive version of "Carry Me Back To Old Virginny" that wows the house. Undaunted, LeGree tries to sabotage things. Uncle Tom heroically stops him. However, back in reality, Tom is struck by lightning for boasting. DVD 9355; DVD 9357; vhs 999:2140

Ventriloquist Cat(1950)
A cat learns the art of ventriloquism in order to play a series of practical jokes on a slow-witted bulldog. DVD 8505

Village Smithy(1936)
The narrator sets the scene for a warped version of the classic poem, and the hijinks when assistant Porky gives the blacksmith a rubber horseshoe, then a hot horseshoe on the horse's backside by accident. DVD 4780

Wags to Riches (1949)
Directed by Tex Avery. A millionaire with two dogs (Spike and Droopy) leaves his fortune to Droopy with the stipulation that should he be killed the entire fortune who would to Spike. Guess what Spike is up to? Included on DVD 4256

Wacky Wildlife (1940)
A series of typical Avery spot gags set around wild animals. A dainty deer drinks very loudly and rudely from a lake. A pack rat swaps an egg and an acorn, then back again ("monotonous, isn't it?"). A flock of ducks lands; a hunter fires; all fly away, except one with an American flag on its side. A termite fells a huge tree. A cowboy rides across the plains well, no; his horse is just slapping itself with the front hooves. A coyote calls to its mate: "Hey, Mabel, come on out!" A camel contradicts the narrator, saying he's really thirsty. A wild dog: because of the lumbermen. Video Disc 154

The Wacky World of Tex Avery
Widely hailed by critics and animation fans alike for his pioneering use of the stylized "squash and stretch" brand of animation, award-winning director Tex Avery was one of the key members of the creative team that shaped such world-renowned characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. Included are 12 of his loony episodes. Contents Rodeo, rodeo, where for art thou rodeo? -- Not-so-great train robbery -- Cabin fever -- Mine, mine, mine -- Disasterpiece theater -- Man called horsey -- Bottleneck bear -- Virtual Tex -- Water you gonna do? -- Sidekicked -- Count Danula -- Saur loser. DVD X4720

What Price Fleadom (1948)
Directed by Tex Avery. Warner Brothers. "A dog lives in harmony with Homer the flea. But Homer spots a lady flea on a passing dog, and soon he's being attacked by that dog. And he just can't leave the lady flea alone. Meanwhile, his original host finds a goodbye note from Homer and goes looking." [IMDB] Included on DVD 7368

Who Killed Who? (1943)
A man is murdered, and the detective tries to find out whodunit. But the house he's investigating is decidedly haunted, and he never knows just what's round the next corner... Video Disc 152

A Wild Hare (1940)
Elmer is a dim-witted hunter whose "wooking for wabbits." Bugs proceeds to confuse, bamboozle, and otherwise humiliate the poor simp. DVD 9503

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