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Ayers, William.
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Education-Psychology LB1775.2 .I52 2001

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Dalton, Mary M.
The Hollywood curriculum : teachers in the movies / Mary M. Dalton. New York : P. Lang, c2004.
Full-text available online (UC Berkeley users only)
Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.T4 D36 2004

Edelman, Rob
"Teachers in the Movies." American Educator: The Professional Journal of the American Federation of Teachers, v7 n3 p26-31 Fall 1983
Examines various movies produced since the mid-1930s, for their characterization of schoolteachers. Points out pervasive stereotypical images in the public conception of what teachers are like.

Ellsmore, Susan.
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(Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.T4 E45 2005
PFA PN1995.9.T4 E45 2005

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Full-text available online (UC Berkeley users only)
Education-Psychology LC191.4 .S35 1994

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PFA PS374.T43 K47 1999

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Full-text available online [UC Berkeley users only]
Education-Psychology LB1775.2 .I52 2001

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Education-Psychology LB1775.2 .I52 1994

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(Main (Gardner) Stacks;
PFA PS374.T43 K47 1999

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Education-Psychology LB2805 .K376 2007

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Full-text available online (UC Berkeley users only)

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