Sex in the Movies:
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Gays and Lesbians in Motion Pictures
Women in Film and TV


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Grad Svcs HQ1154.B88 1999 Non-circulating; may be used only in Graduate Services.
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MAIN: Ordered for Main Stack

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UC users only
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Table of contents

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Sex and Buttered Popcorn [videorecording]
Examines the exploitation film genre in the United States. Includes interviews with some of the producers and directors of these films (known as Roadshowmen), along with scenes from and trailers for some of these films. Includes scenes from: Forbidden daughters, The road to ruin, Hollywood script girl, Maniac, They wear no clothes!, and others.
Media Center DVD 2547

Sex, Ties and Lots of Videotapes [Videorecording]
A look at the Los Angeles' most successful porn companies, including how highend porn is produced, how the business is carried out, both on the sets and at the distribution level, and how much money is spent and earned. Includes excerpts from such directors as Michael Ninn, Philip Mond and James Avalon, with a concluding statement by Larry Flynt.
Media Center Video/C MM1004

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UC users only
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The Subject is Sex[Videorecording]
Presents an extraordinary romp through the seamy side of sex in cinema in this compendium ranging from the 1920s through the late 1980s. Includes "home movies, hillbilly porn, cartoon smut, commercials, trailers, educationals, hygiene films, burlesque bits, peepshow loops" and more.
Media Center DVD 3322

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Main Stack On order

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MAIN: PN1995.9.S45 K79 2006; PFA : PN1995.9.S45 K79

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Pornography : film and culture
Edited and with an introduction by Peter Lehman. New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2006.
MAIN: PN1995.9.S45 P665 2006; View current status of this item
Table of contents

"Pornography and sexual representation." Journal of Film and Video; Vol.XLV nr.2-3 (Summer-Fall 1993); p.3-115
Articles on the role of female detectives in "The silence of the lambs" and "Blue steel"; the rejection of narrative and heterosexual romance in "Die Jungfrauenmaschine"; the rumours surrounding depiction of a real murder in "Snuff"; sexual advice given in tv programme 'Ask Dr. '; the pornographic past of ex-Pathé head Bernard Natan; reviews of the book 'How do I look? Queer film and video' and videos 'Dykeotomy' and 'Juggling gender'.

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UC users only

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Ideological analysis of the content of pornographic films, esp. their portrayal of dominance and sexual violence.

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"There has been a growing vogue for shock tactics in French cinema over the past ten years. Images and subjects that were once the provenance of splatter films, exploitation flicks, and porn proliferate in the high-art environs of a national cinema whose provocations have historically been political, formal, or philosophical, or, at their most immoderate, assimilable as emanations of an artistic movement (Surrealism, mostly). One suspects that this recent tendency toward the willfully transgressive, by directors like Francois Ozon, Gaspar Noe, Catherine Breillat, Philippe Grandrieux, and Bruno Dumont, is a narcissistic response to the collapse of ideology in a society traditionally defined by political polarity and theoretical certitude." [Art Index]

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"The Transnational Ga(y)ze: Constructing the East European Object of Desire in Gay Film and Pornography after the Fall of the Wall." Cinema Journal - Volume 41, Issue 1 2001
UC users only
"Gay pornography employing men from formerly Communist Eastern Europe, including My Polish Waiter (1994), can be seen as acculturation narratives in which the Eastern European acts as a marker in the construction of American gay identities. These films thus formulate contemporary gay culture at the center of post-Cold War political and economic relations."[MUSE]

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"This article suggests that during the late 1960s the introduction of 16mm film technology into an adult film marketplace dominated by 35mm production and exhibition precipitated a series of industrial adjustments that resulted in the development of the hardcore narrative feature." [ProQuest]

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Analyses Hollywood's voyeurism and eroticism, in the relationship between a feminine erotic object and a masculine panoptic super/vision. Discusses voyeuristic technology in "Rising sun".

Shortes, Connie.
"Cleaning up a sewer": the containment of S/M pornography." Journal of Popular Film and Television; Vol.XXVI nr.2 (Summer 1998); p.72-79
UC users only
"Part of a special issue on violence in film and television. The writer offers an industrial and sociohistorical account of sadomasochistic (S/M) pornography. She first sketches the history of this kind of pornography from 1975 to today. She looks at such issues as the conversion from film to video, the ongoing development and interpretation of obscenity laws, and sociopolitical discourse and feminist activism with regard to the genre. She also investigates the alleged ubiquitousness of representations of S/M in pornography, its functions, and even the existence of an S/M pornography genre." [Art Abstracts]

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UC users only

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Surveys the production of pornographic films from the beginning of moviemaking; while pornographic films have rejected violence almost entirely, they reflect only male attitudes and ignore feminine sensibilities.

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UC users only
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A special section on exploitation films features an interview with legendary exploitation filmmaker David F. Friedman and overviews of sexploitation and girls-in-gangs films.

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A listing of "softcore sexploitation" films, which received an R-rating primarily on the basis of sex and nudity; these films constitute one of the major areas of truly popular filmmaking with their low budgets and unabashedly commercial intentions.

Waller, Gregory A.
"Auto-Erotica: Some Notes On Comic Softcore Films For The Drive-In Circuit." Journal of Popular Culture 1983 17(2): 135-141.
German and Scandinavian sex farces were well represented at American drive-in movies in the 1970's. These low-budget "softcore sexploitation" films were formulaic and episodic in nature, as were American sex comedies, and were directed largely at American teenage audiences.

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UC users only
"Bad Girl, director Marielle Nitoslawska's Tele-Quebec documentary on pornography made by women, has stirred controversy. In large part, this controversy has arisen due to the director's relentlessly provocative use of explicit clips that well illustrate, no holds barred, the hugely different approaches taken by the women working as producers, directors, and businesspersons in the production and marketing of explicit art-house fare, as well as the many subgenres of pornographic film and video. The documentary functions best as a concise, provocative, and thoughtful introduction to this subject. In an interview, the director discusses a range of topics regarding her work, including the research she carried out for the documentary, its approach, its distribution, and various issues relating to pornography and sexuality." [Art Abstracts]

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"Cinema and the Sex Act." Cineaste 271 [Winter 2001] 20-25
UC users only
"The writer discusses five sexually explicit European films that were recently released: Patrice Chereau's Intimacy, Catherine Breillat's Romance and Fat Girl, Lars Von Trier's The Idiots, and Baise-Moi, by Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi. Sexually explicit sex acts are once more making an appearance in aesthetically ambitious films that portray complex and explicit sexual relations that are neither the whole point of the film (as in pornography) nor tacked on gratuitously (as in soft-core "exploitation"). Defying the soft-focus erotic prettiness that has marked the "sex scene" of mainstream Hollywood, this new European cinema is breaking down the firewall between philosophy, politics, and emotion on the one hand, and "pure" pornography on the other, in the process forging new ways of presenting and visually experiencing sex acts." [Art Abstracts]

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UC users only

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Examines the film genres of pornography, horror and melodrama for their uninhibited portrayal of the body in 'excessive' situations.

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Just Jaeckin's "Emmanuelle" (1974) is revisited and its appeal, which lead to a whole series of 'Emmanuelle films' is discussed.

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UC users only

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Feminist analysis of "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" as an example of pornography permeating much of Hollywood mainstream cinema.

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"Looking awry." (The status of the gaze qua object in relation to pornography, nostalgia, and montage) October no50 Fall 1989. p. 31-55

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