Video Reference Tools and Selection Aids:
A Highly Selective List

**Indicates highly recommended resources

I. General Books on Video Collection Development and Management

Brancolini, Kristine. Audiovisual Policies in ARL Libraries. Washington, D.C.: Office of Management Services, Association of Research Libraries,

Brancolini, Kristine. Audiovisual Policies in College Libraries. Chicago, IL: Association of College & Research Libraries, 1991

Brancolini, Kristine. Video Collections and Multimedia in ARL Libraries: Changing Technologies. Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management Services, 1997

**Handman, Gary. Video Collection Development in Multi-type Libraries: A Handbook. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994.

**Mason-Robinson, Sally. Developing and Managing Video Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians. New York: Neal Schuman Publishers, 1996.

Pitman, Randy. The Video Librarian's Guide to Collection Development and Management. New York: G.K. Hall, 1992

Pitman, Randy. Video Movies: A Core Collection for Libraries. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC- CLIO, 1990

**Scholtz, James. Video Acquisitions and Cataloging: A Handbook. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1995.

**Scholtz, James. Video Policies and Procedures for Libraries. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1991.

II. Collection Development: Specific Subject Focus

Art on Screen (CD-ROM). New York: G.K. Hall & Co.

The Art on Screen Database, developed by the Program for Art on Film, is an international index to moving image productions on the visual arts. Subjects covered include: fine arts (painting, sculpture, drawing), architecture, archaeology, photography, decorative arts, design, costume, crafts, folk arts, and related topics such as aesthetics and creativity .

ArtsAmerica Fine Art Film & Video Source Book. Annual. Greenwich, CT: ArtsAmerica, Inc., c1987-

Books and Films on Death, Dying and Loss for Children and Adolescents: An Annotated Bibliography. Boston, Mass.: Good Grief Program, 1996.

A Critical Guide to Management Training Videos and Selected Multimedia, 1996. Edited by William Ellet and Laura Winig. Boston, MA.: Harvard Business School Pub., c1996.

The Dance Film and Video Guide. Compiled and edited by Deirdre Towers. Princeton, NJ: Dance Horizons/Princeton Book Co., 1991.

Films on Art Bibliography. New York: Program for Art on Film, 1994.

A Guide to Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Made Film and Video. Lanham, MD.: Scarecrow Press, 1997

International Guide to Literature on Film. Edited by Tom Costello. London: Bowker-Saur, 1994.

Karsten, Eileen. From Real Life to Reel Life: A Filmography of Biographical Films. Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1993.

Lems-Dworkin, Carol. Videos of African and African-related Performance: An Annotated Bibliography. Evanston, Ill.: C. Lems-Dworkin Publishers, c1996.å

McMurtry, Jo. Shakespeare Films in the Classroom: A Descriptive Guide. Hamden, Conn.: Archon Books, 1994.

**Mediating History: The MAP Guide to Independent Video By and About African American, Asian American, Latino, and Native American People. Edited by Catherine Egan and Barbara Abrash. York: New York University Press, 1992

Moving Images of the Pacific Islands: A Guide to Films and Videos. Edited by Diane Aoki; compiled by Diane Aoki and Norman Douglas. Honolulu: Center for Pacific Islands Studies, School of Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 1994.

Video Forum: A Videography for Libraries . New York: National Video Resoureces and the MacArthur Video Project, 1993-1995? (NVR 73 Spring St., Suite 606, New York, NY 10012; phone: 212-274-8080) A series of excellent videographies on topical themes, including Native Americans, Latinos, and health issues.

III. Movies

Blockbuster Video Guide to Movies & Videos: The Only Movie Guide with Monthly Electronic Updates. (CD-ROM) Portland, OR: Creative Multimedia, 1995.

Cinemania: The Entertainment Guide To Movies and the Moviemakers. (CD-ROM). Redmond, WA: Microsoft, 1995.

**Facets Catalog. Annual with frequent supplements. (listing of the titles carried by FACETS, one of the largest distributors of international cinema in the US) (Facets Multimedia, 1517 W. Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL. 60614; phone (312) 281-9075; Fax: (312) 929-5437; email:; web:

Halliwell's Film and Video Guide. Annual. New York: HarperPerennial, 1997--

Klepper, Robert K. Silent Films on Video: A Filmography of Over 700 Silent Features Available on Videocassette, with a Directory of Sources. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., 1996.

**Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide (CD-ROM). New York: Penguin Electronic, 1995 (also available in printed version)

Martin, Mick. Video Movie Guide, 1997. New York: Ballantine Books, 1996

McGavin, Patrick Z. Facets Gay & Lesbian Video Guide. 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. Chicago: Facets Multimedia, Inc./Academy Chicago Publishers, 1997

**Movies Unlimited Catalog. (catalog of one of the largest distributors of popular movies in the US) Annual with frequent supplements. (Movies Unlimited, 3015 Darnell Road Philadelphia, PA 19154; phone (800) 4-MOVIES; web:

Ogle, Patrick. Facets African-American Video Guide. Chicago: Facets Multimedia, Inc./Academy Chicago Publishers, c1994.

O'Neill, James. Terror on Tape: A Complete Guide To Over 2,000 Horror Movies on Video. New York: Billboard Books, 1994.

**Pratt, Douglas. The Laser Video Disc Companion. New York: Baseline Books, 1995.

Schwartz, Carol A. Videohound's Sci-fi Experience: Your Quantum Guide to the Video Universe. Detroit: Visible Ink Press, 1997

Variety Movie Guide. London: Hamlyn, 1997--

**VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever. (also available as CD-ROM) Detroit, MI : Visible Ink Press, 1997.

Videohound's Independent Film Guide. Detroit: Visible Ink Press, 1998.

**Wiener, Tom. The Book of Video Lists: More Than 700 Categories of Movies You Can See on Video, Cross-Referenced with 7,500 Capsule Reviews. 5th ed., fully updated and expanded. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel, 1993.

IV. Videos for Children and Young Adults: Directories and Catalogs

Best of the Best for Children: Books, Magazines, Videos, Audio, Aoftware, Toys, Travel. Edited by Denise Perry DonavinNew York : Random House, 1992.

Dewing, Martha. Beyond TV: Activities for Using Video with Children. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 1992.

Facets Non-Violent, Non-Sexist Children's Video Guide. Compiled by Virginia A. Boyle. Chicago: Facets Multimedia: Distributed to the trade by Academy Chicago Publishers, 1996.

Gallant, Jennifer Jung. Best Videos for Children and Young Adults : A Core Collection for Libraries. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1990.

Kids First Directory. Coalition for Quality Children's Media. 1-888-319-KIDS (5437). Available for ordering online at 535 Cordova Road, Suite 456 Santa Fe, NM 87501 Tel.: (505) 989-8076; Fax: (505) 986-8477

Moss, Joyce. From Page to Screen: Children's and Young Adult Books on Film and Video. Detroit: Gale, 1992

Recommended Videos for Schools. Edited by Beth Blenz-Clucas and Gloria Gribble. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1991.

V. General Directories, Indexes, and Catalogs

**Bowker's Complete Video Directory. Annual. New York : R.R. Bowker, 1990- (continues: Variety's Complete Home Video Directory)

Film & Video Finder. Irregular. Albuquerque, NM : Access Innovations, 1987- Also available as CD-ROM database: AV Online (Wellesley Hills, MA : Silver Platter Information Inc.)

Database of the National Information Center for Educational Media

**Precision One MediaSource (CD-ROM). [S.l.] : Brodart Co. in association with Consortium of College & University Media Centers, 1995.

A union listing of the materials for sale/rental from members of the CCUMC (this online publication supersedes the printed the earlier Educational Film & Video Locator)

**The Video Source Book. Annual. Detroit, MI, Gale Research, Inc., 1989-.

VI. Review Sources (for non-theatrical works)

Media Review Digest. Irregular. (Pierian Press, PO Box 1808, Ann Arbor, MI 48106).

An index to reviews appearing in a wide variety of film, video, and subject-focussed journals.

**Booklist. Semi-monthly (American Library Association, 50 East Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611).

Each issue includes video, soundrecording, and multimedia reviews. Look for annual Editors' Choice edition (January) and lists of ALA notable videos. Web site:

The ALA 1998 Selected Films and Videos for Young Adults list is also at the following web site:

California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse.

The California Technology in the Curriculum Evaluations Database is a continuously updated database of information on all types of instructional technology resouces. Each of the listed programs has been rated as Exemplary or Desirable by the California instructional Technology Clearinghouse and has been found to be effective, technically excellent, and appropriate for use in a California classroom. The database has sophisticated, simple-to-use search capabilities designed to help the educational user make informed instructional technology resources choices. All Clearinghouse evaluations are accomplished by educators who are experienced in using technology and who are knowledgeable regarding the curriculum framework for the subject to be evaluated.

Children's Video Report. (Great Mountain Productions, Woolworth Bldg., Suite 3715, 233 Broadway, New York, NY 10279)

Children's Video Review Newsletter. (16765 Lena Court, Grass Valley, CA 95949; phone: 916-273-7471

Coalition for Quality Children's Media (

Offers an list of endorsed videos and CD-ROMs. The mission of CQCM is to enhance children's viewing experiences by making quality children's media more visible and more readily available. Every title is evaluated by five adult jurors and children's juries of 3-6 children per adult Juror (15-30 total). The adult Juror must have an academic degree in child development, education, children's library sciences, or a similar field. All evaluations are conducted independently and submitted to CQCM's office for final compilation.

Library Journal. Semi-monthly. (PO Box 1978, Marion, OH 43302; phone: 800-842-1669)

Parents Choice: A Review of Children's Media. Quarterly. (Parent's Choice Foundation, Box 185, Waban, MA 02168; phone: 617-965-5913)

School Library Journal. Semi-monthly (PO Box 1978, Marion, OH 43302; phone: 800-842- 1669)

Science Books and Films. (American Association for the Advancement of Science) (PO Box 3000, Dept. 58F, Denville, NJ 07834; phone: 202-326-6400)

**Video Librarian. Monthy. (8705 Honeycomb Ct. NW; Seabeck, WA 98380; email:

Perhaps the single best source for reviews of current non-theatrical videos (including titles for children). Also includes some reviews recent feature releases.

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