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Bobby Seale, Free Huey Rally, May 11, 1969


From: The Black Panther

What's happening people? (FREE HUEY) Good evening, Good morning. I think it's about 12:00 right now. It's about 12:00 and if you look in the back of you, you will see Reagan's state building, with his state pigs observing the people. And, of course, if you look in front of you, you will see Nixon's U.S. federal building, with the pigs inside, observing the people. And if later on you decide to leave here and go on down Polk Street, you'll walk in front of pig mayor Alioto's office, and they'll be observing the people. Now I know you've heard a lot lately about what pig Mafioso, Moussili, Alioto, has had to say, (right on I know you've heard this pig with his ignorant backwards, minded butt sit up and say crazy things, like he wants to destroy the Black Panther Party. But the Black Panther Party, and black people, and Mexican-American people, and all people are saying there will always be Huey P. Newton, and a Black Panther Party, as long as there are black people living here in this city. (right on).

Pig mayor Alioto said that he wanted to destroy the Black Panther Party. Richard Nixon, from the United States White House, is saying that he wants to destroy the Black Panther Party, by lying to the people, (right on) and by not telling the truth; and the reason they're not telling the truth is 'cause they always told lies. Right on. They told lies about the people, trying to protect their own self-capitalist interests. In the papers this morning (and I want the papers to get ahold of this) they're saying or trying to imply that the Black Panther Party is "subversive." Well, this is all the Black Panther Party has to say to all those pigs in the power structure. The Black Panther Party, along with other members of the community are feeding 2,000 young brothers and sisters every morning (right on), if that's subversive, then damn it we're subversive. (More right on's). The Black Panther Party is going forth implement Free Health Clinics in the black community, and we hope the Mexican-Americans, and the Chinese-Americans and all the other people do the same thing -- and if Free Health Clinics are subversive then damnit, mayor Alioto, and pig Reagan and Nixon, damnit, we're subversive. (Right on).

We're saying that the Ten Point Platform and Program that our Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton put together, is in the process of being implemented. That if it had not been for Huey P. Newton we would not have people with an understanding that they got a right to use weapons to defend themselves against any pigs who attack them. (Right on.) We're saying that if it had not been for Huey P. Newton, there would not be any BREAKFAST FOR CHILDREN. (Right on.) If it had not been for Huey P. Newton COMMUNITY CONTROL OF POLICE would not be in the process of being implemented by the people. If it had not been for Huey P. Newton, FREE HEALTH CLINICS would not be in the process of being implemented in the black community. If it had not been for Huey P. Newton, the TEN POINT PLATFORM AND PROGRAM of the Black Panther Party would not begin to be implemented by the people. And not only black people, because the Chinese-American, the Red Guard, has copied the same Platform and Program, and they got a right to it. And the Indian-American organization named NARP has copied the same Ten Point Platform and Program of the Black Panther Party and they got a right to it. We're just waiting for this racism to break down when we see in the poor white Appalachians up in the mountains copy the same Ten Point Platform and Program and go forth to destroy the Nixons, the Reagans, and the pig Aliotos. (Right on.) When the Party says "Power to the People, " we ain't jiving a pound. We say Power To The People. And when the people say to Reagan, when the people say to Alioto, when the people say to pig Richard M. Nixon, that we want Huey P. Newton free, we're saying you bald headed pig punks better get out of the way (Right on.) because we're tired. And we saying you better let Huey go. They let that pig O'Brien, who killed Basket go, right on. You let him go on the very minute you allowed him in the street to murder our brothers. They let that other pig go who killed Brother Lindstrom out in Hunter's Point (right on). Wait a minute, the Young Men of [no text --ed.] And this damn bald-headed Mafioso, Alioto jumped up talking about (right on), wait a minute, the Young Men of Action are his boys. Aint he an ass-hole, shame. (Right on.) What we're saying is this. We're saying this here. We heard the brothers say in a press conference the brothers in Young Men of Action, they said in a press conference that they denounced pig mayor Alioto, and mayor Alioto is saying that that's his boys. But we're saying this here: the Panther Party aint mayor Alioto's boys. (laughter) We are the people's workers, and we're going to keep serving the people, everybody. I mean everybody. The man don't like it, but we gone show him. You got your Red Books, hold your Red Books up and tell the brothers where we getting some new ideology from. We're saying like Huey P. Newton said, "that we're going to follow the thoughts of Chairman Mao." We're saying we going . . . Panther Party standing up and proving through social practice that we're not racist, but proving that they in fact are the real racists. They have never liked the Black Panther Party and the people talk about "We want some community control of police." They have never respected Huey P. Newton. But we respect Huey P. Newton. We love Huey P. Newton. (Right on.) I say: We love Huey P. Newton (repeated). We love Eldridge Cleaver (repeated). We love Kathleen Cleaver. We love all our people. We love our people so much that if the pigs attack us, we gone defend ourselves rightfully with guns and force. (Right on.) We love the people (audience repeats) and we love the people so much that we gone say: I am a revolutionary and that's our message to pig Alioto and Richard M. Nixon's America. That you and FREE HUEY, (repeated). FREE HUEY. FREE HUEY.

Some Brothers are walking around with some buckets, some plastic buckets, they gone be asking for some donations for all the money that had to be put out, and we had to borrow it, to put this rally over, and so let's get it together, there some more speakers coming, sister Kathleen Cleaver is here, Eldridge Cleaver's wife, the Chief of Staff David Hilliard is here, we gone donate to the bucket, because are what, we say: I am a revolutionary. (Audience repeats each statement): FREE HUEY P. NEWTON. Down with the pigs. Down with all the pigs. Power to all the people. The collection is going on. Power to the people and thank you brothers and sisters. Right on. [applause]

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